Divine Dinner Party: For the Love of Celebrating

I’m Karen, and I love to cook. There, I’ve come clean.

One of my favorite things about being a 30-something today is the rebirth of the dinner party. Something that old ladies did with their bridge club has now re-cooled itself, thanks in part to the foodie movement. Say what you want about food-snob culture, but having brought cooking great food for the people you love back into the mainstream is something to celebrate.


Of course, I’ve always done it anyway– I love to cook, to eat, and to drink lots of wine with friends and family. Which is why I’m in charge of all the holiday planning and cooking (and, unfortunately, most of the cleaning-up after… ungrateful beasts!). Celebrating something special –whether a big holiday like Christmas or a little retirement party or a drunken night with a bottle of vodka and a bag of Peanut M&M’s– is what gives life flavor. Excuse the blatant food pun. I’m prone to them.



So. I’m in charge of all the cooking and planning (and also put myself in charge of lots of holiday eating). And I’ve put all my resources at the tips of your sticky cooking-baking-snacking fingers to help make your parties as awesome and swoon-worthy as mine. And hopefully not as vulnerable to spills and burned sauces. Nice, right? Christmas comes early!

At Divine Dinner Party, I’ve got pretty much all the resources you need to:

There’s so much fun to be had around a dinner table. Take advantage now, because sooner or later… you’ll be dead! *insert evil laugh here.*