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Activities and Games for Easter:
Ideas for Free Easter Games

Activities and games for Easter should be easy to prepare and encourage your guests and kiddos to have as much fun as possible.

Of course, there are always those classic free Easter games, like dyeing hard boiled eggs in bright colors and hiding eggs outside for an Easter egg hunt. But while you'll probably want to do a few of the classics, your activities for Easter do not need to be traditional or limited to egg hunts!

Activities and Games for EasterOn this page, you'll find lots of fun ideas for activities and games for Easter. But on my Easter Party Planning page, you'll find lots more, including:

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Game

Want to put a twist on an old classic? An Easter egg hunt can become a scavenger hunt if you fill plastic eggs with clues that lead hunters from one place to another. On small slips of paper write clues similar to "Find the dog’s home and search for an egg, not his bone."

As the clues progress they get harder and instead of lots of candy there can be a larger prize at the end. Have multiple groups of kids playing? This game can be reset for other players once someone has found all the clues.

Easter Egg Hop Free Easter Game

The rabbit is a favorite feature of Easter... and adding a bit of hopping can make anything an Easter game!

Supplies and Set-Up: To play the Easter Egg Hop, cut large eggs from cardboard (you'll want to make three for every two kids) and have the kids color them with crayons or paints beforehand.

How to Play: Children pair up and are given three eggs for each pair in the race. Each pair starts by standing on one egg per person and holding their third egg. The free egg is then placed on the ground ahead so one partner can hop onto it. The newly freed egg on the ground is moved out in front of the partners so one of them can hop forward toward the finish line. Partners continue leapfrogging like this until one pair crosses the finish with all their eggs.

Making it a Race: The bunny hop can be made into a race very easily. Create a starting line and finish line with chalk or a rope in the grass. The kids should show their best bunny hop as they move race toward the finish. Too easy for your kids? Try using a duck's waddle! Kids squat down on the starting line and grab their right ankle with their right hand and left ankle with their left hand. Then they waddle like a duck to finish the race.

Transforming Traditional Games for Easter

Activities and games for Easter can be variations on games played in elementary school. For Example:

Easter Bunny Egg

"Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny where is your egg?" is a version of the game "Doggie, Doggie, Where is your bone?" sometimes played in schoolyards.

How to Play: Children sit in a circle with one person being in the middle as the Easter bunny. One child in the circle hides the egg and everyone asks the Easter bunny to find his egg. Three guesses are all the bunny gets to pick the person hiding the egg. If the egg is found the person hiding it becomes the bunny. Otherwise, the egg is moved and the bunny tries again.

Bunny Bingo

Bunny Bingo is a good game for keeping kids looking at their surroundings.

How to Play: Create a Bingo card with pictures for younger kids or words for older ones. The card should include signs of spring like growing grass or flowers as well as Easter icons like eggs, rabbits, or baskets. Give each child a marker and a Bunny Bingo page for a car trip or during a pause in other activities. The first child to get all of the items wins a prize.

Easter Piñata

If you have good weather in your part of the world, an Easter Piñata can be one of the best activities and games for Easter!

How to Play: Buy or make a piñata shaped like and egg, a chick, or a bunny. Then blindfold the kids one at a time and give 'em a few swings at it. Fill the piñata with little Easter toys and wrapped candies. Less sugary candy than an Easter basket, and a lot more fun!

Playing with Food for Easter

Some of the best activities and games for Easter revolve around food! Some fun examples of foods activities to do with kids for Easter are:

Cookie Decorating

Save your Easter cookie decorating for your party! Cut sugar cookie dough into egg shapes and bake them up before your party. Provide icing, colored sugars and small candies to encourage children to make Easter shaped treats. Each child should have a paper plate to work on. Examples of rabbit faces or striped eggs will help your artists get the idea.

Make Crispy Chocolate Eggs

These tasty eggs are a real treat that is also easy for kids to make. Use your favorite recipe for rice cereal squares but instead of using a pan to mold them use large plastic eggs as a mold. A light brush with butter on the inside of the eggs will help the eggs release easily. These crispy eggs can then be rolled in or drizzled with chocolate. Allow the Crispy Chocolate Eggs to cool completely before sharing.

The best activities and games for Easter will involve as many age groups as possible in the fun. While some might require a lot of preparation, some of the best ones are easy and free Easter games that let you relax and have fun with the kids!

Find more activities and games for Easter at Easter Planning Central!

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