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Birthday Party Games for Adults:
For Birthdays or Anytime!

Our fun (but clean!) birthday party games for adults are sure to liven up any party. Even though great food and good company will always be a blast, what you really want (of course) is to throw one that your guests will rave about for years to come.

Here, you'll find easy icebreakers for a business dinner party and fun dinner party games to play around the dinner table-- boring dinner chit-chat will go right out the window. For a rowdy crowd, we have great dinner games for your birthday party-- the drinking games below are great adult birthday party games... and crazy enough for any crowd!

Playing Dinner Party Games around the Dinner Table

All of our party games come with a free printable game PDF (plus photos and party game videos!). And we've just added a whole section for Visitor-Submitted Adult Party Game Ideas. So check that out, too!

Great Birthday Party (or any Party!) Game Ideas

Icebreaker Games for Small GroupsParty Icebreaker Games

These great dinner party (or any kind of party!) icebreaker games are sure to get people talking. After all, how long can you stay a stranger to somebody when you're pretending to be Elvis Presley?

Fun IcebreakersMore Fun Icebreakers

Another full page of icebreaker games for parties, including some that work great for groups of completele strangers. Lots of great ideas here!

Free Drinking Games OnlineParty Drinking Games

These adult birthday party games are strictly for adults only-- and those who can hold their liquor! Some of these games can be played during the meal, and others require a bit more space... and close attention.

Kings Drinking GameKings Drinking Game

This fun and famous drinking game deserves a page all its own. This is where you'll find rules, ideas, even a how-to video on playing the drinking game Kings Cup.

Adult Party Game IdeasAfter Dinner Party Mixer Games

Done eating and don't know what to do next? Try one of these great adult birthday party games to play in a group.

Free Printable Party GamesPrintable Party Mixer Games

Here's where you can find printable versions of all our party games.

Dinner Party Game Ideas

Funny Party GamesParty Games to Liven Up Dinner

Silence around the table? These adult birthday party games are perfect to play during dinner. They'll keep things so lively you might have to remind your guests to eat.

Dinner Party Cooking GamesDinner Party Cooking Games

Cooking and kitchen games for dinner parties. Ideas for cooking competitions and other fun dinner party games that revolve around the kitchen.

Fun Things to do at a DInner PartyFun Things to do at a Dinner Party

Ideas for fun things to do at your next dinner party. Includes activities, themes, and great dinner party game ideas.

Holiday and Special Occasion Games

Valentines Day GamesValentine's Day Games

Party game ideas for couples (and non-couples) for a Valentines Day party. Some really fun and creative ideas!

Super Bowl Home Party GamesSuper Bowl Home Party Games

Home party game ideas to play during the Super Bowl! Includes a couple of drinking games, some Super Bowl betting games, trivia games, and more.

Mexican Fiesta GamesMexican Fiesta Games

Fun birthday party game ideas for a Mexican fiesta themed party. From traditional Mexican fiesta games, to not-so-traditional games. Great ideas for kids and adults!

Played an Awesome Party Game Recently? Share it!

Hosted or attended a party and played a really fun adult birthday party game? Share it here so others can take a shot at it, too. You never know if your game idea might be voted the best!

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Other Visitors' Game Submissions:

Check out the section below for great visitor-submitted party games. You may even find one you'd like to include in your next dinner party!

"Winner Takes All" Funny Party Game Idea 
The funny part of this party game idea is the trick of the name: even before you start playing, everybody will assume they are playing to "win it all". …

Chilies in a Bottle Party Game Idea 
To play this party game, you need: Green chillies/chilies 300ml bottles To play, tie one end of a string to the chillie's stem, and tie the other …

Hot Bra Party Game for Girls 
No this isn't a strip game. Hot Bra is kind of like Hot Potato only a little sexier. It's great for a "girls night in" or an all girl slumber …

Dinner Table Party Game/Drinking Game: "Thumper" 
This party drinking game is usually played around the dining room table after dishes have been cleared. Each chair is assigned an animal. The head …

I host 12-16 people each New Years Eve and we play games throughout the evening. In order to get the "newbies" involved early on we play "A year in review." …

Inspiralus- AWord Game for All 
This game answers any question you ask. Its absolutely uncanny and it will make you laugh too because it has a sense of humor. To play you focus on …

Guess Who Drinking Game 
I just made this party drinking game up about five minutes ago, will try it at my party this month: As guests arrive, hand them an index card (or paper). …

Never Ever Have I Ever 
A fun game to learn a little bit about your friends! Have enough chairs for everyone to sit, except for the person who is "it." That person stands and …

The Sexy Cherry Game 
This a sexy sort of party game, fun to play with teenagers or a group of adults or couples. First ask the people at your party who likes cherries. Pretty …

Mr Freeze 
Under neath a table mat of someones before they arrive place a piece of paper that says 'you are mr freeze' tell the guests to look under their mats and …

She's With Me 
This is a fun party game for a teenager's party or any mixed-sex party. My daughter played it at her 16th birthday a few months ago and it was a riot …

Paper Bag Auction!! 
We played a really fun game at my cousin's last birthday party. It was the last game we played with a whole night of games, and was the one to sort of …

Obstacle Course Game & Drinking Game 
I had a 6 part obstacle course/drinking game where the challenges were: Spinning on their forehead on a bat around in a circle 4 times Running …

Hilarious "Who Am I" Ice Breaker Party Game 
Pre-print before guests arrive NAME BADGES with WORDS, anything from Person, Place, Thing. Then when each guest arrives slap one on their back. They …

Screw the Dealer: A Fun Drinking Party Game 
This is a really fun drinking card game that really makes you drink a lot... especially at the end! It's a very simple simple game that 4 to 6 people …

"Shoot 'em Up" Water Pistol Party Quiz Game 
This game is a little nuts but also a lot of fun. It's totally made up. It's really fun for summer, because you get wet. It's even more fun if you play …

"Do you like Your Neighbor?" Really Fun Icebreaker Party Game! 
For this game you need at least 8 people or more. You also need some chairs. Choose one person to be in the middle. Start Playing: To begin play, …

"Pool Pennies" Pool Party Game 
To play this game, you dump a bunch of a kind of object into the pool, like pennies. Or you can match the object to the theme of your party, which is …

Purse Memory 
In this game you will need: -One large purse -many random items to put in the purse -pencils -pens Before the party, fill a purse with about …

"Candle Groddling" Hilarious Party Game 
To play this game, you need: A lighted candle standing upright in a saucer (use wax to secure it to the saucer) and A long piece (40-48" long) …

Hunt and Peck Amateur Piano Concert 
Names of well known songs are written on cards and put in a bag. Generally Christmas Carols, public domain, and nursery rhymes. REALLY really well known …

Mau: Fun Drinking Card Game 
Mau (pronounced m-oww.) Find a good friend, preferably your best friend, and show them these rules. You'll need one deck of cards; you can use more, …

Icebreaker Party Game: "Have You Ever?" 
Have You Ever? A fun icebreaker party game for large groups or small ones. Equipment needed: a small container for each table; 10 pennies or discs …

"Play Your Cards Right" Game 
This game is a ton of fun for any party. And since it kind of works like a combination of Bingo and White Elephant, it's also a great option for a Christmas …

Click here to write your own.

Unlucky Number 
It's easy. It can be played in place, and it can be revised to fit any theme. Here's how to Play: Print out a sheet of paper with large numbers …

Pass it on!  
I don't know what the name of the game is but, it can be a rip!!! Needed: Something to pass, i.e. an apple, orange, softball, knerf ball...you get …

Game: Who Are You, Anyway??? 
This party game is great for a group of people who hardly know each other. Towards the end of the night throw all the names of who's there into a hat. …

At the table and under the table 
How to play: Each guest has to say who they would like to invite to an imaginary dinner party - they can only invite one guest. They have to say why …

Icebreaker Game: "I'm Glad You Asked" 
This is a great icebreaker party game! I made a big stack of stick on name tags, but instead of names I wrote "Ask me about..." and then a topic. …

Paper Charades Party Game Idea 
The paper charades party game is a game where 20-30 pieces of paper are distributed among all the guests as a party (or 20-30 each guest, depending on …

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