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Fun Party Game Ideas for Grown-Ups

Food, wine, friends, and few hilarious adult party game ideas... you have yourself a party! These are all "clean" games for adult home parties, and they're sure to have your guests in an uproar.

Several of these party games are perfect for after a dinner party, when you don't know what else to do with your guests. Others can be played all night, from appetizer to dessert, and add an extra element of fun to your adult party. (Though kids can play some of these, too!)

Playing Funny Party Games at a Dinner Party

Below you'll you find four great group party games for adult home parties, holiday parties, or birthdays, each with in-depth instructions, photos, and even a couple of party game videos. It's playtime!

The Cereal Box Party Game (or, Reverse Limbo)

Summary and Supplies: This is one of those adult party game ideas that will have the players falling down on their butts-- and the guests falling down laughing. This is one of the more physical home party games you can play. Doing well requires lots of flexibility and more than a little creativity of movement. All you need to play this is an empty cereal box and a pair of scissors.

The Game

  • Cut or tear the flaps off of a cereal box (or similarly shaped cardboard box). You should have a tall, hollow cereal box.
  • Place the box in the center of a room far away from any pieces of furniture. Move things out of the way if you have to, because people will be toppling all over the place.
  • In order, each dinner party guest will need approach the box, bend forward, and pick it up with their teeth. Only their feet may touch the floor, and only their mouth may touch the box. Players can bend their bodies any way they like in order to pick up the box. No part of their body (other than the feet) may touch the floor. Falling over or touching the floor ends in elimination.
  • That was easy, right? Now it gets complicated. Next, cut and inch of height from the box to make it shorter and have everybody take another turn. This is when the less flexible people in the group start to topple like felled trees-- a pretty funny sight.
  • Continue cutting and playing until there's only one player left.

Adult Birthday Party Games Video:
The Cereal Box Game

Playing a dinner party game called Hot Camera

The "Hot Camera" Clean Adult Party Game

Summary and Supplies: This is one of the best adult party game ideas for having fun while recording memories-- the whole thing will be caught on camera. All you need to play this camera version of "hot potato" is a regular camera (digital works best) with a flash and self timer.

The Game

  • Guests stand or sit in a circle. The first player sets the timer on the camera, then points the camera at him or herself for a moment (the camera should be kept at arm's length). He or she then passes it to the person on the left, who repeats the process until the timer goes off and the camera takes a photograph.
  • The loser (the person holding the camera when it goes off) must either do a punishment or forefit (think of some funny punishments beforehand, such as "tell a stupid joke," "take a shot," "wear this stupid hat," etc.). Then the game begins again.
  • Don't use your best camera for this party game-- in the rush to get rid of the thing it'll get dropped!

The "New Name" Party Game

Summary and Supplies: This one is a great ongoing game for a dinner party or adult birthday party. Games like this that you can play all night add a real note of fun. All you need are pennies or small red stickers (depending on how you want to play-- details below), white name tag stickers, and a pen to play this adult party game. Ideas for funny names for your guests are important, too!

The Game

  • Before the party, take some time to make up funny or silly names for each guest. If you're throwing a theme party, use names that fit in which your theme. Write the names out on stickable name tags and give each guest his or her "new name" to wear when they arrive.
  • Throughout the party (or for a set time-- your choice) guests must use their made-up name when talking about themselves, and all guests must refer to other guests by the name on their nametag (whether speaking to them or about them, they cannot use their acutal names). This can be surprisingly difficult, especially within a group of people who know each other well.
Variations:There are two ways to play this game-- "Measles" or "Pennies." In the highly embarassing measles version, those who make a name mistake are made to wear a red dot-shaped sticker on their face. The person with the most stickers (or measles) at the end of the night loses. In the pennies version, the person who catches another guest saying a forbidden name gets a penny. The person with the most pennies at the end of the night wins.

Note: This is of a few great adult party game ideas with a lot of variations. For instance, instead of new names, you can make up a list of words beforehand (or have your guests help decide) that are forbidden during the evening. Whenever one of those words is used, the one who catches it is given a penny.

For more adult birthday party games (with alcohol!) visit our free beer drinking games page.

Evil Pictionary

Evil Pictionary is a hilarious clean adult party gameSummary and Supplies: Evil Pictionary is one of the most hilarious adult dinner party game ideas you can try-- and one of the simplest. There's no need to buy the expensive game board-- all you need to play this adult party game is some pens/pencils, pads of paper (or a whiteboard and marker), and a wicked imagination.

The Game

  • To start, sort your guests into teams of two to three people. Each team should be given paper and pencil.

  • Designate one person each game as the "Evil Overlord." This person will come up with the words or phrases that will be used in play. He or she will show that word to one player on each team, who will have to draw it for his or her teammates. As with regular pictionay, no symbols or characters can be used.
  • The first team to guess the word or phrase wins a point. Team members will need to take turns doing the drawing. Decide on a number of rounds in a game beforehand, and tally the rounds to find a winner.
  • The Evil Overlord should try to make the words and phrases as hard as possible-- though it should be possible to communicate them through drawing. Try movie titles, abstract concepts, etc. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins that game. This is a lot of fun, so you'll probably want to play several, changing the Evil Overlord each time.
  • This is called Evil Pictionary for a reason-- it's one of the more devilish adult party game ideas. Cheating is allowed, and teams are allowed to scope out the (sometimes better) drawings of other teams to figure out the answer. Have fun with it!
Note: You can also play this game without an Evil Overlord. To do this, the game is played only one team at a time instead of all teams together. The opposing team gets to make up the word or phrase that must be communicated, then laugh diabolically as the player tries to draw it. This allows everybody to play, and encourages almost vicious competition to come up with the best (hardest) words or phrases. If playing this way, you might want to set limits on the kinds of words beforehand to keep teams from making play impossible-- it happens!

Clean Adult Party Games Video:
Evil Pictionary

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