Planning a Mexican Themed Party: Food, Recipes, Games, Decorations, and More

Awesome Mexican Food Recipes for a PartyLots of things make people happy.  Great music. A fun TV show.  But there are few things higher on my list than two awesome Mexican food superstars: piles of goopey cheese and buckets of margaritas.  The best thing about opting for a Mexican menu for a party or a dinner is that even if the final product isn’t 100% perfect, it’s still delicious…. and it will always make people happy.  Especially gluttons like me (particularly if I have a margarita or two first).

If you’re looking to create a Mexican menu at home and want some flavorful dishes, the ones you’ll find here are generally simple to make, don’t require 100 expensive ingredients, and are totally fun and festive.

And the best part? Most Mexican dishes can be made in advance and only improve as they sit– a big bonus if you’re planning a Mexican food party.

All of the fabulous Mexican food recipes on this page are perfect for planning a Cinco de Mayo party, a casual dinner party, or whatever you want! Because I like organization (yes, I’m that person who REALLY enjoys shopping for office supplies), you’ll find my recipes below separated by type, course, and ease of preparation… so you’re sure to find whatever you need.

You’ll also find plenty of tips for planning a fiesta, including games, decorating tips, and lots more. I love Mexican, so I went a little nuts.

My Authentic Mexican Food Recipes

Authentic Mexican Tamale RecipeTHE Authentic Tamale Recipe

All you need to know how to make homemade Mexican tamales. Recipes and instructions for tamale masa and assembly, and recipe for three different tamale fillings: pork, chicken, and beef. This is basically heaven on a plate, and a LOT of fun as an activity to do with a group.

Traditional Mexican FoodsTraditional Mexican Foods: An Overview

A pretty comprehensive look at some of the most famous Mexican dishes, including some of the ones you’ll see most in Mexican cuisine. This page also includes my recipe for homemade corn tortillas– they are AMAZING and surprisingly easy.

thumbnail-mexican-empanada-recipesMaking Your Own Mexican Empanadas

Recipes and tips for making your own Mexican empanadas, including sweet and savory varieties, and a never-fail empanada dough you’ll make again and again. Light and crispy YUM. These are the ultimate hand food, which makes them great for a party.

Quick Mexican RecipesQuick Mexican Carne Asada (and two bonus recipes)

Three great-tasting Mexican recipes to make at home, including the best and simplest Mexican carne asada ever. Flavorful, authentic, and easy to put together.

Easy Mexican Food RecipesEasy Mexican Food Recipes

Each one of these Mexican meal recipes is full of flavor and totally festive. Try the Caldo de Res soup on a cold day, and you’ll become an addict. Great for a casual wintertime dinner.


Mexican Desserts, Sweets, and Snacks

Mexican Desserts RecipesMexican Dessert Recipes

Three fun and totally creative Mexican dessert recipes, including lots of ideas and variations for tranforming traditional spicy Mexican foods into sweet and decadent desserts.

Mexican Candy RecipesMexican Candy Recipes

Recipes for making Mexican candy. Fun and original recipes for candy with fabulous Mexican flavors and ingredients. And most of it is easy to make!


Mexican Drinks and Cocktails

Traditional Mexican DrinkTraditional Mexican Drinks (non-alcoholic)

Recipes for traditional Mexican drinks without alcohol. Easy to make, refreshing drinks like agua fresca and cafe de olla. Authentic and delicious!

Mexican Drink RecipesMexican Cocktails and Drink Recipes

Recipes for Mexican cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, as well as a nice overview of Mexican tequilas and beers– a great help if you can’t choose one.

Simple Margarita RecipeSimple Margarita Recipes

From frozen margaritas to simple three-ingredient margaritas on the rocks with fresh lime, you’ll find the perfect classic margarita here– the best thing to drink with any of my recipes. Or with your daily bowl of Cheerios. Because, margaritas.

More Mexico

Mexican fiesta gamesMexican Fiesta Games

Ideas for games to play at your Mexican fiesta.  Party game ideas ranging from traditional and simple, to somewhat boozy fun with margaritas for adults.

Mexican Party IdeasMexican Party Ideas

Tips and ideas for planning a Mexican-themed fiesta, including help planning your Mexican fiesta decorations, food, party games, theme, and more.

fun and festive mexican fiesta party ideasMore Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

Lots more fun ideas for planning your Mexican themed fiesta, including BYO Sombrero and more snack, game, and entertainment ideas for your party.

History of Traditional Mexican FoodThe History of Traditional Mexican Food

An overview of how traditional Mexican food evolved over time, and how it was influenced by different cultures. Learn how your favorite authentic Mexican dishes developed. This is for nerds like me who want to know the why and how of what they eat. Proceed with caution, non-nerdy types.