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5 Brilliant Bridal Shower Centerpiece Ideas...
on a Budget

Planning a bridal shower is a big responsibility! And having a few great bridal shower centerpiece ideas down your sleeve can be a huge relief... because whether you're planning a shower for the ultimate bridezilla or for the most laid back wife-to-be, you want to be sure to get it right!
There's a lot to think of when planning a bridal shower. Food, games, entertainment, gifts, cocktails... you've got a lot on your plate. But here's a trick of the trade: having gorgeous bridal shower decorations cane make everything on your list a little easier. Why? Because when the party looks gorgeous, your guests will start off impressed... and that will bleed over into everything else you do at the shower. So your bridal shower decorations, ideas, and centerpieces definitely bear early planning!

Here, you'll find lots of great ideas for putting together your bridal shower centerpieces. But there are a ton of gorgeous centerpiece ideas all over Divine Dinner Party, both for parties like this, and for weddings. So when you're done here, don't forget to visit our Inexpensive Centerpieces and Wedding Reception Centerpieces Central for tons more ideas and photos.

1. Tiffany Themed Table for a Bridal Shower

Now, nothing says "bride-to-be" quite like diamonds. And nothing in the world says "diamonds" quite like that perfect little blue box, tied with that perfect little white ribbon! Tiffanys, baby!

A Tiffany's diamond theme is just one of the best bridal shower centerpiece ideas out there. It's elegant, it's understated... but it also speaks to that little place in every woman's soul that's always longed for that little blue box. And as the hostess, it's also a great theme for you: because all you need to make it look great is find table decorations in just the right shade of blue. It's all about color.

Tiffany Diamond Decorations and Centerpiece
How to Make this Centerpiece In the photo here, you see the whole table, with all it's Tiffany themed bridal shower decorations in simple blue and white. They pull together the look and are easy to make. But it's the centerpiece that steals the show! To make this glittery diamond centerpiece, all you need is a tall vase, some silver or gold spray paint, some branches, and some hanging crystals for diamonds.

Spray paint your branches in the your favorite metallic shade (you could also do a pearly white or a Tiffany blue). When they're dry, insert them into your vase, hang prettily with lots of different-shaped cut crystals, and you've got a centerpiece fit for a queen. Or a beautiful bride to be.

2. Floating Peony Bridal Shower Centerpiece Idea

Pink Bridal Shower Centerpiece ROmantic FLowers
There's something so girlie and bridal about the color pink. And this centerpiece is the perfect way to create a romantic and feminine feel for your bridal shower: it's understated, elegant, and very sweet. And surprisingly simple to put together.

How to Make this Centerpiece This is one of my favorite bridal shower centerpiece ideas for a hostess without a ton of time to plan and put together their decorations. All you need to create this centerpiece is some pink peonies, a shallow glass or crystal bowl (preferably on a stem to give it some height), and some green foliage to fill out the arrangement.

Trim the stems on your peonies as needed and arrange in your glass bowl, covering the entire surface and allowing the flowers to overflow a little. To get all-over coverage, a smallish cube of florists' foam in the bottom of the bowl can help to support any flowers in the middle part of the bowl-- just be sure to cover it up with foliage. Simple, elegant, and really really pretty.

Variations for this Centerpiece: Of course, this kind of centerpiece can be done with any wide-based flower for a similar look. Try gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, or even sunflowers. Or place pillar candles into the centerpiece for a bit of romantic lighting, or strew cut crystals over your flowers for a bit of bridal bling.

3. Cheerful Daisy Display

Bridal Shower Daisy CenterpieceGot a young and cheerful bride that doesn't take things too seriously? I think this is one of the cutest bridal shower centerpiece ideas for a casual bridal shower. It's fun, it's young, it's playful, it's bright... and it's a lot easier to make than it looks. All you need is a little time set aside to plan in advance.

How to Make this Centerpiece To make this centerpiece you need, of course, to start off with a tray of wheat grass. With a little time to plan ahead, wheat grass is very easy to grow, and it makes a great base for some bright and cheerful gerbera daises. There are lots of guides online for how to grown wheatgrass in a container, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here... I'll just send you off to my favorite step by step guide to growing wheatgrass. Just start with a container that will look pretty with your centerpiece, and follow the instructions. Easy!

Once your grass is ready to go, you can add your daisies. This is simple! Just insert the stems into tube vases (you can buy these from a florists' shop or online), and stick the vases down into the grass. Really playful, and remarkably simple.

Keep in mind though, that the daisies you see pictured here were wired into place so they won't droop. This is simple to do (need instructions? Google is your friend!), and not always necessary... it simply depends on your daisies.

4. Bucket Bursting with Roses

Romantic Bridal Shower Centerpiece Idea with Roses
This is another pretty and romantic bridal shower centerpiece idea, and one that looks like a lot more work (and money!) than it really is. This one is a great way to make the bride-to-be feel loved and spoiled without having to put too much into it.

How to Make this Centerpiece This centerpiece is just as simple as it looks! Start off with the container of your choice. This version uses a pretty white-painted bucket for an elegant country feel, but you could also opt for a tin bucket for a more rustic country feel, or even a paint can or another unusual container.

Fill with one and a half dozen pastel colored roses, and you've got a gorgeous centerpiece that your bride to be will go gaga over. A block of florists foam in the bottom of the bucket can help your arrangement to stay put (and help you get the right look), but it's 100% optional.

5. Zen Bride Simple, Romantic Centerpiece

Something about this simple and romantic centerpiece just yells "bridal shower." One of those bridal shower centerpiece ideas perfect for a relaxed and elegant bridal shower, this one manages to be both simple and casual but interesting and expensive-looking all at the same time.

How to Make this Centerpiece This is one of the easiest bridal shower centerpiece ideas to put together in a hurry-- but it looks like you spent a boatload of money on it at a fancy florist. For this one, all you need is a long, narrow tray (this one was probably intended for food) some neutral-colored river rocks, some fronds from a spider plant (you probably have one of these in your house right now!), and some wide-bottomed flowers (the ones pictured here are English daisies, but you could also use gerbera daisies, peonies, or other similar flowers).

Simple Zen Bridal Shower Centerpiece Cheap and Easy
To make this perfect little bridal shower arrangement, wrap your container carefully with one or two lengths from your spider plant (tape it down on the bottom of the container to keep it in place). Carefully slide your your river rocks into the bottom of your container in a pretty and decorative way. Place your flowers on top (slide them in under your plant fronds), and fill the container carefully with water. The large leaf acting as a base (pictured) is totally optional.

Such a pretty result with a minimal of time and money spent!

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