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"BROWNie Turds" Nasty Halloween Recipe Idea

by Rose
(Beavercreek, Oh, USA)

Years ago when I was a young girl, my family and I would go with another family to an amusement park as a summer treat. Due to the expense, our mothers would often pack "picnic lunches" to save money and we'd "reserve" our picnic table in the park by setting our coolers and picnic baskets on it.

One summer, our friends brought brownies. Due to the heat, they became very soft and messy. We discovered, after one fell on the cement, it looked a lot like dog poop! I took a few of the softened brownies and molded them into small "turds" and left them on another family's table! It was amazing how authentic they looked!

This Halloween, I am planning an adult party and thought this idea would make a great dessert! Also, using another idea that I found on this site, "Tasty Turds", I am going to add the yellow tips of candy corn for the undigested corn affect, arranging the turds in small separate piles, perhaps placing a labeled "Fido" or "Rover" dog dish next to the turds on the table. Another idea; using a small life-like looking dog.

I'd upload an image but I don't have one available but will take pictures of my spread this Halloween.

I am also going to do a "Dirty Diaper Dip", complete with a headless baby doll, using bean dip and perhaps adding some black beans (and spices for more flavor) to it.

I think I will skip on the "Used Tampon" dessert. My husband got grossed out just hearing about it...or maybe that's not such a bad idea after all...hehehe!

I just wanted to let everyone know how "life-like" molded brownies can look...see for yourself!

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Oct 31, 2010
used tampons
by: Booker

I have decided to throw together a party! Halloween Day! I am so going to do the dirty the diaper, and the used tampons!! I am also going to do "bloody Fingers" using hoy dogs rolled in crescents with ketchup splattered. Should be fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Sep 07, 2010
Can't wait to see!
by: Karen from DDP

Hi Rose,

Thanks so much for sharing your gross Halloween party plans for this year! It all sounds disgusting... and I mean that in the BEST way. I hope you do take photos and remember to come back and post them here (just start a new post to add photos, and I'll link it to this one). I would love to see how all of our gross Halloween ideas combined.

I will have to try the brownies this year! Do they have to be soft to get them to form, or can you use normally cooked, firm brownies, and just squish them in your hand?

I imagine you could also chop up the brownies, mix them with a bit of chocolate frosting, and form them into turds that way, too. That way, you could mix the candy corns right in for a very realistic effect. Yuck. :)

Funny you mention the gross edible tampon idea-- I'm not sure ANY of my visitors have ever made them, but they still crack me up. It's the single item on my website that brings in the most hate mail!! Apparently, I'm a degenerate. :)

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