Buffet Recipes & Menu Ideas: Setting Up a Totally Sexy Buffet Table

A full on five-course meal with each elegant little dish served on a pristine white plate sounds pretty wonderful to eat… but more than a little hellish to prepare. Opting for a buffet menu instead really simplifies putting together a dinner party. And if you do it right –like maybe using this awesome page I created as a resource– it can still be elegant and pretty and special. And not make you want to jump of your roof and swear off hosting a holiday dinner ever again.

Finding great buffet recipes and setting up the buffet table to make it both pretty to look at and easy to, well, obtain food from,  is a different story. There are so many ways to do it and so many great ideas out there that it’s more complicated than you would thing to put together a fabulous buffet.  Which is why I’ve devoted an entire section of the blog to buffets and buffet table set up.

pretty-simple-buffet-tableThough it’ll never be as work intensive as that five-course sit-down dinner, setting up an elegant, appealing home buffet table can still be a lot of work. And ending up hosting a blah buffet is pretty easy– you’ve probably been to approximately seven thousand of them. But with the right recipes, a little planning, and a bit of creativity (or even better, ideas cribbed from this very website), you can put together a buffet that people will rave about.

So welcome to Buffet Central! Here, you’ll find:

  • Creative buffet table set-up & decorating ideas
  • Practical tips for setting up a buffet
  • Buffet recipes and menus
  • Buffet dinner themes & ideas
  • Tons of great buffet table photographs– a great source for ideas!

Need more help planning a dinner menu?

Buffet Table Set-Up and Planning

Buffet Table Setting

Practical Buffet Table Tips (and photos)

Planning a buffet dinner and want some practical tips for set-up? Here you’ll find everything from how to arrange foods to how to keep buffet traffic flowing. This is the part that’s often overlooked, and will make your dinner flow totally smoothly.

Buffet Table Setting Idea

Creative Buffet Table Ideas

Want to host a buffet dinner that will get some oohs and aahs out of your guests?  Make the table something to be remembered. These creative buffet set up ideas will have your guests saying “wow” (and drooling, too, no doubt).

Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

10 Fun Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking to set up a buffet party table that’s totally unique, these tips will get you there. A good resource if you’re hosting a themed dinner or want to do something totally different an special.

Table Decorating Ideas

Table Decorating Ideas

You’ll also find more great ideas for decorating a festive table right here, including centerpieces, dinnerware, and more!  Good for buffets and non-buffet foods, too.

Buffet Food and Recipe Ideas

Buffet and Finger Food

Great Buffet and Finger Food Recipes

There’s something fun and super special about a table overflowing with adorable yummy finger foods. Here you’ll find some great recipes for easy appetizers that look totally pretty and taste pretty friggin amazing.

Ideas for FInger Buffets

Ideas for Finger Buffets

Yummy party recipes for your buffet table. This has got some great tips for making your favorite recipe into a fun bite-sized appetizer for a finger food buffet, and some great small bites to put together for your next party.

Buffet Party Food Ideas

Buffet Party Food Ideas

Ideas and recipes for party food. Includes tips on planning your menu for a buffet-style mean, help choosing a fun theme for your menu, great recipe ideas for pretty much any party, and lots more.

Party Platter Ideas

Party Platter Ideas

There is something ridiculously fun about giant platters overflowing with snacks and goodness. They’re even better when you put them together yourself. This page has tips and ideas for all kinds of homemade party platters and trays. From recipe ideas for your own party platters, to help choosing what kinds of foods to offer platter-style, and more.

Ideas for Buffet Food for a Party

Ideas for Buffet Food for a Party

Some great recipe ideas for buffet food for your next party.  A place to get some great tips on how to choose recipes for a party and some great ideas to delicious goodies to include in your next menu.

Party Recipes Buffet Food

Choosing Party Recipes for Buffet Food

Tips on how to choose the right kinds of foods for your party spread. My favorite part if this page is a full how-to on setting up a make-your-own sandwich buffet table! Yum. And tons of fun.
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