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7 Heavenly Candle Centerpiece Ideas for your Table

If you're planning something special and trying to shuffle funds around, creative candle centerpiece ideas like some of the ones you'll find here can be the perfect way to save a little cash on your event... but still look like you splurged on some really fantastic table decorations.

Your table decorations can be one of the best places to save money on your wedding, dinner party, anniversary celebration, or whatever. So you shouldn't feel bad scrimping... you should feel creative!

Think creating your own table centerpieces on a budget is going to require you to work your fingers to the bone? Nah.... there's no reason for that! With a bit of time spent shopping, arranging, and planning, you should be able to put together these gorgeous candle and floating candle centerpieces without too much trouble... or too much expense.

When you're done here, you'll find tons more ideas for creative table decorations and centerpieces right here!

1. Bead and Berries Centerpiece

Christmas Centerpiece with Berries and CandlesWhile this candle centerpiece idea is great for a winter wedding or a special Christmas dinner, it's also a good one for Valentine's day or any romantic occasion-- it's all deep, romantic reds, glowing candles, and lots of sparkly bling. What says romance better than that?

How to Make this Centerpiece: To put together this kind of simple candle centerpiece, start with simple clear-glass votive candle holders (make sure they're largish ones to make room for your berry decorations), place a white votive in each one, and surround with fresh cranberries.

For the clear glass bead rim, you can either buy them pre-made, or easily (and cheaply!!) make your own. Simply start with a piece of jewelry wire, and measure to fit the circumference of your candle holder. String with beads of your choice. Attach little make shift hooks (just twist a little extra jewelry wire around) to two or three sides of your votive holder, and hook right on. Or use a bit of super glue or hot glue to attach your bead string... whatever works best for you!

Variations on this Idea: This candle centerpiece is great on its own, or surrounding a poinsettia for a Christmas themed table centerpiece, or circled around pink roses for a wedding. Play around with the sizes of your candle holders, the colors of your beads, and even the "filling" for your candle holders. Don't like the idea of cranberries? Play around! You could also use:

  • Cinnamon heart candies
  • Sweetheart Valentine candies
  • River rocks or pebbles
  • Shiny glass beads
  • Coffee beans
  • Color-dyed grains of rice
  • Glitter or glass beads
  • Acorns or mini pine cones

One of the best things about this candle centerpiece idea is how easily you can play around and have fun with it!

2. Floating Candle Centerpiece with Flowers

orchid romantic simple centerpiece with floating candlesI think this is one of those candle centerpiece ideas that can work equally well for, say, a wedding centerpiece, or for an elegant dinner party. It's understated and simple, but has a lot of impact. Plus, you get the benefit of fresh flowers without having to use many-- just three for each centerpiece.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This elegant floating candle centerpiece is all about natural colors and textures, so the rule here is to keep it simple. First, you'll need to find square-shaped clear glass containers of varying heights. Fill the bottoms with river rocks (you can buy these at your local craft shop or spend a day down at the river collecting your own), add a single orchid, and float a white candle on top. Done, and beautiful.

Making it Your Own: Of course, as with most of the candle centerpiece ideas you'll find on Divine Dinner Party, this elegant example is also adaptable. Want to do something brighter and more fun? Swap the natural rocks out for bright white or black ones, and switch to a colored orchid or a bright and cheerful rose. Don't be afraid of color with your candle, either!

3. Creative Floating Flowers and Candles Centerpiece

Floating candle centerpiece idea with floating flowers simple cheapPlanning an event (like a wedding reception, an anniversary party, or a special dinner for a large group) and don't have a big budget? This is one of my favorite candle centerpiece ideas for getting the most impact out of a small budget.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This simple floating candle and flower centerpiece starts off with nothing more than a rounded clear-glass container. Add some floating candles (or just one white one, as pictured), some simple (and very cheap!) mum dasies of various colors (I love the purple, yellow, green combo here), and you're ready to go. Simply cut the heads off the flowers, leaving a short length of stem to act as an anchor. The centerpiece pictured here has clear glass beads and small inverted glasses on the bottom of the container for texture and visual effect, but they're optional.

Making it your own: Play with the size of the container, the color and type of flowers, and the size and color(s) of your floating candles. If you have a color theme you're looking for candle centerpiece ideas for, this one can really be adjusted to suit any theme. Just shop around for the perfect flowers (anything with a wide base should work), and you're ready to go.

4. Simple Candle Seascape for the Table

Beachscape centerpiece for wedding or dinner partyPlanning a summer beach-style dinner party or a Hawaiian-themed wedding? This candle centerpiece idea is so inexpensive, so simple, so easy to put together... and yet deceptively elegant.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This centerpiece starts off with a simple mirror with a clean white frame. I love the idea of scouring your local thrift shops for the perfect shabby chic version-- it's a great way to make your feel centerpiece unique and special. Add a couple of wide white shells (you can leave them natural, or paint them with a sheer gold finish, as pictured), some tealights, and a couple of starfish. You're ready to go.

Making it your own: This is also a good candle centerpiece idea if you're looking for something adaptable to your specific tastes and theme. For instance, you can paint the inside of your shells with a pearlized blue, silver, or pink to match your wedding or event colors. You can subtlely glitter-paint your starfish, as pictured. Or you can switch out your mirror for a tray of sand, or shells, or whatever you like!

5. High-and-Low Colored Candle Centerpiece

candle centepiece with varying heightsThis is another great idea for an easy DIY centerpiece using candles. It's elegant and simple, but packs a visual punch. I love that you can make it simple and understated with, say, clear glass beads or black ones, or really draw the eye with a bright color like the over-the-top turquoise here.

How to Make this Centerpiece: What really makes this one of those candle centerpiece ideas with a lot of impact is using candle-holders of varying heights. Since this look is all about the candle holders, you'll want to think of these first, and there are a lot of ways to get this effect. You can shop for standard tall candle holders in different sizes, or visit your local thrift, home, and craft shops looking for:

  • Wine glasses
  • Goblets
  • Crystal sherry glasses
  • Martini glasses

Or you can glue candle holders and glasses of all shapes in sizes the bottom of wine glasses for a really fun effect.

Getting the Best Effect: It's best to work with odd numbers, as they're visually more appealing. So if you really want a wow factor, choose five or seven (or even more!) different kinds of candle holders at different heights. You can even play with color and fill each candle holder with a different color of bead for a rainbow effect. Or want to adapt this candle centerpiece idea for a holiday celebration? Opt for:

  • Red and green (or red, green, and clear) beads for Christmas
  • Orange and black for Halloween
  • Yellow, red, and orange for Thanksgiving
  • Pink, purple, yellow, and green for Easter
  • Clear and black for New Years

6. Make-Your-Own Mason Jar Centerpieces

candle centerpiece homemade DIY with a mason jarNothing quite says relaxed chic quite like a mason jar centerpiece. Which is why this is one of my favorite candle centerpiece ideas for a summer dinner party or a country wedding. They're fun, pretty, and make great party favors at the end of the night.

How to Make this Centerpiece: These centerpieces are simple to put together, and you can get all the work that needs to be done finished up ahead of time. The technique for this is very similar to the beaded votive and cranberry centerpiece above. Start with a clean, clear mason jar. Measure some jewelry wire to fit, and make your own beaded accent. The best part? While making your centerpieces, you'll learn a little jewelry making as well.

Play Around with It: While I think this candle centerpiece idea looks great on its own, these pretty mason jar candle decorations also look great when combined with a large mason jar (or other homey container) full of simple flowers: daisies, tulips, wildflowers. Or run them along the edge or down the middle of the table for a great effect without a great effort.

7. Blocks of Candles and Flowers

Geometric and Interesting centerpiece with flower and candle blocksMy favorite thing about this particular candle centerpiece? I love, love, love that it looks seriously elegant and expensive... but won't put much of a dent in your wallet.

How to Make this Centerpiece: The key to putting together this simple and elegant centerpiece is proportion: you need to shop around for square floral vases and candle holders that will occupy more or less the same amount of space.

Then, simply fill the bottom of the flower vases with florists foam, buy a whole load of fluffy flowers (like the carnations pictured here-- one of the only carnation centerpieces you'll see that actually looks expensive!), pack them in closely together, and create an alternation pattern with rows of votive candle holders. Understated, elegant, and impressive... but easy and cheap. And isn't that what great candle centerpiece ideas should always be?

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