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"Candle Groddling" Hilarious Party Game

by Nigel
(Charleston, SC)

To play this game, you need:

A lighted candle standing upright in a saucer (use wax to secure it to the saucer)


A long piece (40-48" long) of string with a teaspoon tied at one end.

Tie the string around the first contestant's waist (or their belt loops) so that the teaspoon dangles BEHIND them a few inches off the ground.

The idea is then to stoop over, look at the candle placed on the floor behind them and try and get the teaspoon to extinguish the flame on the candle. The convex surface of the teaspoon often will not extinguish the flame even when placed directly on the flame. Participants may have to put the tip of the spoon on the candle and then 'flip; the spoon so that the concave surface covers the flame and puts it out.

This is hilarious, especially if you shorten the string somewhat.

You can time each person and see who does it quickest or who does it with the shortest string.

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