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7 Super Sweet Ideas for Candy Flower Arrangements

If you're giving a gift or want to make ultra cute table centerpieces or decorations, candy flower arrangements like the fun ideas you'll find here are always edible, they're always adorable... and they're remarkably easy to do at home.

Yes, there are about a bazillion places you can go to buy candy bouquets to give as gifts, or candy flowers (like those little chocolate roses wrapped in red foil). And while the idea of this is cute, most of what you're paying for is labor-- simple work that you could easily undertake yourself... and with a much cooler, more personalized effect (and at a huge savings, too!).

If you're looking to make candy flower arrangements for either decorations or gifts, you'll find seven really cute do it yourself ideas here on this page. But there are lots of great ideas for flower and decorative gifts at centerpiece and flower central, including lots of ideas for edible arrangements that make wonderful gifts and gorgeous decorations.

1. So-Sweet Skittle Centerpiece

Floral Centerpiece Made with Skittles Candies
I love the look of this flower candy arrangement for a cheerful occasion like a birthday party or even as a centerpiece for a casual wedding. It would also make a great gift for any woman out there with an eye for bright colors and a bit of a sweet tooth.

How to Make this Candy Centerpiece: Putting together this candy and flowers centerpiece is easy! All you need is a large vase, a small vase, your flowers, and of course some sweet Skittles (or other brightly colored) candy.

Before getting started, you'll want to create your flower bouquet, being sure to trim the stems well and wrap them very tightly together with florists tape or string. Why? Because this cute candy arrangement requires your flowers to fit in a very small vase-- one that can easily be tucked into a larger vase, with room for your candies all around. Cover the top of your small vase with plastic, and tuck down into your larger candy-filled vase. Done!

Assembly Variation Idea: Comfortable working with florists foam? Arrange your flowers in a block of florists foam, wrap with plastic to avoid wetting your candies, and place down into your candy-filled vase.

2. Nature's Candy Flower Arrangement

A flower centerpiece made from edible fruitWant to give a candy and flower arrangement that's also good for you? Skip the sweets and opt for nature's candy. This pretty fruit-as-flowers bouquet is super cute, super tasty, and really simple to put together.

How to Make this Fruity Centerpiece: While there are tons of ways to make a fruit centerpiece like this one (check out my edible centerpieces page for ideas), this particular incarnation looks so much like an adorable bouquet of flowers that it's by far my favorite for gift-giving. Plus, it's super easy.

To make this fruit bouquet, you'll need four different-sized flower-shaped cookie cutters, and four types of fruit that can easily be cut into slabs, in this case:

  • Watermelon
  • Honeydew
  • Cantaloupe
  • Pineapple

For each flower, use a different sized cookie cutter for each type of fruit. Assemble on a wooden skewer large-to-small, and top with a grape half or the top of a strawberry. Place into a vase or, as pictured, a chunk of styrofoam or florists foam in a basket, covered in tissue paper. Really cute, really easy, and really expensive looking!

3. Cake Pops Candy Arrangement

Candy cake flower arrangement centerpieceNow, candy flower arrangements with traditional chocolate bars and similar candies can look really cute and taste great. But there is something totally irresistible about swapping out store-bought candy for these homemade candy/cake pops. They're so cute, so sweet, and so perfect for a special gift.

How to Make this Tasty Centerpiece:Making the cake pops themselves, while simple enough, will require some work from you... you've got to get your hands dirty! I could go into the step-by-step here, but there's such a thorough (and thoroughly photographed) cake pop tutorial at the famous Pioneer Woman food blog that I would just be reinventing the wheel. So check out how to do this there!

To make your pops into a decorative centerpiece, you have lots of options. This one takes different colored cake pops, places them in a brightly colored plant pot (you'll need to stuff this with a block of cut-to-fit Styrofoam), and covers it with bright shredded paper. Super cute and seriously delicious!

4. Traditional Candy Smorgasbord Bouquet

A candy bouquet arrangementNow, when most people think of candy flower arrangements, they think of something like this: candy instead of flowers in their arrangement. The effect? A cute decoration that anybody with a sweet tooth will go nuts over. And while you can buy one of these from lots of online shops, they're easy and cheap to make at home.

How to Make this Candy Centerpiece: This simple candy arrangement starts with the container of your choice (here, a cute aluminum bucket painted in bright colors) filled with a block of styrofoam that's been trimmed to size. Next choose your candies... in this case, they're all fun-sized. Starting at the back, attach each candy item to a wooden skewer with a piece of tape (apply your tape at the back of the candy, where it won't be seen).

Make a row of candy all one height. Repeat, making your next row a little lower (you may need to switch over to popsicle sticks at some point, or trim down your wooden skewers with a pair of scissors). Decorate with pieces of curling ribbon if and as desired. And your adorably delicious candy flower arrangement is ready to go!

5. Candy Christmas Flower Centerpiece

Candy FLower Arrangement for ChristmasI love the look of this candy flower arrangement for a Christmas centerpiece (you can also check this page for more Christmas centerpiece ideas). It's cute, it's Christmas-y, and depending on what kind of flowers you use, it can be really inexpensive, too.

How to Make this Candy Centerpiece: The assembly method for this floral candy centerpiece is pretty similar to the sweet Skittle centerpiece above: you'll need two vases (one that fits inside the other), a Christmas-y bouquet of flowers, and some peppermints and candy canes.

To put it together, you'll want to be sure that there just enough room between your two vases for your candies to fit-- unlike with the Skittle centerpiece, you're going to see the vase showing between the pieces of candy, so choose one in a nice color. Place your small vase inside your larger one, and tuck in your pieces of candy. So sweet, so easy!

HINT: You can also do something Christmas-y using the Skittles centerpiece method at the top of this page. Just switch out the Skittles for Christmas-themed candies, such as red and green M&M's.

6. Elegant Candy and Flowers Bouquet

Now, the candy flower arrangement pictured here is actually a bridal bouquet... but the idea is so cute and easy to copy that you could use it for any kind of decoration or floral gift. It add such a fun and whimsical touch to any bouquet or centerpiece. The best thing about it? The candy is subtle and colorful, keeping the arrangement elegant and expensive-looking.

A flower arrangement made with lollipop candies and daisies
How to Make this Candy Centerpiece: To make your own similar centerpiece, all you need is a bouquet of your favorite flowers. The one pictured here is, of course, intended to be carried by hand, and is wrapped up tightly with florists tape and ribbon. In this case, your candy items (Tootsie Pops and a pinwheel lollipop) will be wired onto longer sticks and inserted securely into the bouquet. A really great effect without as much effort as you might think...

7. Chocolatey Romance Rose Bouquet

A flower arrangement made with candy and roses
While this candy flower arrangement can make a really cute decoration, when you make it as pictured here, it's probably one of the sweetest gifts you can give-- a great idea for Valentine's Day or just about any romantic occasion.

How to Make this Candy n' Roses Bouquet: This is probably the easiest candy and flower bouquet you can make! All you need is a bouquet of red roses (just buy one that already comes in a vase, and you'll be ready to go), and some pieces of the recipient's very favorite candy (if they're anything like me, they'll always opt for chocolate!). Tape the candy pieces to long wooden or plastic skewers and distribute among the flowers. Sure, you could pay an extra $15 to have the florist do this, but... why? It's so so easy to do yourself!

Fun Variations on this Idea: When made as pictured here, this sort of candy flower arrangement is obviously intended for a holiday like Valentine's or for an anniversary. But you can also do something similar for any event! Some fun ideas might be:

  • Use daisies and retro candy for a fun and casual wedding centerpiece
  • Add multi-colored marshmallow Peeps to a tulip bouquet for an Easter centerpiece
  • Swap out the candy for chocolate chip cookies baked onto wooden skewers
  • Stick gingerbread men baked onto skewers (or use non-edible cinnamon ornaments) into your Christmas poinsettia
  • Distribute bright pinwheel lollipops among white or yellow flowers for a birthday centerpiece decoration

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