Prego! Italian Menus and
Recipes for a Dinner Party

Looking to put together a beautiful, delicious, and totally special Italian menu for a dinner party or a special celebration? Here’s some good news for you: your options are nearly endless!

Italian Dinner Party RecipesThere are all kinds of wonderful Italian dishes out there, and if you’re hosting an Italian themed get-together or cooking a special meal, you can combine them in all sorts of ways to create a really fun and special (and even authentic) menu that your guests will love.

Get all the tips and ideas and recipes you’ll need right here. From Italian wines, to tasty ideas for any dinner with an Italian theme, to some of the best recipes on the web, here you can find everything you need to put together an authentic Italian menu that will impress every palate.

Italian Dinner Menus and Recipes

Italian Dinner PartyEasy Italian Dinner Party

This menu has some of the best recipes if you’re looking for something quick, delicious, and impressive. Probably not my most authentic recipes, but they’re yummy and comforting and guaranteed to make everybody happy with a minimum of fuss.

Cooking Recipes Italian FoodElegant Cioppino Italian Menu

These are elegant and impressive recipes that are crazy flavorful– and some of my biggest favorites! The cioppino stew is a must try for anybody who loves seafood. Perfect served for a winter or a summer meal.  Gorgeous and SO yum.

Typical Italian Foods

Italian Spaghetti Sauce RecipesWonderful From-Scratch Marinara & Meatballs

A perfectly simple  recipe for how to make a typical Italian marinara sauce that’s totally bursting with flavor.  Pair it with these fabulous homemade meatballs for an Italian American meal fit for The Godfather.

Free Bruschetta RecipesBursting-with-Flavor Bruschetta Recipes

Some great recipes for that Italian classic, Bruschetta! Includes a classic bruschetta recipe and some ideas for more modern and creative versions.  All fresh and bright and delicious.

Recipes Italian Chicken ParmesanRecipes for Chicken Parmesan

Easy recipes for chicken parmesana and tips on how to cook this dish perfectly at home. It’s actually easier than you think, and probably the biggest crowd pleaser on the planet.

Eggplant Parmesan RecipeEggplant Parmesan Recipe

Two fabulous recipes for homemade eggplant parmesan. Flavorful, healthy, and inexpensive, there’s nothing quite like this ultimate comfort food made at home.

Crockpot Lasagna RecipeCrockpot Lasagna Recipes

Lasagna is one of the most popular Italian foods in the world– but it can be a pain to make. These recipes, one for classic lasagna and one for vegetable lasagna with white sauce in the crockpot, are as easy as they are delicious.

Italian Dessert and Cookie Recipes

Best Italian Cookie RecipeBest Italian Cookie Recipes

Great recipes for traditional and typical Italian cookies. From biscotti to wonderful pignoli cookies, these are wonderful, flavorful, authentic Italian cookies.

ITalian Creme Cake RecipesItalian Creme Cake Recipes

Delicious and traditional recipes for homemade Italian creme cake. Whether you want to bake one of from scratch or save time with a cake mix, you’ll find the right recipe right here.

Italian Easter Dessert RecipesItalian Easter Dessert Recipes

These great Italian recipes for dessert are must-haves for a typical Italian menu for Easter… but they’re also too good to have only once a year. The ricotta cheesecake is to die for. I want  one every day.


All About Italian Food and History

Italian Food HistoryItalian Food History

Article about the history of food in Italy, from common foods eaten in different regions, to how Italian food evolved, to what modern Italian food looks like today.

Italian Christmas TraditionsItalian Christmas Traditions

Italy’s incredible food is a reflection of an old country’s wonderful customs and traditions. Go here to learn how Chrismtas is celebrated in Italy– and why it’s so yummy.

Yum. My Favorite Cold Appetizer Recipes

I admit it: I’m a lazy party hostess and I think heated appetizers are totally overrated.  Whenever it makes even a little bit of sense, I will always opt for a cold appetizer spread for a party –or at least add in as many cold and room-temperature options as possible– for a lot of very good reasons. For one, they’re about six thousand times easier to make up ahead of time. They’re also so, so, so much easier to serve. It’s like night and day. Most of them can be kept at room temperature or be left sitting on a bowl of ice. You don’t have to worry so much about timing them fresh out of the oven, keeping them warm, making them to order, or any of that too-much-work stuff.  Lazy = good.

Delicious recipes for cold appetizersGoing cold is also good for summer appetizers, when you don’t want to be heating up your entire kitchen cooking up tartlets and meatballs and all that stuff.

The one downfall of serving some of the more popular types of cold apps? A lot of times, they tend to be overly simple, or a little… inelegant. And while I love a good, clean, simple appetizer, I hate almost all those party recipes that come from an envelope, a can, or a package. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re not going to find it here.

What you will find is recipes for cold party and finger foods that are all relatively simple to make (and some are very simple) but use real ingredients instead of flavoring mixes and canned soups. Which means they taste phenomenal, look pretty, and are better for you.  Woohoo for lazy.

Great Cold Appetizers

Crab Dip Appetizer Recipe Idea ThumbnailCold Crab Dip Recipes

Hot crab dip is great! But served cold, crab dip allows the sweet and subtle flavor of the crab to shine through. These three recipes are some of my favorites!

Simple Easy Cold AppetizersSimple & Totally Easy Cold Appetizers

As far as appetizers go, these ones take the cake! They’re easy. They’re tasty. They’re served at room temperature. Oh, and for something so easy to put together, they’re pretty impressive.

Summer Appetizer RecipesSummer Appetizer Recipes

These tasty summer appetizers are sure to satisfy your guests, keep them cool, and delight their overheated taste buds.  You will love my recipe for authentic Spanish gazpacho, served in cool little cups and accompanied by a really fun and unique garnish bar.  Yum.

Edible CenterpiecesEdible Centerpieces

While not all of these are strictly appetizers, many of these edible centerpieces can make a great –and really pretty!– first course for your dinner or holiday party. People have a lot of fun with these little table snacks.  They’re adorable.

Thank Heavens for These Easy Party Appetizers

Guide to the Best Appetizers EverUnless you’re the lovely Martha Stewart herself, planning all your party foods and snacks can be a giant pain in the butt.  Most of the recipes that sound tasty and impressive also sound like a whole heck of a lot of work.  And the easy ones aren’t generally very special or innovative, right?  Wrong, dude. Wrong. Who says that easy party appetizers have to be boring? Sure, they may be easy and quick to make, but the recipes on this page are anything but boring. In fact, some of these little bites are so good, they may just outshine your dinner, if you’re serving one.

Now, if you’re looking for the kind of appetizer recipes that require you only to mix one envelope of stuff with one jar of another stuff, you’re not going to find them here. The recipe ideas on this page are easy, but they’re made with real ingredients– so they’ll taste as good as they look. Plus, most of them can be prepared ahead of time, making things go that much more smoothly the day of your dinner party or holiday celebration.


Party Appetizer Ideas and Recipes

Appetizer ThumbnailMake Ahead Appetizer Recipes

These simple appetizers are perfect for a holiday dinner like Thanksgiving or Christmas, or for any special celebration. As a bonus, they’re easy to make and can be (or should be!) prepared a day or two in advance. You’ll thank yourself later, I promise.
Buffet and Finger Food ThumbnailBuffet Finger Foods

These fun and simple little finger foods will fly off of your buffet table. They look great passed around on trays or laid out for a finger food buffet.

Baked Brie Easy Party Appetizer ThumbnailBaked Brie Recipe Collection

Baked brie is one of those ultra easy-to-make party appetizers that is also super impressive and a HUGE crowd pleaser. Ten minutes of work never tasted so good! The recipes, ranging from savory to sweet to en croute, are perfect for a holiday party.
Crab Dip Appetizer Recipe Idea ThumbnailCold Crab Dip Recipes

No appetizer is easier to throw together than dip. But easy doesn’t have to mean “inelegant” or “boring.” These crab dips are anything but!

Quick Easy AppetizersQuick Easy Appetizers

Sure, these quick party appetizers are easy to make and come together no sweat. But they’re also elegant and delicious. Especially the chorizo pastry bites!

Simple Easy Cold AppetizersRidiculously Easy Cold Appetizers

If you’re looking for easy party appetizers, cold ones are easy to prepare and even easier to serve. But these ones are easy to impress with, too!

Simple Appetizer Ideas for a PartyQuick and Dirty Appetizer Recipes

These simple appetizers come together quickly, taste wonderful, and will impress anyone who eats them. What more can you ask for?

Romance! Plan the Perfect Candlelit Dinner

Looking for some great romantic dinner recipes and menu ideas to sweep that special guy or girl off his or her feet? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This collection of romantic recipes is perfect for a Valentines Day dinner for two (or a romantic group occasion, like an engagement dinner), a special anniversary, or a special weekend dinner date.

Guide to planning a romantic dinnerHere, you’ll find plenty of gourmet meal ideas and dinner planning help to make your romantic meal special, such as some wonderful romantic dinner menus, ideas for aphrodisiac ingredients, some great gifts for Valentines Day and anniversaries, tips for creating the perfect atmosphere, and more.

Ready to sweep that special man or woman off his or her feet? Then read on, Casanova!

Looking for help planning your Valentines Day? Check here for lots of romatic Valentine’s ideas and recipes!

Romantic Dinner Recipes & Menus

Romantic MealsElegant Romantic Menu

If you were to make this collection of romantic recipes for your sweetie –with a simple but scrumptious lamb and oh-so creamy Nutella Mousse– it would probably be a wonderful romantic gift in and of itself.  You still have to buy her flowers, though.  Trust me.

Romantic Meal IdeaRomantic Dinner Menu for a Guy

Want to make your husband or boyfriend feel really special on an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or… just because he’s been particularly awesome lately? These romantic recipes are perfect for the man in your life. From appetizer to dessert, these great recipes are full of the foods that make men fall in love.  No promises, though… you’ll have to do the rest yourself!

Easy Romantic Dinner RecipeA Romantic Dinner Menu Girls Love 

This selection of easy but really special and romantic dinner recipes was put together with women’s tastes in mind– and is easy enough for men (and women!) who aren’t wholly comfortable in the kitchen.

Romantic Picnic IdeasRomantic Picnic Ideas

There’s almost nothing in the world as sweet, simple, and romantic as an early evening picnic. These great recipes will help you do the fancy romantic picnic just right.

Romantic Meal RecipeSexy Aphrodisiac Ingredients

Want to make dinner really unforgettable? Toss a few of these classic (and not-so-classic) aphrodisiac ingredients into your menu to really get things heating up.

Romantic Dates and Creative Ideas

Romantic Birthday IdeasRomantic ways to Celebrate

Want to make a birthday or other special occasion seem REALLY special? These sweet, creative, romantic ideas will help you impress your sweetie with your thoughtfulness. Inexpensive and fun, these ideas are definitely “outside the box” (the candy box, that is… see what I did there?).

Romantic Anniversary IdeasCreative Anniversary Ideas

Fun and creative ideas for celebrating your anniversary. From tips on putting together an anniversary dinner, to fun gifts for pretty much any budget, to ideas for activities that you and your spouse will love.

Ideas for a ROmantic Evening at HomeIdeas for a Romantic Evening at Home

Great ideas for planning a romantic night in your own kitchen. From tips on timing and set-up, to the the perfect romantic dinner menu for your special night.  Because sometimes getting your romance on at home is the best… and not just because of your proximity to the bedroom.

Plan a Romantic NightPlan a Romantic Night

Tips and ideas for planning a romantic evening with that special somebody. Tips on setting up your space, timing your evening, and more.

Romantic Evening IdeasRomantic Evening Ideas

Ideas for carrying off the best romantic evening your partner has ever experienced. Fun creative ideas that can’t go wrong.

Romantic Date Ideas11 Romantic Date Ideas, Part 1

These are eleven of the most fun and creative things that you’ll ever do for a Valentine’s Day or anniversary.

Creative Date Ideas11 Romantic Date Ideas, Part 2

More fun and creative romantic dates that will really show your spouse or partner how much you care. And most of them are inexpensive, too!

candy flower arrangementsCandy Flower Arrangements

Want to give your lady a gift that both looks beautiful and tastes beautiful? You can’t top one of these fun ideas for flowers and candy combined.

Choosing Wine to Match Your Menu

Going to a dinner party or hosting one yourself? Choosing wine that both goes well with the meal and pleases everybody at the table can be a pain in the behind.

Especially if you don’t know a ton about wine. Sure, you know you like it. And you probably know a few grapes that you tend to enjoy. But if that’s the limit of your wine knowledge, you may feel a bit insecure about bringing the best wine for a dinner party or buying the best bottles for your guests.

Don’t sweat it. Selecting wines is easier than you think. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know which wine goes well with what dinner. (In fact, most rocket scientists are terrible at picking out wine!) All you need is an overview of types of wines, grapes, and what things generally go well together. All of which you can find on this page. Even if all you know about wine is that you like it and it makes you happy.

Pouring White Wine into Six Crystal Glasses

Party Planning Wine Tips and Resources

Food Wine GuideFood & Wine Guide

Guide to choosing wines for your party menu, including tradtional food-wine pairings, wine vocabulary, and how to talk about wine when you go to shop for it– which will help you end up with exactly what you want.

Definitions of Wine TypesWine Types

An overview of the main types of wine by grape, including how and where they’re made and what they taste like. A good red and white wine 101!

Dry Red Wine TypesTypes of Dry Red Wine

An overview of the different kinds of dry red wines. Includes info on where these red wines are made and what foods the different wines pair well with.

White Wine TypesWhite Wine Types Part One

Here we go over three of the most popular white wine grapes, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris / Pinto Grigio, and Riesling, including information about what to expect out of each wine and what to serve it with.

Types of White WineWhite Wine Types Part Two

Here you’ll find info about three more popular (and super-tasty) white wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer, and Verdejo. All the basics about each wine at a glance.


Specific Wine Varieties

Pinot Noir DescriptionPinot Noir

An in-depth description of the famous Pinot Noir wine variety. Includes info about its traditional flavors, the grapes, where it’s made, and more.

How to Serve MerlotMerlot

Tips on how to serve merlot wine, what to serve merlot with, as well as temperatures, varieties of merlot, etc. A perfect merlot quick guide!

What is Pinot GrigioPinot Grigio

All about that famous (and infamous) white wine, pinot grigio. Tips on tasting and serving, and everything you need to know about this wine… and why its bad reputation is not to be believed.

Wine Tasting Parties

Throw a Wine Tasting PartyHow to Throw a Wine Tasting Party

Tips on how to throw a wine tasting party, including wine party themes, picking out great wines and foods, how to taste wines for a wine tasting, and more!

Everything You Need to
Plan a Fun and Fancy Picnic

Cute chic fancy picnic with wine

If there’s anything I learned by living 10 years in Spain, it’s the majesty of the fancy all-day picnic. It’s one of the things I miss most about a Barcelona summer.  Even if you’re stuck in, say, Pennsylvania instead of sunny Spain, having a wonderful picnic is simple. All you need is a few good recipes, a great location (or even a so-so one), and a few friends or family members that you love spending time with. The rest does itself.  Especially if you have wine.

That said, there are always things you can do to plan a perfect picnic. And this page was created to help you do just that! Here, I have everything from perfect pre-planned picnic menus to fun ideas for themed picnic, to tips for planning the whole thing without a hitch. Everything you need to make your casual picnic also feel chic and special.

Planning to get the grill out at your picnic? Then check out our Barbeque Headquarters for tips, recipes, and more.

Picnic Recipes and Menus

Perfect Picnic Menu

My Perfect Picnic Menu: My perfect picnic menu features simple, elegant picnic recipes that you can make ahead of time and serve at room temperature. This recipe collection is the result of lots of recipe testing! Chic, simple, fancy, and a ton of fun.

Cold Picnic Food Recipes

Cold Picnic Recipes: This is classic picnic fare at its best. With perfect potato salad and moist oven-fried chicken, this menu is exactly what you’re looking for when you want to have a classic southern American-style picnic. It’s like going back in time. But probably tastier.

Romantic Picnic Ideas

My Romantic Picnic: This simple, elegant menu is perfect for planning a romantic picnic for your sweetie. Add a bottle of chilled champagne and a loooong afternoon and you have the perfect anniversary date. Easy, sweet, and totally special.

Picnic Food

French Picnic Menu: Sure, this menu –including French cheeses matched up with wonderful wines– is simple and easy to put together. But it’s also elegant, decadent, and to-die-for delicious. This is the fancy picnic at its best.

Picnic Food IDeas

Family Picnic Menu: Who says kid food has to taste boring to adults, or adult food bad to kids? These family picnic foods are flavorful, elegant, and remarkably kid-friendly.

Summer Picnic Recipes

Italian Summer Picnic: Nothing says summer like a sun-soaked Italian picnic! This simple and flavorful picnic menu will make you want to up and move to Italy. A simple and sophisticated change from sub sandwiches and potato salad.

Picnic Sandwiches

Picnic Sandwiches: If you’re planning a picnic, there’s nothing easier than throwing together a few sandwiches. But that doesn’t mean your food has to be boring. These recipes are easy, tasty, and best of all, fun and original.

Picnic Planning, Themes, and Ideas

Picnic IDeas

Ideas for Planning a Picnic: With the resources on this page, planning a picnic is easy. I’ve got everything from food and location ideas, to a supplies checklist that will prepare you for any picnic emergency.

Picnic Games

Picnic Themes and Games: Want to get really creative with your picnic? Here you’ll find tons of themes for your next picnic, including games to play, food to eat, and even ideas for what to wear.

Food Ideas for a Picnic

Create a “Build Your Own” Picnic: Want to make your picnic planning as stress-free as possible? Bring along the fixins and let your guests build their own. This page will give you some great ideas on what to stock up on and how to carry the whole thing off.

Picnic Menus

Picnic Menus and Foods: Whether you want to put together your own or use one of our picnic menus, this page has a HUGE list of the best and more popular picnic foods, plus my favorite menus!


Barbeque Recipes and Tips for a Kick-Butt Cookout

Barbeque Grill Recipes and IdeasOkay, so sitting outside in the sunshine, smelling goodness drift out from your grill, and hanging out with the awesome people you choose to surround yourself with –maybe with a beer in your hand??– is enough to make for a wonderful day.  All the pieces are already there.  You don’t really NEED any help with that. But if you want to host a barbeque that feels really special and delicious… this page will help you take your kick-butt cookout to a whole new plane of yummy.

If you’re looking for a great homemade barbeque recipe, or tips on choosing the right sauce, or bbq how-to’s… you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got everything you need to help plan the perfect summer bbq. Whether it’s a birthday, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July… or just a great day to break out the grill, there’s nothing quite as fun –or tasty– as a smoky backyard barbeque.

Planning a Backyard BBQ

Backyard Barbeque Menu Ideas

Backyard Barbecue Menus: Great ideas for putting together a menu full of fabulous barbecue goodies. Ideas for barbecue themes, menus, recipes, and more. Do something a little different with your BBQ grill. And when you’re done, check out these Money Saving BBQ Tips  to help save some dough.

Dinner Party Menu Grill

Dinner Party Menu for the Grill: A fun –and easy– menu that looks and tastes good enough for a nice dinner, but goes together in a cinch right there on your grill. Includes ideas for putting together a nice menu for a cookout, plus lots of new recipes for a BBQ.


Recipes for Barbecue Rubs

Rib Rub Recipe

Rib Rub Recipes: No barbecue rib recipe is complete without a great spice rub. No matter what kind of ribs you’re looking to make, this page has the right rib rub recipe (try saying that ten times fast!) for you. These spice rubs make sauce almost completely optional.

BBQ Dry Rub Recipe

Dry Rub Recipes for Poultry: If it goes squawk, I’ve got a spice mix recipe you’ll want to rub all over it. With this great poultry rub barbeque recipe collection, you can say goodbye to dry, boring chicken on the grill. Smother it in homemade BBQ sauce and you’ve got a piece of chicken-y heaven.


Recipes for Barbecue Sauces

Homemade Barbeque Sauce

Homemade Barbeque Sauce For Poultry: These great BBQ sauce recipes are perfect for chicken, turkey, and other poultry.

Barbeque sauce recipes

Vinegar Barbeque Sauce Recipes: Straight from Virginia and the Carolinas, these wonderful vinegar-based barbecue sauces are as traditional as it gets. Pull out a pulled pork sandwich and get pouring!

Memphis Barbecue

Memphis Barbeque Sauce: Memphis BBQ sauce is for those people who want the best of everything: spice, tang, sweetness, and a full, rich flavor. Don’t know what kind of BBQ sauce to choose? Then you want Memphis-style… it’s the standard thick, sweet, tangy, spicy concoction.  But way better than the jarred stuff.


Barbeque Sauce Recipe

My American BBQ Sauce Recipe Collection: This great barbeque recipe collection includes some of the best barbecue sauces in the country: spicy Texas BBQ sauce, sweet-and-sticky Kansas City sauce, and rich and mellow Jack Daniel’s sauce.

White Barbecue Sauce

Alabama White Barbeque Sauce Recipes: Straight from Alabama, this unusual mayonnaise-based barbecue sauce is the perfect thing to convert bbq sauce haters (um, is there such a thing??) into bbq lovers. If you’ve never had it, it may sound a bit weird, but believe me… this stuff is ridiculously good. And perfect for drier meats like chicken breast.


BBQ Food How-to’s and Resources

How to Barbeque

Learn How to Barbeque in Five Simple Steps If you’re new to grilling, it can be a little intimidating. Check here for a full crash course in using your grill. It goes over everything you need to actually grill, including grilling supplies and how-tos on cooking and lighting the grill.

BBQ Dry Rub

Barbeque Dry Rub Tips: Seen about 1000 barbeque dry rub recipes and don’t know what to choose? These tips will help you choose the perfect barbeque rub for your sauce and your meat– and learn why bbq rubs make meat so tasty.

BEst BBQ Sauce

The Best Barbecue Sauces in America: Kansas, Texas, Virginia… it seems like every state has a special barbeque recipe all its own. Want to learn more about barbecue sauces state-to-state? Check this out.


BBQ Hamburger Recipes

Barbecue hamburger recipe

The PERFECT Burger Recipe: A great hamburger should be simple. This recipe helps you put together the perfect grilled burger, including what meat to choose, how to cook it, and what temp it should be for burger-y perfection.

Grilled Hamburger Recipe

Grilled Hamburger Toppings and Buns: Sometimes you just want to make up your own! Here you’ll find lots of great topping ideas to build your own burger.  This is the perfect list if you want to create a built your own burger bar for your next BBQ or cookout.


Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burger Recipe

“Build Your Own” Veggie Burger Recipe: Since veggie burgers can be made out of anything but meat, the choices are endless! This veggie burger recipe starts out with a basic bean base, and lets you add your own ingredients to make all sorts of flavors.  They’re rich and filling– and I promise you will NOT miss the meat.

veggie burger recipes

Gourmet Veggie Burger Recipes: These great veggie burger recipes are simple to make, but unique and full of flavor and texture. For the sophisticated vegetarian palate.  Or just because you’re bored of your Boca Burgers.

vegetarian burger recipe

Healthy Vegetarian Burger Recipes: One made with caramelized onion and garbanzo, the other with carrots and zucchini, these veggie burgers are healthy, filling, and full of flavor.


Football and Tailgating Recipes

tailgating menus

Tailgating Menus: Menus and recipes for a tailgating party. Includes tips on planning a menu, ideas for tailgating supplies, and lots of great tailgating menu and recipe suggestions.

Buffet Recipes & Menu Ideas: Setting Up a Totally Sexy Buffet Table

A full on five-course meal with each elegant little dish served on a pristine white plate sounds pretty wonderful to eat… but more than a little hellish to prepare. Opting for a buffet menu instead really simplifies putting together a dinner party. And if you do it right –like maybe using this awesome page I created as a resource– it can still be elegant and pretty and special. And not make you want to jump of your roof and swear off hosting a holiday dinner ever again.

Finding great buffet recipes and setting up the buffet table to make it both pretty to look at and easy to, well, obtain food from,  is a different story. There are so many ways to do it and so many great ideas out there that it’s more complicated than you would thing to put together a fabulous buffet.  Which is why I’ve devoted an entire section of the blog to buffets and buffet table set up.

pretty-simple-buffet-tableThough it’ll never be as work intensive as that five-course sit-down dinner, setting up an elegant, appealing home buffet table can still be a lot of work. And ending up hosting a blah buffet is pretty easy– you’ve probably been to approximately seven thousand of them. But with the right recipes, a little planning, and a bit of creativity (or even better, ideas cribbed from this very website), you can put together a buffet that people will rave about.

So welcome to Buffet Central! Here, you’ll find:

  • Creative buffet table set-up & decorating ideas
  • Practical tips for setting up a buffet
  • Buffet recipes and menus
  • Buffet dinner themes & ideas
  • Tons of great buffet table photographs– a great source for ideas!

Need more help planning a dinner menu?

Buffet Table Set-Up and Planning

Buffet Table Setting

Practical Buffet Table Tips (and photos)

Planning a buffet dinner and want some practical tips for set-up? Here you’ll find everything from how to arrange foods to how to keep buffet traffic flowing. This is the part that’s often overlooked, and will make your dinner flow totally smoothly.

Buffet Table Setting Idea

Creative Buffet Table Ideas

Want to host a buffet dinner that will get some oohs and aahs out of your guests?  Make the table something to be remembered. These creative buffet set up ideas will have your guests saying “wow” (and drooling, too, no doubt).

Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

10 Fun Buffet Table Decorating Ideas

If you’re looking to set up a buffet party table that’s totally unique, these tips will get you there. A good resource if you’re hosting a themed dinner or want to do something totally different an special.

Table Decorating Ideas

Table Decorating Ideas

You’ll also find more great ideas for decorating a festive table right here, including centerpieces, dinnerware, and more!  Good for buffets and non-buffet foods, too.

Buffet Food and Recipe Ideas

Buffet and Finger Food

Great Buffet and Finger Food Recipes

There’s something fun and super special about a table overflowing with adorable yummy finger foods. Here you’ll find some great recipes for easy appetizers that look totally pretty and taste pretty friggin amazing.

Ideas for FInger Buffets

Ideas for Finger Buffets

Yummy party recipes for your buffet table. This has got some great tips for making your favorite recipe into a fun bite-sized appetizer for a finger food buffet, and some great small bites to put together for your next party.

Buffet Party Food Ideas

Buffet Party Food Ideas

Ideas and recipes for party food. Includes tips on planning your menu for a buffet-style mean, help choosing a fun theme for your menu, great recipe ideas for pretty much any party, and lots more.

Party Platter Ideas

Party Platter Ideas

There is something ridiculously fun about giant platters overflowing with snacks and goodness. They’re even better when you put them together yourself. This page has tips and ideas for all kinds of homemade party platters and trays. From recipe ideas for your own party platters, to help choosing what kinds of foods to offer platter-style, and more.

Ideas for Buffet Food for a Party

Ideas for Buffet Food for a Party

Some great recipe ideas for buffet food for your next party.  A place to get some great tips on how to choose recipes for a party and some great ideas to delicious goodies to include in your next menu.

Party Recipes Buffet Food

Choosing Party Recipes for Buffet Food

Tips on how to choose the right kinds of foods for your party spread. My favorite part if this page is a full how-to on setting up a make-your-own sandwich buffet table! Yum. And tons of fun.
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