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Facing And Overcoming Challenges In The Fight Against STDs

STDs are no joke. Some last a lifetime and/or have utterly devastating symptoms – in some cases, resulting ultimately in death. Unsurprisingly, cultural factors often play a role in how STDs are spread and the detection of the same stymied. Below, we take a look at a few of the mitigating factors that help contribute to the challenges we face in the fight against STDs and how the same can be addressed to facilitate improvement in this area.

1. The Increasingly Young Age of the Sexually Activity

Many people today are having sex at an earlier age. In fact, many are starting as soon as their pre-teen and early teen years. Add to that the fact that younger people having sex is often something frowned upon (and is sometimes illegal depending on age), younger people having sex are more likely to forego going to the drug store to get condoms. The lack of condom use is a potential major contributing factor to the rise of STDs in some cases and the inability to stem said rise.

2. Testing Restrictions

It is true that STD testing is more accessible to members of the general public today than they have ever been. Still, there are limitations. Most STD testing is done in labs, clinics, and hospitals, environments which carry with them the potential for a lot of stress and anxiety. Thankfully, there are accurate home testing options that are becoming more popular. Home testing for STDs will allow more sexually active persons to test for STDs without the added anxiety or stress of having to ‘publicly’ do so at labs and clinics.

3. Stigma Around Sex and STDs

It is no secret that there is much stigma around sex and STDs. This is perhaps due to the fact that sex is often considered a private act and so having an STD or needing to get tested for STDs can prove to carry with it its own feelings of shame and the need to be shrouded in secrecy. These feelings and seeming need for secrecy lend itself to the further spread of STDs. Fortunately, thanks to social campaigns and more high profile personalities being willing to join the conversation, more people are shaking the stigma and secrecy surrounding getting tested for and treating STDs.

Moving Forward: Knowledge is Power

As we begin to talk more about the issues surrounding STDs, we are more likely to address problems of stigma head-on and overcome them. Also, as we continue to find solutions relating to more accessible forms of testing and treatments, more sexually active persons will be willing to get tested and in the case where there are STDs – treated. All these are corrective strides in the right direction.…

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The Divine

The Divine Dinner Party is back and ready to get to it. We want to make sure that this time around we design one of the best dinner party’s that you have ever seen!

The plan is to have a super wide selection of options available for everyone. Whether you are into Italian, Chinese, BBQ or any other range of food types and options – we want to have something ready for you.

So get your appetite up because it’s time to get it on!…

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