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Cheap Valentines Ideas:
Inexpensive Gifts, Dates, and More for V-DAy

Valentine's Day is all about showing the people in your life how much you love them-- and cheap Valentines ideas can do it just as well as expensive ones... really! As long as you use a little thought and put a little effort into them, inexpensive Valentine gifts, dates, or gestures can be the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you.

The truth is, each February, we find ourselves trying to come up with the perfect gift that will say all the things we want to express to our significant other... but we often come up short. Perhaps part of the reason for that is that we rely on commercialized sentiments to do the job for us. And for the privilege, we often end up spending way more than we should on pretty lackluster gifts.

Inexpensive Valentine's Gifts, Ideas, and More

Wouldn't it be great if we could give our loved ones a Valentine's Day gift that was thoughtful, from the heart and didn't cost an arm and a leg? The good news is we can! With a some advanced planning and a little bit of effort, you can put together an awesome Valentine's Day surprise that will show your loved ones how special they are to you without breaking the bank.

So read on for my favorite cheap Valentines ideas. And when you're done here, check out Valentine's Planning Central for more tips on homemade Valentine's gifts, cheap (but romantic!) Valentine's gestures, planning an inexpensive night in at home, and more.

Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt

Go on a Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt!This is a fun idea that you can use both for your kids and for your spouse or partner. The hunt works just like a traditional scavenger hunt, with you creating clues to post en route to the "treasure"-- their special Valentine's gift.

To put together this cute but cheap Valentines idea, write the clues on heart shaped paper and tape them to items along the way, with each heart giving a clue to the location of the next clue. The final clue should lead to a surprise at the end. For kids, this can be buckets of candies or other Valentine's Day treats. For your significant other, it can be a romantic Valentine's picnic in the backyard, a candle lit dinner on the porch or even a Movie Night right on the couch with an endless supply of popcorn and sappy old movies.

Have fun with it, and get creative... there's no reason why the "treasure" at the end of your hunt can't be a romantic-but-cheap Valentines idea.

You can also find more fun Valentine's Day games and activities right here.

Get Real with Love Letters

There is no better way to express your feelings than the world's best cheap Valentines idea: an old fashioned love letter. Or a poem. Or the lyrics to a song your feel expresses your feelings perfectly-- get creative with it.

Once you write a Valentine's love letter, hide it in their work desk, in their car, a dresser drawer or some other random and totally unexpected place. You could even mail it to the house or to their job.

Not a great writer? Don't let yourself get intimidated by a longer letter. Instead, write and hide smaller (simpler!) notes in various places for them to find over the course of their day using heart shaped paper. This idea works well for kids, too – especially if you attach a little piece of candy or some other small treat to each note.

Don't want to write something yourself? Check here to learn how to make your sweetie a creative homemade Valentine, instead.

Make Up Some Heart Shaped Treats

Special Romantic Sandwiches for Valentines Day FoodIf you have younger kids, dedicate your Valentine's Day to making and eating some wonderful heart-shaped treats for a fun way to celebrate. Use a cookie cutter to cut sandwiches into heart shapes, bake heart shaped cookies, and even make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. The key to making this work is to have a variety of different sized heart shaped cookie cutters and molds to accommodate several different types of food.

This one isn't just for the kids, either. This can be a great way to make even the simplest meal into something sweet and special for your spouse or partner.

Like this idea? Check here for some more cute Valentine's ideas!

Make Valentine's Day "Favorites Day"

This is one of those fun and cheap Valentines ideas that you can use for your significant other as well as for that special child in your life. Make Valentine's Day a day of favorites by incorporating their favorite things into the day, all day long. Make it all about him or her! Try adding in their favorite:

  • Meals
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Outings
  • Clothes
  • Activities

Just about anything that you know that they like can be included in the plan... you can even decorate their house in their favorite color, or come up with a themed Valentine's Day menu inspired by their favorite country. This way, Valentine's Day lasts all day instead of just the five minutes it takes to exchange traditional gifts.

For more ideas like this, check out these 10 Simple but Creative Valentine's Gifts.

Create a Special Balloon Bouquet

Balloon Bouquet for Valentines Day
Now, balloons might seem like an obvious cheap Valentines idea, but... we're not talking about traditional balloon bouquets that are made to sit around for decoration! We mean the kind you're going take a pin to and pop!

To make this inexpensive Valentine's gift, write out different reasons why you love your partner (and other romantic thoughts) onto scraps of paper. Fold the scraps one by one and keep them handy. Take them with you to a place (Usually, you can get it done at a grocery store.) that sells helium filled balloons. Don't choose the Mylar kind. Simple, plain balloons are fine. Stuff a scrap of paper into each balloon before you have them inflated. When they're all finished, give the bouquet to the recipient, instructing them to pop the balloons one by one to get their surprise.

This can also be a great way to give your partner any homemade coupons or favors you've had made for them!

Like this romantic gesture? Go here to find more like this!

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