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Christmas Decorating:
Free Ideas for Christmas Décor

Everything you need for Christmas decorating: free ideas for Christmas decor that will look like you spent a lot more than... zero!

Decorating for Christmas with Candles and Natural Free Elements

The saying goes that there's no such thing as a free lunch. However, with the wonders of the internet at our fingertips you can find a plethora of free Christmas decorating ideas (or if not free, pretty darn inexpensive). The only limitation to most of these concepts? They will require a little of your time. But the savings and the ability to personalize your holiday make that time well spent.

You'll love these cheap Christmas décor ideas... but you'll find lots more great ideas for Christmas decorations on our Christmas Decorating Tips main page, including:

Find Ideas in the Child Within

homemade christmas snowlakes for decorationsIn considering what kind of decorations to make, a good place to start is with your favorite childhood Christmas decorations. Free ideas can be found just by remembering some of those wonderful crafts we did as children. Remember making paper snowflakes, stringing popcorn, and drying fruit peel for holiday potpourri?

It's not that difficult to continue these traditions with an adult flair.

Snowflakes. Consider those window snowflakes. Why not cut them out of old holiday cards so you're recycling too? The cards have a nice sturdy stock so they'll weather the whole season nicely and might even last more than one year. Make smaller snowflakes and use them on the tree – this will tie your crafts together into a snowy theme that can be topped off with some stretched cotton here and there to look like snow drifts.

Popcorn Garlands. Strung popcorn is a very pretty decorative item (unless you have children and pets... and then your garland might become snack food!). One way to deter nibbling is by using festive colored spray paint ($1 a can) or even some of your left over nail polish. Both cover the aroma of the popcorn and help it stand out against a tree's foliage.

Another tip for this Christmas decoration free idea: you don't need thread for stringing if you have some dental floss about!

Nature's Bounty: Free Christmas Décor Ideas

Natural Christmas Centerpiece Decorations with Greens and berriesSome of the best Christmas Decorating free ideas come from Nature's wonderful storehouse of goods.

Colored Leaves. Start by gathering brightly colored leaves during the fall and wax them. These are fantastic as ornaments or as colorful touches to winter holiday tables.

Nuts, Boughs, and Pinecones. While you're at it, gather up pinecones, pine sprigs, and acorns. The pinecones look very pretty with just the addition of a brightly colored bow. In this form they can go on the tree, doors, windows, or your dinner table. Paint the top of the acorns in silver and gold and add them to centerpieces, use them as place holders, or adhere them into a wreath formation (you can use a piece of cardboard).

Bird Feeders. Since you're borrowing from Nature it's a nice gesture to give something back. Take a couple of the bigger pinecones, dip them in peanut butter and roll them in bird seed. Leave these in a neighboring tree for your feathered friends. Or glue a red Christmas ribbon to the bottom and hang in front of the window as a bird feeder and Christmas decoration free idea in one.

Recycle It for Christmas

Ornaments made from christmas cards
You know all those little bits of packaging ribbon you've been saving? This is the perfect time to take them out and use them in clever ways for Christmas decorations. Free ideas include things like making a bunch of bows in various sizes for your stair railings, indoor plants, candlesticks, baskets, windows, doorways, and the tree itself. Take thicker ribbons and glue wrapped hard candy to them down the whole length. This becomes tree and mantle garland.

We've also got an entire page of ideas for using recycled Christmas cards! (coming soon)

Serving up Holiday Spirit

Meals play an important role in the holidays, so now is the perfect time to pull out that special china (hey, what are you waiting for?). If you don't have anything "special" try going to second hand shops and seek out single pieces in bright, festive colors to use. These often cost less than $1 each!

When you set your table, remember to include some candles (nearly every home has a couple that usually just sit in drawers for years). Candlelight makes for a wonderful holiday ambiance. Add a little holly or fresh pine around the base and you've got a perfect Christmas decoration free idea.

Say it with Other Senses

Finally on our list of Christmas decorating free ideas... decorate for the rest of your guests' senses, too!

Music. If you have a computer or a radio you can fill your home with musical splendor. Remember that decoration isn't merely visual – we experience it through all our senses, and this touch is like icing on the cake. Download a CD of the classics --TimeLife has a couple of classic and wonderful ones-- or put on your favorite classical music.

Scent. Nothing brings a feeling of Christmas spirit more quickly and more intensely that scent. Put a pot of mulled apple cider on the stove and let the scent fill your whole home. Or simply boil some cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel on the stove for scent. Scented candles work Christmas miracles!

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