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Christmas Dinner Menus:
Traditional (and Non-Traditional) Christmas Recipes

Christmas dinner menus come in all sorts. From traditional to eclectic to ethnic, when it comes to a wonderful Christmas meal, you can do anything you want!

Christmas Dinner with Turkey and Fixins
The Christmas dinner recipes and ideas you'll find here range from totally traditional Christmas dinners (complete with a crisp and golden Christmas turkey) to vegetarian, to Italian, to... you name it! You'll have a ton to choose from.

So to switch up your family's usual Christmas dinner menu, or to make Christmas dinner for the first time for your family, or to do something completely unique this year, read on! Because there's a lot more to Christmas than just turkeys and cranberries.

When you're done here, you'll find lots more about Christmas at Christmas Party Central, including:

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The Christmas Turkey & Other Main Courses

For some people Christmas means turkey. For others, it means duck, ham, tacos, or a nice juicy tofurky. Looking for elegant main dishes for Christmas dinner? We've got everything from ham to turkey to creative vegetarian specialities. Start off with my Ultimate Turkey Guide:

How to Cook a Christmas Turkey

Or, if you're all about Christmas dinner menus featuring a salty-sweet and glistening ham, take a look at Holiday Ham Dinner Menu Central. Or for more creative Christmas main dishes, take a look at:

Christmas Dinner Party RecipeChristmas Dinner Party Recipe Ideas

These elegant Christmas dinner recipes are simple, stylish, and seriously impressive. You'll love hearing your dinner guests say, "Turkey? Who wants a turkey when they can have this?"

Honey Baked Ham RecipesHoney Baked Ham Recipes

Several recipes for a perfect honey ham for Christmas. Juicy, meaty, sweet, and perfect. A nice change from turkey for Christmas dinner!

Traditional Christmas Dinner English RecipesTraditional English Christmas Dinner

Great recipe ideas for an old-fashioned English Christmas dinner menu. From 18th Century recipes to the perfect English Christmas pudding, it's all here.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving and Christmas DishesVegetarian Holiday Main Courses

Whether you're soft-hearted about turkeys yourself, or have guests that are, these recipes are a fabulous substitute for eating our furred and feathered friends.

You can also find a great overview of all these recipes at Christmas Dinner Party Planning!

Side Dishes for Christmas Dinner

Turkey Stuffing RecipeTurkey Stuffing Recipes

These stuffing recipes, from Classic Sage Stuffing to Vegetarian Stuffing in the Crockpot, will outshine the turkey if you're not careful!

Sausage Stuffing RecipeSausage Stuffing Recipes

With rich sausage, nuts, and wonderful flavors, these holiday stuffing recipes are almost a meal in themselves.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Side DishesChristmas Side Dishes

Force your guests to choose between our Butternut Squash Gratin and Three-Cheese Potatoes al Gratin, and watch a holiday fight ensue. Nutrition and entertainment in one.

Cranberry Sauce RecipeCranberry Sauce Recipes

Cranberry sauce ain't just for Thanksgiving. Serve this festive side dish with the Christmas turkey, too!

Turkey Gravy RecipeTurkey Gravy Recipes

Got a turkey? Gotta have gravy! We have several wonderful recipes for gravy, from meaty make-ahead gravy, to vegan mushroom gravy, to classic giblet gravy.

Christmas Cookies, Sweets, & Tasty Desserts

Holiday Dessert RecipesChristmas Dessert Recipes

These rich and wonderful desserts are the perfect ending to the best Christmas dinner menus-- impressive, festive, delicious.

Pumpkin Pie RecipesPumpkin Pie Recipes

Want to make the perfect traditional pumpkin pie? Or want to change it up (try our Drunken Punkin Pie!)? This page will help you do both.

Easy Delicious Christmas CookiesEasy Christmas Cookies for Kids

These Christmas cookie recipes are fun, festive, and simple that the kids can help out, if you want. Either way, everyone will enjoy eating 'em!

Free Christmas Cookie RecipesOven-Free Christmas Cookies

These festive Christmas cookie recipes are oven-free, easy, and a ton of fun. With no oven needed, they're also easy for kids to make-- a great way to have a bit of Christmas fun!

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