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Christmas Ideas for a Boyfriend:
Great Gift and Celebration Ideas

When you're trying to think about Christmas ideas for a boyfriend, a lot depends on how long you've been together, and the level of commitment in the relationship.

And, unfortunately, it's all too easy to misjudge and get the wrong Christmas gift for your boyfriend! Because while giving framed pictures or memory books is sweet, it screams "long term"-- and can sometimes send a different message than the one you intended. It sure as heck says "commitment" more than tickets to the next ballgame!

It's a minefield. So where do you start?

Gift Ideas that Fit His Interests

The first step in making a list of Christmas ideas for a boyfriend is considering his personal interests.

Choosing Christmas Gifts by Hobby

The first thing to do? Think about his hobbies. For example:

Golf Clubs for a hobby

  • Does he love video games?
  • Does he golf on weekends?
  • Is he a budding chef?
  • Is he into specific sports?

Want to get organized? List the top three pastimes and then think about what items are missing from any collections he has that might associated with those hobbies. Using golfing as one example, you can now buy personalized golf balls, making it easier for him to collect from the field!

Choosing Gifts by Taste

Personal interests don't end with hobbies, of course. There are other options to consider when thinking of Christmas ideas for a boyfriend, such as:

a hookah as a great unique boyfriend christmas gift

  • His taste in music
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Places he likes to visit (or would like to)
  • Food and wine
  • Movies and games he enjoys

And there's no need to stick with the obvious! If he talks all the time about his last trip to Turkey, pick him up a hookah or a Turkish-style throw for the sofa.

When coming up with Christmas ideas for a boyfriend, you want to have a good size list... so keep brainstorming before you go shopping. And don't forget to do a little mindful surfing online. A lot of times that will give you an "ah ha" moment for the perfect gift.

More Tips for Boyfriend Christmas Gift Shopping

Christmas Tree with Gifts for my boyfriendUse Word of Mouth. If you and your boyfriend are a relatively new item, another option for finding gift-giving ideas is to ask other people who have known him longer. Do you ever hang out with his best friend? Have you met the folks or siblings? All of them will probably have ideas to offer which you can then personalize a bit.

Get Started Early. Don't wait until a week before Christmas to begin assembling your Christmas ideas for a boyfriend into something coherent. Take notes all year long (or for however long you happen to be dating that year). Just keep a little spiral bound pad in your purse and when something strikes you – jot it down. For example, does he favor a specific kind of pen? That's a great stocking stuffer!

This isn't only good for coming up with Christmas gifts for your boyfriend. If you do this for ALL the special people in your life, Christmas shopping will be a cinch every year.

Just Ask. Still haven't got a clue? When nothing seems to be clicking, there is absolutely nothing wrong with simply asking him for ideas. Now, that means MORE THAN ONE idea (smile). Tell him you'd rather get something he likes then guess and fall flat. A gathering of 10-20 items should put you on the right track and even inspire associated ideas that will be great too.

Classic Gifts Ideas for Just About ANY Guy!

Sometimes the best thing is to have something to work off of. To get your idea list started, here are some Christmas ideas for a boyfriend that will please just about any guy:

  • Utility Knife: These are incredibly handy, so much so that you may end up buying "his and hers" after you see what they can do. You can find utility knives made by various trusted names for well under $50.00. Fancier ones run about $100.00.
  • Reading Material: A lot of men like to read-- even if it's only a casual book of amusing facts. This is also a good distraction for the bathroom. This is somewhat intimate because of its designated placement, but many men's bathrooms lack this feature.
  • CD Mix or Playlist: Make him a special CD from MP3 downloads that you know he'll love at home or on the road.
  • Hand-Painted Tie: Buy a plain tie (under $10) and get some fabric paint. Create a pattern that's wholly unique and suitable for the most casual social situations in which he wears a tie.
  • Movie, Concert or Sports Tickets: Get them for two, of course! And if it's an event that you don't love, send him with a friend. He'll love the selfless gesture!
  • Fuzzy Slippers or a Robe: men like comfort too!
  • Make Him Dinner: A romantic dinner with a little you for "dessert" afterwards will always go over well. Check out these Christmas dinner recipes for ideas, or this romantic menu for your guy.
  • Techno Toys: always a winner. If it requires batteries and takes an hour to figure out how to use it, chances are he'll love it.

Last but not least, don't overlook your guy's personality when planning Christmas ideas for a boyfriend. If he's very serious, that subscription to the Wall Street Journal might be perfect. If he's more whimsical, how about personalized M&Ms or fortune cookies? Really there are a lot of creative options out there to which you can bring your own character and feelings very successfully.

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