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Christmas Tree Theme Ideas:
Creative Christmas Tree Decorating

The tree is firmly in its base... and you're trying to come up with some Christmas tree theme ideas. Struggling?

Don't feel bad. If you're someone who loves to get creative on the holidays --but doesn't always know where to start-- you have lots of company. While the traditional tree that your family has always put up probably brings back great memories, after a while a lot of folks just want a change of pace if only for one year. How do you go about figuring out a new tact?

When you're done here, go to visit Christmas Tree Themes (coming soon) or More Fun Christmas Tree Ideas (coming soon) for even more ideas for Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Colors Themes

Colored Christmas Tree THeme

The simplest approach to coming up with Christmas tree theme ideas is simply changing up your color scheme. If you've always used white lights, for example, consider going to blue, red, green or multi color strings.

Don't stop there, however. Get a tree topper, a smattering of ornaments, and garland of some sort to tie that new hue together throughout the tree. You can also pull your chosen color into the living space using bows, candles, wreaths, etc.

It can also be dramatic to go with one color and stick with it for your theme. Modern trees come in all sorts of colors... so have fun with it!

More Creative Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

One of the most popular among many Christmas tree theme ideas is picking a single strong theme. This is where you can let your personality shine. The only real drawback to a theme tree is that most people don't want to use it for more than one or two years, which means you need to watch your budget.

Tip for Saving Money on Christmas Tree Themes: You can always Ebay last year's theme ornaments etc. to pay for the new ones!

6 Fun Themed Christmas Tree Ideas

So, just what kind of Christmas tree theme ideas are out there? You can do nearly anything! Here are just a few examples:

1. The Family Tree Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Theme Family Tree Idea
The "family tree" Christmas tree is a creative way to celebrate your family this Christmas.

It has images of the first new members of family the top of the tree, and the generations following in succession downward. In between the pictures, place ornaments that you've been keeping or gifted throughout the years. To tie it all together, link the family images with ribbon so that it looks visually like a family tree might on paper. This is a wonderful Christmas tree theme idea to put together as a family.

2. "Fan Fanatic" Christmas Tree Theme

Love a particular sports theme to distraction? A sports themed tree can be a lot of fun. Worship the Chicago bears? Decorate your standard tree with orange and navy ornaments, lights, and garlands. And fill it with as many little bears as you can find! A really fun and easy Christmas tree theme idea. Patriotic USA christmas tree theme

3. Patriotic Christmas Tree

If you have someone far away from home serving his or her country during the holidays, a patriotic tree is a lovely way to honor that service.

To use this Christmas tree theme idea, go with the colors of your country, and make sure to put a star for each person you know serving (if you want, these can be made by children, and include that person's name, rank, and current deployment).
Wishing tree christmas tree theme idea

4. The "Wishing Tree" Christmas Tree

The wishing tree gets decorated similarly to a traditional Christmas tree, with but one exception. Leave lots of room on it for ribbons!

How does it work? Each time a person visits your home during the holidays, have them choose a ribbon and tie it on the tree along with a wish written on a piece of paper. At the end of the holidays when you're taking the tree down, you can give a bow with the wishing ribbon to the person who placed it, or carefully remove all the wishes without breaking the ribbon and burn them to release the wishes your guests and family made.

5. "Green" Themed Christmas Tree

With the environmentally-friendly movement in full force, many people have opted for a tree grown or made (if artificial) in a sustainable way. Why not take that idea one step further and make sure everything you put on your tree is recycled or biodegradable? A great use for popcorn garlands! This is a Christmas tree theme idea that looks great and is great for the environment, too. Sea THemed Christmas Tree Decoration Idea

6. Ocean, Desert, Mountain, Sky Christmas Trees

Is there a type of landscape you simply LOVE? Then use that motif as the theme for your Xmas tree. The desert tree can include cactus ornaments (or even real little cacti on ribbons), for example, and orange-yellow ribbons to represent sand. The ocean motif would have seashells, fish, blue ribbons or lights, etc. Or celebrate the sky with white lights, blue ribbon or garland, fluffy cotton-ball ornaments, and images of the sun?

There are certainly many other great Christmas tree theme ideas. If you have a family why not make the decision by vote? Have everyone pitch in ideas and then choose the favorite.

Or for even more ideas for Christmas trees, visit Christmas Tree Themes (coming soon) or More Fun Christmas Tree Ideas (coming soon).

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