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Christmas Yard Decor:
Creative Ideas for Xmas Yard Decorating

In most households, Christmas yard decor is an integral part of creating a festive environment for the holiday season. In others, the quality of a family's Christmas yard decorations are a matter of real pride!

Christmas Yard Decorating with Lights and Lawn Statues

Better still, decorating the yard for Christmas is a really great way to bring the family together-- from planning to putting everything up, it's a fun and festive way to spend time as a family. If you want, you can get friends and neighbors in on the fun too!

So get out the eggnog, grab a ladder (non-alcoholic eggnog required!), and get decorating!

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Creating a Christmas Yard Decor Theme

Before you start decorating, it's good to have a plan or a theme for your Xmas yard decorating. Most people decorate according to a specific theme every year, while others change it up from year to year, always doing something new.

Some fun examples of Christmas yard display themes might include:

  • Religious and/or Nativity
  • Santa and his Reindeer
  • At the North Pole
  • Stars
  • Patriotic Christmas
  • Humorous Christmas Display
  • Trim-the-Trees
  • Candy Canes and bows
  • Snow People
  • Exotic (like a Far East motif)
  • A Grinch-y Christmas
  • Winter Animals

Christmas Yard Decorated with a Christmas Santa

And those are just the tip of the proverbial icicle! There are lots of ways to come up with a truly creative Christmas decorating theme on your own.

Creating Your Own Christmas Decorating Theme. If you want to come up with your family's very own theme, it sometimes helps to go to Christmas stores, look through holiday magazines, and go online to see pictures of Christmas yard décor from various parts of the world. Have everyone whose helping do this, and make a list of the three favorite ones for a group vote.

Have a Plan for Your Decorating

Now that you know what type of decorations you want, take a look at your yard space. You want to have a very good idea of overall room and placement before you go shopping for items.

Use a big piece of paper and begin sketching out where you want to place various items. Even with your theme, you'll have plenty of objects from which to choose including wreaths, inflated decorations, free standing lit figurines, pre-lit trees, bows, bundles, and so much more!

Don't be afraid to get colorful and playful. The only caution is to be somewhat careful about overdoing it. Hint: if people need sunglasses when viewing your Christmas yard décor, it's probably too much!

Christmas Yard Decorating Safety

A Christmas Light Lawn Decor Display
Remember to check each of your chosen decorations to be sure they're outdoor-safe products. That goes for lights and extension cords. For those who live in cold weather environments, mark your cords with brightly colored tape so you don't accidentally run over them with the snow blower.

Secure your lights and other items against wind and weather using wire, nails, electrical tape, etc. And to save your sanity, test everything before you put it up (there's nothing more frustrating than having to decorate twice because of shorts or bad bulbs).

Timing: When to Put it all Together

It's a matter of personal preference as to when your Christmas yard décor will go into full working mode. However, I do recommend getting the house lights firmly in place before it gets so cold that you can't feel your hands!

Tip to Extend the Life of your Christmas Lights: Wrap the ends of the strings with a little plastic baggie until you're ready to hook it up to the extension cords. While this isn't a necessary step for indoor / outdoor lights, it does seem to extend the life of the strings.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Turning on the Christmas lights!
It's very fun to have a Christmas yard decor lighting party with friends and family. Make some eggnog, have some Christmas finger foods and snacks ready, and when it finally becomes dark... light it up! Gather everyone outside and turn the whole arrangement on while singing your favorite Christmas carols.

And don't forget to take plenty of photos!

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