Yum. My Favorite Cold Appetizer Recipes

I admit it: I’m a lazy party hostess and I think heated appetizers are totally overrated.  Whenever it makes even a little bit of sense, I will always opt for a cold appetizer spread for a party –or at least add in as many cold and room-temperature options as possible– for a lot of very good reasons. For one, they’re about six thousand times easier to make up ahead of time. They’re also so, so, so much easier to serve. It’s like night and day. Most of them can be kept at room temperature or be left sitting on a bowl of ice. You don’t have to worry so much about timing them fresh out of the oven, keeping them warm, making them to order, or any of that too-much-work stuff.  Lazy = good.

Delicious recipes for cold appetizersGoing cold is also good for summer appetizers, when you don’t want to be heating up your entire kitchen cooking up tartlets and meatballs and all that stuff.

The one downfall of serving some of the more popular types of cold apps? A lot of times, they tend to be overly simple, or a little… inelegant. And while I love a good, clean, simple appetizer, I hate almost all those party recipes that come from an envelope, a can, or a package. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re not going to find it here.

What you will find is recipes for cold party and finger foods that are all relatively simple to make (and some are very simple) but use real ingredients instead of flavoring mixes and canned soups. Which means they taste phenomenal, look pretty, and are better for you.  Woohoo for lazy.

Great Cold Appetizers

Crab Dip Appetizer Recipe Idea ThumbnailCold Crab Dip Recipes

Hot crab dip is great! But served cold, crab dip allows the sweet and subtle flavor of the crab to shine through. These three recipes are some of my favorites!

Simple Easy Cold AppetizersSimple & Totally Easy Cold Appetizers

As far as appetizers go, these ones take the cake! They’re easy. They’re tasty. They’re served at room temperature. Oh, and for something so easy to put together, they’re pretty impressive.

Summer Appetizer RecipesSummer Appetizer Recipes

These tasty summer appetizers are sure to satisfy your guests, keep them cool, and delight their overheated taste buds.  You will love my recipe for authentic Spanish gazpacho, served in cool little cups and accompanied by a really fun and unique garnish bar.  Yum.

Edible CenterpiecesEdible Centerpieces

While not all of these are strictly appetizers, many of these edible centerpieces can make a great –and really pretty!– first course for your dinner or holiday party. People have a lot of fun with these little table snacks.  They’re adorable.