Craft Ideas for Mothers Day:
Creative Homemade Gifts for Mom

When you have children in your life its sometimes hard to come up with gift ideas for them to give to Mom for Mothers Day, particularly ones that they can really get involved in. But Moms love DIY gifts from their kiddos for a reason: there’s something so special about wearing or using something your sweet munchkin made just for you.

It seems like nearly everything’s been done before (and repeated if you have more than one child). The good news is, however, that ultimately Mom appreciates any effort… so the good news is that your creative Mother’s Day crafts don’t have to be perfect… they just have to be thoughtful.

So read on fore a few ideas for homemade gifts for Mothers Day that the kids can help with.

Kid Clothing Cast-Off Button Bracelet

This is one of those fun and simple craft ideas for Mothers Day. If you’re helping a child put something together for mom, one thing you could do is save buttons from clothing that they’ve grown out of– I promise you that when you tell her this button came from a favorite dress or shirt that she remembers, shell think this bracelet is beautiful no matter HOW it turns out.  Maybe that takes the pressure off a little, haha.

Button Bracelet Mothers Day Gift Idea

Along with the buttons you’ll need a small supply of:

  • Thin elastic or jewelry string
  • Closures for a bracelet
  • Crimping beads
  • Regular beads (any you fancy)
  • Pliers (needle nose work best)

How to Make it: To make this DIY Mother’s Day gift, first have your kiddo play around with the beads on a cloth to see what pattern he or she likes best. Now, cut a length of the elastic / string. Put the first button in place, then a couple of beads, followed again by beads, and so on until you have enough length to go around the wrist.

Leave about 3-4 inches on each end so that you can put the closures in place. Add the crimping bead at both ends of the jewelry string, followed by your closures. Now you have a bracelet where there’s a memory in each button.

Make it Even More Special: it might be fun to write about the clothing from which the buttons came (it’s sure to require tissues when mom reads it!).

Fun Variation: You can use this same craft idea for Mothers Day to make other homemade gifts for Mom. For instance, use this basic idea to make key chains– simply substituting an empty key ring for the bracelet closures.

Fun Craft for Mothers Day: Just Bead It!

Speaking of key chains, they can be some of the easiest homemade Mothers Day gifts ideas for kids to create. Again, to make this beaded keychain gift, you’ll need:

  • Beads
  • A set of alphabet beads
  • A charm of your choice (perhaps a tiny frame charm with a real picture?)
  • A key ring
  • Jewelry cord
Beaded MOM Keychain as a Creative Mothers Day Craft Idea for Kids

How to Make it: When putting together this simple of craft idea for Mothers Day, the first step is to have the child figure out their message to Mom! Remember, it’s got to be relatively short, so talk about it and help the child generate ideas. Next, have the child spell out the message using the alphabet beads. This is a great educational activity if the young one is just learning to spell!

Now cut a length of cord (with extra) based on your message, and attach one end securely to the key ring. Have the child put a few beads on, followed by the message lettering. Finish with a few more beads, the charm, and then attach the other end to the key chain (knot it several times and trim excess). This design is nice because the circle of beads makes it easy to “grab and go”– a useful and sentimental homemade Mothers Day gift idea for kids!

Mothers Day Beaded Keychain Craft Idea

A Fun Variation: You could have a longer phrase by turning this into a key chain necklace! In this case, double up your string for greater strength.

Mother’s Day Gift from the Kids: Mom’s Coupon Books

Coupon Book Fun and Classic Mothers Day Gift IdeaThis is a classic among Mother’s Day DIYs, but it’s also a very thoughtful gift that makes Mom feel appreciated. It’s also fun to be a little silly with these.

How to Make It: Sit down with the child and ask him or her what kind of chores they’d like to do for mom. Get a little creative here – dishes and garbage are great, but also how about “picking up my room without complaining” or “feeding the dog when you ask me to right away.” This way you’re also giving the gift of good behavior!

Step two is sitting down on the computer and using different images or free clipart to fashion your coupons. The “dishes” coupon of course would show a stack of dishes and read, “good for one clean sink!” Print out the coupons, cut them into equal sizes, and then use construction paper for a cover. Decorate the cover in any way you wish.

And then be ready to get busy with those chores!

Daily Message Gift Idea: Make Mother’s Day Last a Week!

Fun Chalkboard Craft or Gift Idea for a Creative Mothers DayThe last in our craft ideas for Mothers Day is very simple, but meaningful. It begins with a small chalkboard that can be hung in an easily visible spot.

How to Do It: In the week leading up to Mothers day, have the child draw a picture or write a little note to make mom smile. You can take pictures of these and make a small scrapbook together out of them as part of your gift on Mother’s Day.