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How to Create Table Centerpieces:
Ideas to Make Table Centerpiece Yourself!

Looking to save money on a wedding, dinner, or special event? Create table centerpieces yourself! And, hey, it's not just money you'll save by getting a little creative and getting your hands dirty. If you make a table centerpiece rather than buy one, you'll also add a special, unique touch to table decorations that's truly all your own.

Of course, having a few creative ideas for making a centerpiece doesn't hurt! Whether you're looking to trim down your flower and decoration budget for a big event like a wedding, or you just want to do something unique for your table decorations for a dinner or your grandma's 80th birthday party, there's a good chance you'll find something here. If not, you'll find lots more ideas to help you create table centerpieces that will really impress at our table decorating ideas page, or at Centerpieces Central, including:

Seven Heavenly Centerpieces to Make at Home

Ready to put together something really creative for your table? The seven creative centerpiece ideas here cover some of the different kinds of at-home centerpieces you can make. Some of these ideas will have you create table centerpieces that are totally flower-free, while others will require you to purchase flowers. A few ideas are for centerpieces that will require a little bit of time to plan ahead.

But all of 'em are fun and creative centerpieces to make at home that will go over a treat with your guests.

1. Sweet Citrus Centerpiece

A Citrus Lemon Centerpiece for a Wedding or Dinner Party
This pretty centerpiece is a great choice if you want to create table centerpieces on a budget. It's simple, it can be most of the way assembled in advance, and it's creative and pretty. The glitter is optional, but is a sweet and festive touch.

To make a table centerpiece like this, you need a simple shallow bowl (you'll want a large-ish one) a bunch of lemons, and a few simple white flowers. You can surround moistened florists' foam with the lemons, and insert the stems of your flowers right into the foam. This will keep the flowers fresher for longer. Or if you only have to make one or two of these centerpieces, and you don't need them to last as long, simply insert the flowers into the spaces between your lemons.

Another option? Buy flowers that have watering tubes attached, and your work is done!

2. Rustic Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Centerpiece with Wine Bottles and Rustic Flowers

I love this table centerpiece for a wine tasting or even a casual outdoor wedding. It's also inexpensive and impressive.

The key to creating this centerpiece is using wine bottles of different shapes and colors, and simple wildflowers. This isn't a centerpiece to make with fancy flowers like roses (though wild roses would look nice). Making this table centerpiece in the springtime? It would also look great with flowering branches from a spring-flowering tree, or even with grape vines instead of flowers. Or ivy.

Simply collect up some wine corks in advance (or ask friends to get collecting) and you have a pretty wine-themed centerpiece that looks much more impressive than it is expensive.

3. Ultra Modern Paper Centerpiece

I love, love, love the idea of this centerpiece. If you want to create table centerpieces that are unique, special, and last forever, this alternative option could really work for you.

Paper WEdding Centerpiece with Origami Shapes
The paper airplane centerpiece pictured would be great for a boy's baby shower or birthday, a military wedding, or... just because you want to be a little alternative or unique. But there are a lot of different origami shapes you can use to make this kind of centerpiece, such as:

  • Origami flowers (beautiful for a wedding centerpiece)
  • Origami animals (really cute for a baby shower centerpiece)
  • Creative paper shapes (cubes, etc.)
  • Origami stars

Simply buy different colors (and sizes) of origami paper, and get folding! You can also offer the origami shapes on their wire sticks as party favors at the end of the night.

Oil Lamp Centerpiece for WEddings

4. Centerpieces with Creative Containers

I love how you can take simple, inexpensive flowers and create table centerpieces that look really special simply by using a creative or nontraditional container.

The table decorations pictured here are simple, rustic-looking spring flowers inserted into antique-looking Middle-Eastern brass watering cans/oil lamps. The result is something interesting and exotic, but inexpensive. You can find containers like these inexpensively at craft or thrift shops, or just by doing a simple search on eBay.

You don't have to stick to lamps, either. Get creative and look for interesting containers on all kinds for your centerpiece. Keep your eyes peeled next time you visit your local flea market!

5. Spring Grass Centerpiece Idea

Table Centerpiece with Wheat Grass for a Springtime WEdding

I think there's something so fresh and casual about a green grass centerpiece. The color is vivid and beautiful, it smells nice, and best of all, it's super inexpensive.

To get a centerpiece with this kind of not-trying-too-hard charm, all you need is some soil, a nice clear container, and, of course, some grass seed. If you do a simple Google search for how to grow grass for a centerpiece, you'll find all you need. Just plan some weeks in advance to allow the grass time to grow.

Top it off with a sweet little pinwheel, as pictured, or an origami flower or bird, and you have something really fun, festive, and creative... and you haven't broken (or, heck, even dented!) your budget.

6. Create a Centerpiece out of Succulents

Who says you always have to create your table centerpieces out of flowers? Just because it's alive, growing, and beautiful doesn't mean it has to have petals!

Unique Cactus Table Centerpiece for a Wedding or DInner
For a simply, bold, and beautiful centerpiece, I love the idea of a planter full of succulents. It's something that will seem unusual and special every time, but it's not difficult or expensive to put together, and it'll last a long time. To do this, simply buy a long, narrow planter and insert succulent plants down its length. You can also add tea light candles in glass holders, as pictured, and/or cover the surface of your planters in Spanish moss. You could also do small individual planters down the length of the table, which you could later gift as party favors. Get creative and have fun with it!

7. Give Wheats a Chance

Festive Harvest Centerpiece with Dry Wheat for THanksgiving
Especially for an autumn wedding or event (like a Thanksgiving dinner, for instance), I love the clean and festive look of a harvest wheat centerpiece like this one. It's a really flexible idea for a centerpiece that you can either dress up or dress down.

I love a very simple wheat centerpiece like this, in a simple jar with a candle nearby. But you can also place your wheat in a basket, or in a vase decorated with autumn leaves, or surrounded by harvest fruits and vegetables-- whatever you want! But this is a great substitute for flowers and, even better, is a centerpiece you can create in advance without a worry. Good for your budget and for time management!

Getting Creative when You Create Table Centerpieces

The truth is, there's nothing in the world quite like an exuberant floral centerpiece. They're beautiful, festive, fragrant, and luxurious. But there are only so many ways to combine flowers if you don't add any special touches of your own... especially if you're on a budget when making your centerpieces.

The best way to create beautiful homemade centerpieces --centerpieces that look elegant and special-- when you don't have approximately two bazillion dollars to spend is to get creative with the elements you use. Think outside the petal and do something really special with your centerpieces! Your wallet (and your guests!) will thank you.

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