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Creative Valentine Ideas:
Unique Ideas You Can do at Home

A few special and creative Valentine ideas can make the difference between a blah holiday and one that will get ooh and ahs.

Whether making homemade Valentine cards for kids to take to school (or for you to hand out to family and friends) or trying to come up with something romantic to do for your sweetheart this year, the creative ideas for Valentines you'll find here are going to be fun, simple, and totally do-able.

10 Ideas for Homemade Valentines Cards
for Kids and Adults

Feel challenged to make your kids' school Valentines at home this year? Or want to send out extra special homemade Valentine cards to your friends and family? These ten creative valentine ideas are impressive and fun, but easy to do.

1. Salt Dough Ornament Valentine

Homemade Valentines Decorations, Salt Dough HEart OrnamentsSalt dough ornaments aren't just for Christmas… they make wonderful Valentines and Valentine's decorations, too.

How to do it: To make these, simply use your favorite salt ornament dough recipe and form into hearts (or any other Valentine's shape you like). Follow the instructions for your ornament dough to form and dry. Paint and decorate as desired.

Make it pretty: For a name or a message, you can either etch it into the wet dough while forming your Valentine's ornaments, or you can create plain ornaments and add any names or messages to a ribboned name tag.

2. "Secret Message" Heart Balloon Valentine

I love the idea of this homemade Valentine, because it's BIG… but easily transportable. All you need to pull it off? Some heart-shaped red balloons, a black permanent marker, and an air pump for balloons. For the childrens' version of this homemade Valentine idea, you don't need anything else if you want to keep things simple. The balloon itself is the Valentine.

How to do it: To make your secret message Valentine, you'll need to take your empty balloon and blow it up (to keep it sanitary, it's best to use a balloon air pump)-- but don't tie it closed yet. While one person holds the balloon closed, the other writes a Valentine message in black permanent marker. Then allow the balloon to deflate and put together your Valentine however you like. When the recipient blows up the balloon, your Valentine message will grow to be legible. The smaller you write your message, the more "secret" it will be.

Make it pretty: When putting together this creative Valentine idea, you can either attach the balloon with a bit of tape to some pretty white card stock and write the recipient's name (and/or a message) on it, or you can tie a little name tag to the balloon with a ribbon. This is a simple, cheap Valentine idea, but it's a lot of fun.

3. Special Valentines Scroll

This creative Valentine idea is equally good for kids or for grown-ups-- and it makes an especially good gift for kids to give to their parents or grandparents for Valentine's Day.

How to do it: To put this homemade Valentine together¸ all you need is a piece of parchment or nice paper, some paint, markers, pens, and any decorations you like, and a ribbon.

Have kids decorate their piece of paper with painted handprints, message, colorful drawings, or whatever they like. Or to use this creative Valentine idea as a romantic gesture for your partner, fill the surface of your paper with a handwritten poem, message, love letter… whatever you like. Then close up with a red ribbon and you're ready to go.

4. Jar of Sweets

I love this creative Valentine idea, because it can be as simple and inexpensive, or as elaborate and fancy as you want.

How to do it: Start off with a small jar for each recipient. Trying to save money? Things like leftover babyfood jars look great. Want to do something a little fancier? Buy pretty Valentine's-themed jars at your local craft store. Fill each jar with Valentine candy (bright, bold colors look best), decorate as desired, and add a nametag with a pretty length of ribbon.

Make it fun: A fun variation on this is to print out labels and mark your bottles as if they were prescription medicines or vitamins. Add the message "A Prescription for Love."

5. Cookie on a Stick

Rice Krispy treat Valentines giftsSure, getting a paper Valentine come Valentine's Day is always nice. But food? Well, food is always better. For this creative Valentine idea, all you need is your favorite cookie recipe, from chocolate chip to pink-tinged sugar cookies, and a popsicle stick or thick wooden skewer.

How to do it: Make your cookies as usual, making sure they're nice and big. Before baking, stick your popsicle stick into the center of your cookie. Bake as directed (or a little longer because of the larger size) and let cool completely before attempting to remove them to wire racks to cool.

Wrap in plastic, add a name tag, and watch the recipients' faces light up-- both adult and child.

Variation Ideas: You can make this homemade Valentine with any snack. You can use Rice Krispy treats, as picture, or whatever you like. Add a stick or just wrap in plastic and decorate with a nametag.

6. Painted Stone Homemade Valentine

A Painted Rock for a Homemade Valentines GiftMore and more, people are concerned with making environmentally sound choices-- even on holidays like Valentine's day. A great green Valentine idea that uses natural items instead of manufactured ones? A painted stone Valentine.

How to do it: To make this fun homemade Valentine, simply go outside somewhere and collect as many medium-sized, smooth, nicely shaped stones as you'll need. Clean them well and let them dry completely. Then paint them with messages, pretty Valentines colors and shapes… whatever you want. Present them wrapped in pink cellophane or in a pretty paper box.

7. Heart Candle Valentine Idea

This creative Valentine idea is definitely more for adults than kids. It's a great little surprise to bring into work for your co-workers, or to pass out to friends and family.

How to do it: All you need make this homemade Valentine "card" is a heart-shaped candle and a gold or white paint marker. Write your Valentines message ("Baby You Light My Fire" or "You Warm Me up Inside" are both cute ideas!) on the candle with a paint marker, wrap in plastic or place in a little paper box, and give as a gift.

8. Chocolately Snack Valentine

Bouquet of Chocolate Covered Strawberries Handmade Valentines Day GiftAnother one of those creative Valentine ideas that uses food! (In case you can't tell, these are always my favorite.) Instead of buying expensive and not-so-healthy candy for your Valentines, spend a little time making chocolate covered strawberries. This can be a fun activity to do with your kids. Then wrap in plastic, tie on a nametag, and you're ready to go!

Pretty Chocolate Strawberry Bouquet: A fun variation on this creative Valentine idea is the chocolate covered strawberry Valentine's candy bouquet. More a gift than a simple Valentine, this is one of those creative Valentine ideas that's super cute and fun to make.

How to do it: Instead of dipping your strawberry in dark or milk chocolate, use white chocolate. Then swirl on a bit of pink-tinted white chocolate (pictured) or decorate with sprinkles, spear on a long pretzel stick (if you want the whole thing to be edible) or a wooden skewer (if you want it to look a little prettier), and assemble into a bouquet. So cute… and delicious.

9. Printed Photo Valentine Idea

I like this creative and personal spin on your classic construction paper Valentine's heart. It's an especially good idea for homemade Valentines cards for friends and family, as it's a keepsake they'll want forever.

How to do it: How does this creative Valentine idea work? You take digital photos of the recipients (or scan some you already have lying around), print and cut it out in a heart shape, and glue it to the center of your paper Valentine. Decorate as desired… no name necessary. After all, you can tell who it's for just by looking at the photo!

A version for kids: If you want to do this idea for a child's homemade school Valentine, you can… just do it with caution. Since photo taking can disrupt classes, it's probably not best to do this at school. But if your kids have a yearbook or class photos at their disposal, they've got everything they need to put this Valentine's project together for their classmates. Just scan, print, and glue!

10. Paper Airplane or Boat Valentines

Fun Homemade Childrens Valentines, PaperSometimes the funnest and most creative Valentine ideas are also the simplest. A hand folded paper airplane or a boat is something that looks cute and is fun to make… it's also something kids can play with.

How to do it: Make your paper boats and airplanes from colorful construction paper. Decorate each one with markers, glitter, you name it, and add a message (:"You Put the Wind in my Sails" or "You Make my Heart take Flight" are cute!).

Make it more interesting: Really good at origami and paper folding? Go beyond simple boats and planes and make paper cranes, little paper boxes filled with candy, origami Valentine hearts, or whatever you like. Have fun with it!

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