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Creepy Halloween Recipes:
Our Visitors' Most Gross Halloween Ideas!

Looking for creepy Halloween recipes for an upcoming Halloween party? Well, if you've looked around at Divine Dinner Party's Halloween Food section, chances are you've found a ton of 'em!

Creepy Halloween Food Party Buffet
The whole top section of Halloween Food and Party Planning Central is devoted to the most disgusting, strange, and outright gross Halloween ideas on the net. Some are scary, and some are downright gorge-inducing.

But I'm not the only one around with some ideas for disturbing, disgusting, and gross Halloween food ideas. Some of my visitors are just as sick, weird, and depraved as I am. And boy am I loving it.

Planning a Halloween party? Then you'll love it, too!

Visitor-Submitted Gross Halloween Recipes

Below, you'll find some really great ideas for gross and creepy Halloween recipes and foods that our visitors have either used or made up. Some are totally unique, some are neat little ideas, and some are just overviews of what was popular at Halloween parties other people hosted. So you'll find plenty of weird, disturbing, and creative ideas to choose from!

But scary and nasty as these creepy Halloween foods are, don't be frightened away from submitting your own using the form below! You never know... your weirdo idea might be the best one out there...

You freak, you.

Enjoy! But don't look at these right before you eat... some of the photos might put you off your dinner.

Do You Have a Gross, Creepy Halloween Idea or Recipe?

I pride myself on the utter disgusting-ness of my gross and creepy Halloween recipes! If you have an idea or a recipe for an ultra gross or creepy Halloween food, this is your chance to see if you can top my level of debauchery.

Though I have to say... I have my doubts about whether any of my visitors can do that!

Other Visitors' Gross Halloween Ideas

Click below to see creepy food contributions from other visitors to this page...

Spooky Eyeball Caprese Halloween Party Food 
I can't take the credit for this one, I actually found it online (from evilmadscientist.com...gotta give them the cred!), but it is an awesome looking …

Classic Kitty Litter Cake (photo!) 
Kitty litter cake for Halloween is a classic, but never fails to impress (or nauseate) party guests.

Puke Dip and Bone Chips Halloween Recipe 
A recipe for gross looking "puke" dip with "bone" chips for Halloween: Ingredients: Sausage Cream cheese Diced tomatoes with green chilies *Cayenne …

"BROWNie Turds" Nasty Halloween Recipe Idea 
Years ago when I was a young girl, my family and I would go with another family to an amusement park as a summer treat. Due to the expense, our mothers …

Deviled Egg Eyeballs Halloween Appetizer 
Made this for Halloween last year. The photo came out a little fuzzy because it was dark. But you do this by soaking the peeled hardboiled eggs in red-tinted …

Flayed Meat Head with Pus Sauce and Fried Skin Halloween Recipe 
Cover a plastic skull with onion & chive cream cheese mixed with a little sour cream. Tear ham and layer over cream cheese to resemble a head with skin …

Jello Shot Eyeballs 
Pina Colada Jello Shots! Everyone said this is what they imagine biting into an eyeball would feel like. And this year I'm adding worms! Jello …

Baked Rat Loaf or Meatball Halloween Dinner Idea 
This is a funny, gross and easy way to do something fun and festive for Halloween dinner-- you don't even need a special Halloween recipe... just use what …

Cat Litter Dessert & Hot-dog spiders: Fun Halloween Food Recipes with Photos! 
I have been making kitty litter dessert and Halloween hotdog spiders for Halloween for years. Kitty Litter Dessert Halloween Recipe Purchase a …

Gross (and FUNNY!) Dripping Blood Halloween Cookie Bowl- Photos! 
Last Halloween, I did this bowl of severed finger and dripping blood Halloween cookies. They were SO funny. Kind of like a semi-decoration and a dessert …

Take chicken breast cutlets, hammer them down to extremely thin slices. It's also nice if you marinate the chicken before cooking, if you want to make …

Witch Hats Halloween Snack Idea 
Recipe for Halloween witch hats: Ingredients: One pack of ice cream cones 1/2 cup of chocolate chips 1/4 cup of heavy cream Halloween sprinkles …

Easy Kitty Litter "Trail Mix" for Halloween 
take 2 large kitty litter boxes, fill with grape nut cereal and powdered sugar. Toss in chocolate covered raisins, tootsie rolls, and don't forget to put …

Used Q-Tips Halloween Treat (photo!) 
I think melting the marshmallow and shaping it on the ends give these an extra "umph".

Meat Head for Halloween (photo!) 
There are more complicated "recipes" for this involving an underlayer of red jello, but plain white cream cheese makes a great "glue" for the meat and …

Ready-to-Pop Zits Easy (DISGUSTING) Halloween Idea 
We did this for a Halloween party last year, and it was truly revolting. But they actually tasted really good! After I got up the courage to eat a few, …

Halloween Witch Truffles 
I like truffles with a witch's face for a Halloween party. These were a hit!

"Used Potty" Jello Candy Halloween Dessert 
Purchase a NEW baby training potty chair and fix lemon jello in it. When it's almost fully set put mini Baby Ruth candy bars in it! Only your most daring …

Chicken "Finger Foods" Halloween Idea 
Make Chicken strips as the packaging says but while they are still hot press fake nails into the ends, wait till they cool and are firm then place next …

My Vegetarian Halloween Spread 
I didn't really do any gross food for Halloween last year but I was proud of the Halloween party spread I ended up with. The ghost bowl is full of edamame. …

Click here to write your own.

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Gross Halloween Fare

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