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Cute Valentines Day Ideas:
Cute Gifts, Decorations, Foods, and More!

When you want to do something special for Valentine's, there's really no shortage of cute Valentines Day ideas out there. From cute Valentine's gifts, to decorations, to silly Valentine's activities, there's a ton of creative fun to be had this Valentines!

This page is dedicated to all things cute for Valentine's Day. Whether you're looking for a cute gift for your partner, want to put together a cute Valentine's dinner party, or want to play a silly game at your Valentine's Day party, you'll find some fun ideas here!

There are also lots of cute, romantic, and funny ideas for Valentine's Day elsewhere on the site, with a whole dedicated section at Valentine's Day Central! There, you'll find ideas for:

And more. Now, ready to get a little cutesy? Read on!

Cute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Looking to give something cute to that special somebody this Valentine's Day. Cute Valentine's Day ideas make great gifts for a not-so-serious relationship, or as a Valentine's gift for a teenage boyfriend or girlfriend. Light-hearted and casual, they're fun to give and get... but they never go overboard.

Some cute gift ideas for Valentine's Day might be:

Personalized Valentine's M&Ms

cute custom printed M&Ms for Valentines DayThose candy hearts don't taste any good, anyway! Valentine's Day M&M's can be personalized ((do it here and get 1 bag free when you buy three) with anything you like, from "You Rock" to "David & Angela". They can even be personalized with photos. Best of all, they don't taste like chalk!

Happy Pill Jelly Beans

You can find these funny little bottles of jelly beans at the mall or online. They're labeled like pill bottles-- a seriously cute Valentines Day idea. Call them Spanish Fly or Fall-in-Love Pills, you're sure to crack him or her up.

Valentine Candy or Cookie Bouquet

Whether you make this yourself or buy it, bouquets of sweets are cute Valentines Day ideas that are also a lot of fun to give and get. Use his or her favorites, or opt for romantic or heart-shaped ones.

Love-y Ducky

Valentine Rubber Duck This little duck is really cute and funny, and makes a wonderfully silly Valentine's Day gift. For a sexy-but-cute gift, having him floating in a tub filled with rose petals...

Cards and valentines (especially the homemade ones) are also a cute Valentines Day idea if you're looking for a great gift. Find some creative ideas for making your own right here.

Cute Valentine's Day Decoration Ideas

Planning a Valentine's Day party (or just a special evening for two)? Some of these cute Valentines Day ideas make for great decorations... and not too expensive, either!

Decorate with Valentine's Sweets

Sprinkle Conversation hearts on the table, or cinnamon hearts, or even pink marshmallows!

Decorate with Valentine's Colors

Go crazy with red and pink. And there are some really fun, not-so-obvious choices, too. Place a giant bowl of strawberries on the table. Put heart cookies on sticks as place settings. Cover surfaces with red cellophane or netting. Or buy a fun red hat for all of your guests to wear!

Decorate with Valentine's Shapes

There are lots of ways to decorate with traditional Valentine's shapes, such as hearts, cupids, etc. From homemade felt or paper hearts (they're cheap and easy to make, so put 'em everywhere!) to heart shaped foods or food picks.

For foods, try a heart-shaped pizza, heart-shaped finger sandwiches (cut 'em with cookie cutter, and voila!). You can also fold napkins into hearts or make place settings with origami hearts.

Decorating with paper hearts for a Valentines PartyCreating a Valentines Display with Hearts for a Party

Some other cute Valentine's Day ideas for decorations might be:

Valentines Lanterns Decoration for a Party

  • Heart-Shaped Cookie Place Settings
  • Red and Pink Chinese lanterns (or paint red hearts onto white ones, as pictured)
  • Heart-Shaped String Lights
  • Valentines Piñata

Cute Valentine's Day Food Ideas

There are lots of fun ideas out there for making your food --whether party food or a special Valentine's Day dinner for two-- extra Valentine-y. Try:

  • Pink Lemonade - spike it for grownups, or serve pink sparkling wine
  • Cheese, meats, and veggies cut into heart shapes
  • Say it with Cupcakes (cute, tasty, easy to form into a heart shape... perfect!)
  • Form pink popcorn balls into hearts
  • Chocolate fondue (or pink-tinged white chocolate fondue) with strawberries
  • Valentine Themed Sundae bar (see the photo below)
  • Heart-Shaped Pasta (you can buy this in specialty shops or online)
  • Breadsticks (homemade or from a can) formed into heart shapes and baked

Cute Valentines Dessert
Or try:

Conversation Heart Cookies

Take your standard sugar cookie recipe, shape into hearts, ice in pastel colors and wording of your choice. Really cute, simple, and fun! Cute Valentines Fruit Idea

Heart-Shaped Watermelon

Watermelon is easiest to use for this cute Valentines Day idea, but you can also use pineapple, melon, or peach. Simply make some not-too-thick slices and cut with small heart-shaped cookie cutters. Place on toothpicks, on a salad, or in a fruit salad. Or use to garnish a special Valentine's Day cocktail!

I Heart Salad

Love an ensalata caprese? Cut your tomatoes and mozzarella into heart-shapes, and stack 'em. Or add heart-shaped beets ("heartbeat salad!"), cucumber, tomato, cheese, meats, and croutons to your regular 'ol salad recipe. A lot of fun!

Cute Valentines Activities

If your home is already covered in cute Valentines Day ideas --cute gifts, fun heart-shaped decorations, etc.-- then why not throw in a fun Valentine's Day activity or party game? Some great ideas for Valentine's Day activities are:

Make a "Gift of Love" Tree

One of my favorite cute Valentine's Day ideas! Designate a small tree in your yard (or buy or use an indoor tree) as the Love Tree. Have your guests bring a special note and little gift to be hung on the tree. At the end of the party, have everybody choose one off the tree!

Some other fun ideas might be:

  • Cookie Decorating Contests
  • Set up a Kissing Booth
  • Romantic Movie Characters Costume Party
  • Play Couples Truth or Dare
  • Dare on a Chocolate (a special challenge is written under each chocolate in the box)
  • Play a Romantic Movie Trivia Game

You can also find more great Valentine's Day games right here!

Cute Valentine's Day Party Themes

Adding a special theme to a Valentine's party or dinner party can really bring it to the next level. And there are tons of really cute Valentines Day ideas out there for fun themes... you just have to think outside the box.

"Heart Healthy" Valentine's Party

healthy food, fun outdoor activities, etc. Or make it a Valentine's costume party and have everybody dress as a doctor or nurse!

Black and White Valentine's Theme

skip the pink and red and do it more elegantly. Or pick a different color combination: bright pink and lime green, or all shades of blue. Just for something different...

Queen of Hearts Valentine's Party

Like Alice in Wonderland in your home. Play croquet and poker. Decorate with hearts and golden crowns. Do a costume version, or keep it simple and just use the decorations and games.

Valentine's Fiesta

Serve up Mexican fare with a flair (heart-shaped tortillas and tostadas) along with margaritas (try passion fruit!) in pink margarita glasses. At the end of the night, break the Heart-Shaped Piñata. A really creative and cute Valentines Day idea!

Chocolate Tasting Party

Buy chocolate from all over the world, have guests bring their favorite chocolate dessert, and set up a chocolate fondue table!

Mixed Themes

The best way to come up with a cute Valentines Day idea for your party that nobody's ever seen before? Combine themes to make something of your very own. Use a 70's theme to make a "Peace and Love" Valentine's Day party. Or do something really unusual and plan a "Zombies in Love" Valentine's Party (have guests dress as their favorite couples... but dead!). You get the picture.

With a little creativity, you can make any theme into a cute Valentines Day idea for your party... you've just got to think outside the chocolate box!

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