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Dinner party planning can be a lot of fun. Or it can be a big pain in the butt. Depending on where your talents lie --are you the uber-creative type? the organizational guru type?-- you might struggle with one or two details when planning a dinner party.
Fortunately, with the right resources (yeah, I mean Divine Dinner Party.com, of course! Does that sound braggy?), planning dinner parties can be perfectly manageable, both for total newbies and "seasoned" professionals (sorry-- food pun).

Planning the Perfect Dinner Party

The first steps in dinner party planning are fairly straightforward, but it's often good to have a clear list of what you need to think about. Especially for the organizationally challenged, this helps to keep from leaving anything out. Below, find some of the "who, what, where, and when" questions you should ask.

Dinner Party Planning Tips Date and Time. Obvious, right? Pick a date that works great for you, and at least fairly well for the people you're thinking of inviting. Double check the calendar to make sure there aren't any other holidays or big events you'd forgotten about. Planning to serve lots of wine with dinner? Plan a dinner party for Friday or Saturday. Weekday hangovers stink.

Guest List. One of the funnest parts of dinner party planning. Who's going to come? How many can your place accommodate? You probably already have an idea, but make sure to write it out and consider each invitee. While a food fight between two guests who hate each other might be entertaining, it will also be messy.

Tapas Dinner Party Appetizer Location. Your house or apartment, right? But if you have a smaller home, or don't have a dining table, or not enough seating, you may have to get creative. Just because you’re planning a perfect dinner party doesn't mean you have the perfect space. If you have a tiny apartment with a small living/dining room, for example, you may want to think about setting up a "floor picnic" in a larger room with more space. Don't limit yourself to the living room-- branch out if you need to!

Wine. Sure, it?s part of the menu but it gets a section all to itself because I?m a wine fiend. :) Choose wines that go well with your meal (you'll find some good info on that here, of course!), but don?t worry too much about wine and food pairings. My philosophy is to buy what YOU like, and your guests will like it, too. And if they don't, more for you.

Choosing the Right Wine Glasses for a Dinner Party

Thinking you might have to go out and buy some plates and stuff as part of your dinner party planning? Then you might want to consider picking up some new wine glasses. They really do make a difference-- as long as you have the right kind. Check out this video from Classic Wines for help on choosing the right glass for the right wine.

Menu. The first tip when planning a menu? Make sure everything goes nicely together, and fits your theme if you have one. When doing dinner menu planning it's also just as important to think about timing. If there are several items you can make ahead of time, you'll be able to spend more time with your guests and less time sweating in the kitchen. Don’t be a slave to your menu.

Need help planning a dinner menu? Check out this handy chart.

Theme or Concept. Often the hardest part of your dinner party planning, your theme will influence the music, decorations, everything. Deciding on a theme or concept is also an important part of planning a dinner party menu. Thinking of a particular kind of food you'd like to make? Is a special holiday coming up? Want to do something creative or different? You'll find lots of ideas and ways to help make the right dinner party planning decisions here at Divine Dinner Party.com.

Invitations. This is one of aspects of dinner party planning with the most flexibility. If you're thinking of "planning the perfect dinner party", you may want to go with formal invitations. These you can buy online, from a stationary store, or print from home on nice paper. For a casual dinner party with close friends, sending an online invitation is a great option. Make an invite in Word, PowerPoint, or in email, and send it out. Or use one of the many online invitation websites out there to send and manage dinner party invitations. Another option is simply to call or email-- for small, simple dinner parties, a written dinner party invitation isn't always necessary.

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