Dinner Party Recipes and Ideas: Themes, Menus, and More

Hosting a party or dinner and need some dinner party recipes and planning help? Well, look no further… I’ve got it all here!

planning a dinner partyIn my obsession for hosting dinner parties, holiday dinners, and pretty much every birthday party in my little group of friends, I’ve collected here all the resources you’ll need to plan a sit-down dinner or casual birthday, or pretty much any occasion revolving around food,friends, and fun. Here, you’ll find ideas for menus and recipes, fun (and sometimes silly) party and menu themes, games to play at the table, pretty table settings and decorations, and more. Like I said, everything you need to plan a totally happy, possibly silly, and probably chic little dinner party.

This is an especially great place to start if your party is one that revolves around food instead of, say, a cake, some balloons, and party games. From appetizers to dessert, it’s all here. Yum.


Dinner Party Recipes and Foods

Easy Party AppetizersEasy Dinner Appetizers

Recipes for easy but really tasty dinner party appetizers. Many can be made ahead so you don’t have to spend your whole evening in the kitchen!

Typical Italian MenuItalian Dinner Menus

An Italian dinner party menu is always impressive! This page will give you lots of ideas for Italian dinner party recipes and menus.

Recipes for a Summer Dinner PartyRecipes for Summer Dinner Parties

Great recipe ideas for a light summer dinner party, including great recipes you can make at home, ideas for the grill, and links to recipes you’ll love.

Light Summer Dinner RecipesLight Summer Dinner Recipes for a Party

A wonderful light menu for a summer dinner party. Includes everything from appetizer to dessert. A meal that’s light, fresh, and impressive.

Dinner Party Menu GrillDinner Party Menu for the Grill

A great menu for a spring or summer dinner party, all with recipes cooked on the grill. Fun, festive, flavorful, and fabulous.


Great Dinner Party Ideas

Dinner Party ThemesDinner Party Themes

Tons and tons of fun and creative ideas for dinner party themes! Includes unusual, out of the box dinner theme ideas, and tips on creating your own unique theme for a dinner party.

Family Dinner Parties IdeasFamily Dinner Party Ideas

Tips and ideas for planning a dinner party for the whole family. Ideas for family dinner themes, plannign a menu, and putting together the whole party.


Practical Dinner Party Planning Help

Choosing WineChoosing Wine for a Dinner Party

Need help selecting the best wines to go with your dinner party food ideas? This page will give you everything you need to know.

How to Calculate Food for PartiesHow to Calculate Party Food Amounts

Tips and charts to help you calculate amounts of food for dinner parties. Goes over different kinds of foods for different kinds of events.

Dinner Party Thank YOuDinner Party Thank You Notes

Whether you were the guest at a great dinner party or hosted one yourself, a dinner party thank you note is the best way to show your appreciation.

First Dinner PartyYour First Dinner Party

Whether a small dinner for four or a big to-do meant to impress the boss, planning your first dinner party can be dauntingFollow these first dinner party planning ideas & tips to avoid any bumps in the road.

Planning a Dinner MenuPlanning a Dinner Menu

A great dinner party is all about, well… a great dinner. And to make it great, all you need is the right menu. This will help plan that perfect dinner menu, from appetizers to dessert.

Dinner Party PlanningDinner Party Planning Help

Planning a party or dinner party and don’t know where to start? This page outlines every consideration you’ll need to make when planning a dinner party– from date to food to everything in-between.

Dinner Party Menu and RecipeChoosing Dinner Party Menus and Recipes

A lot can go into planning a nice dinner for friends. And the hardest part of all is probably choosing the perfect menu and dinner party recipes for each dish. We have lots of ideas for choosing a fabulous menu.


Dinner Table Setting and Decorating

Table Decorating IdeasTable Decorating Ideas Central!

A whole page full of ideas for decorating a table for a dinner party. Table settings, centerpiece, holiday table decorations, and more. Everything you need!

Inexpensive Table Centerpiece Ideas10 Inexpensive Table Centerpieces

Ideas for cheap table centerpieces for the dinner table. Most of them require very little work, and they all require very little money. But they look great!

Cheap Centerpiece IDeas12 Cheap Centerpiece Ideas

12 more ideas for cheap centerpieces for a dinner party, holiday party, or any special occasion. These will save you a ton of money, but keep your table elegant and chic!

Basic Table SettingBasic Table Setting

A basic guideline for setting a table for a dinner party. Tips, photos, and diagrams for both formal and informal table settings for a dinner party. The perfect dinner table to go with your dinner party recipes!


Dinner Party Entertainment & Activities

Dinner Party MusicDinner Party Music

Ideas for music for a dinner party. Tips on coming up with and assembling a party playlist for all different kinds of dinner parties, as well as some fun playlist ideas!

Icebreaker Games for Small GroupsParty Icebreaker Games

Have several people who don’t know each other coming to your dinner party? These icebreaker activities will help them get to know –and like!– each other fast.

Funny Party GamesParty Games to Liven Up Your Dinner

These dinner games are played right around the dinner table– and will make your party so much fun people will be talking about it for ages.

Adult Party Game IdeasAfter-Dinner Party Mixers

Not sure what to do with your guests once the food’s been eaten? These party mixer games are the perfect way to keep your guests happy when their bellies are full.

Dinner Party Cooking GamesDinner Party Cooking Games

Cooking games are the best way to have fun with your favorite dinner party recipes! Tips for putting together cooking competitions and dinner games… tons of fun!

Fun Things to do at a DInner PartyFun Things to do at a Dinner Party

Some really fun ideas and games for your next dinner party. A great way to keep your guests entertained and add a real note of “specialness” to your next dinner.