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"Do you like Your Neighbor?" Really Fun Icebreaker Party Game!

by anna kate
(pontotoc mississippi america)

For this game you need at least 8 people or more. You also need some chairs. Choose one person to be in the middle.

Start Playing: To begin play, the person in the middle walks up to a random person in the circle and says, "Do you like your neighbor??" The person can answer back one of two answers.

If the answer is yes:

If the person answers back yes they say "yes, but I don't like anyone who is..." they can say i don't like anyone who wears contact lenses or I don't like anyone who likes anchovies... they can say anything at all.

Here's where the game starts! Lets say you are sitting in the circle and you wear contacts. And the person said I don't like anyone who wears contacts. Everybody who wears contacts would have to run and sit in a different seat. If you don't get in a seat in time (if you're the last man standing), then you have to go to the middle. The whole goal of the game is for the person in the middle to try to get a seat.

If the answer is no:

If you walk up to someone and they say "no," then their two neighbors have to run and switch seats. the person in the middle needs to try to get a seat. the more people you have the better!

The game goes on and on. We play it at my church and what we do is if you have been in the middle 3 times you can't play, or you're out. Its so fun! The object, though, is to not get in the middle.

And its just a game so if your neighbor says no, he/she is prob just trying to see how fast you will get to the other seat or see how you will try so hard to get another seat and try to see you compete or something like that. this is a game for people who are friends lets just say that. And it's hilarious!

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