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Easter Dinner Ideas:
Planning an Easter Dinner Menu

If celebrating Easter every year has you following the same old menus, a few new Easter dinner ideas might be just the thing to help you keep the holiday fresh! After all, a springtime holiday shouldn't feel stale, right?

Easter Table Set for the Holiday
Well, these Easter dinner menu ideas and tips for planning are the right place to start. Here, you'll find some great suggestions for menus and recipes for Easter dinner, as well as tips on choosing the right kind of menu and putting together the best table décor.

Did you come to this page looking for specific Easter dinner recipes?

You'll find some links throughout the page, but you can also find TONS of Easter recipes, menus, and more at:

Easter Dinner Recipes and Planning Central.

Easter Dinner Planning: Choosing a Menu

The most important part of Easter is, of course, spending it with the people you love most. But it's what you eat comes in a close second!

Easter Menu Ideas from Other Cultures

Whether you're trying to create new traditions and new Easter dinner ideas for your family, or you already have a few established traditions, you don't always have to stick to a typical menu. New foods can add a layer of excitement for everyone to try something original.

Pick and Choose!

Different regions and countries have Easter dinner ideas of their own-- they celebrate the holiday in their own special way. Want to spice things up this Easter? Pick a country with food that you love and use it as a theme for your Easter dinner.

Get inspired! For instance, in Italy there is a great bread baking tradition. In Russia the meal often features smoked fish. In Spain, they build elaborate sculptures from chocolate. In the American South they serve up cornbread salad on Easter. Pick and choose what you like!

A bonus? Cooking up international foods is a great way to celebrate the similarities among Christians, and the wonderful differences among cultures around the world.

Creating a Traditional Easter Menu

From beginning to end, even a fairly traditional American Easter menu can include some spectacular Easter dinner ideas.

Easter Appetizer Ideas

Deviled Eggs Easter AppetizerIf your Easter dinner ideas are closer to traditional, pick one or two dishes to serve as appetizers about forty-five minutes before the meal. Bacon wrapped asparagus, hummus or a cheese tray (serve fresh pears and apples with your cheese to bring spring freshness to the dish) are easy appetizers... but you'll find lots of good appetizer recipes right here!

Another classic Easter dinner idea for an appetizer? Deviled eggs, of course! Boil and peel your eggs (or use leftover Easter eggs), but then fill them with guacamole or the usual filling with smoked fish added in. Vegans might enjoy tofu formed like egg halves and stuffed with a tofu filling seasoned like the original.

Or try my favorite recipe for deviled eggs.

Providing some appetizers will keep the guests busy and give you time to prepare the rest of the meal. Small snacks a bit before a meal may lessen the tendency for guests to gorge at the dinner table and feel overly full later. They may decide you're doing them a favor!

Easter Main Dish Ideas

Delicious Easter HamHam: Ham, of course, is an Easter dinner classic! Make a honey-baked ham or use creative ham glazes for a different sort of flavor. And don't forget there are a ton of great things you can make with leftover ham!

Pork: Use your slow cooker for larger pieces of pork, barbeque or hearty cannellini bean and ham soup. If you want something completely different --and really elegant-- serve bacon wrapped scallops or grilled fish with fresh herbs. My favorite pork recipe for Easter? The Apricot-Orange Pork Roast in this Easter menu. It's easy and delicious!

Lamb. Lamb is ham's only rival to the Easter throne. Grab your tongs and head for the grill with a Mediterranean lamb roast or smaller portions of lamb kebobs marinated with mint leaves. Or go for a traditional lamb with mint sauce for a perfect Easter dinner idea.

Ideas for Easter Side Dishes

Potatoes: Skip the mashed potatoes, try twice baked potatoes with Asiago cheese, mashed cauliflower with herbs or grilled new potatoes. Or go with an Easter classic and make scalloped potatoes! Or, if you want something totally different, you might try potato gnocchi-- soft little balls of Easter goodness. And they're egg-shaped!

Green Beans: A wonderful spring vegetable, and a common must-have Easter dinner idea. Really enhance their natural flavor by roasting them in the oven at high heat (425 degrees Fahrenheit) for about 20 minutes.

Asparagus: Springtime comes, and along with it come some wonderful asparagus crops! Do something simple, like a roasted asparagus, or this wonderful, fresh-tasting recipe.

Peas: Spring is the best time for peas. Sweet, pretty, bright, and simple, they're perfect for Easter. Or any springtime menu. One of my favorite preparations is this crisp and colorful pea salad.

Carrots: Carrots are must-have Easter dinner idea! What would the Easter Bunny think, after all, if they were left off the table? These simple roasted carrots help the natural sweetness of the carrot shine through without a bunch of sugar and extra ingredients.

Easter Dessert Ideas

There are so many wonderful springtime desserts to choose from to round out your Easter dinner. Ideas like carrot cake or coconut cake are super common. But you can also think about cobblers, lemon cakes, cupcakes, or my favorite, these adorable Easter Bunny cakes.

Cute Easter Bunny Cake
Or check out Easter dessert ideas, Easter candy recipes, or chocolate Easter eggs for more recipes.

Easter Dinner Table Décor

Consider the table and your home as a stage where the play of your family's holiday will happen. Do you want to place lilies and deep purple hues around your home? Or go for something more lighthearted? Are you aiming to excite the kids, celebrate old traditions, or impress a special guest? Decorate your table to share what excites you about this holiday.

You'll find plenty of table setting ideas and fun photos to work from at Easter Planning Central.

Buffet or Sit-Down?

Sit Down Dinner

A sit down dinner is probably the most elegant Easter dinner idea. It's also the most work intensive. If you have a large table, the best method is family-style dining. Put all the food in the center and pass it around. Really want to impress your guests? Serve up each dish in the kitchen and bring it out prettily plated. But ask for help-- especially if you're feeding a crowd.

A Traditional Buffet

Holiday buffets are probably the most popular Easter dinner ideas-- and have been for a long time. People get to serve themselves, but you're the one who does all the cooking.

There are lots of ways to set up and decorate a buffet table to make it look special. You'll find lots of suggestions on my Buffet Table Setting page.

Pot Luck Buffet

Easter dinner does not always need to be a large, stressful, sweaty-in-the-kitchen affair. Consider making your dinner into a pot luck buffet with each person making their favorite dish. You might need to do some coordinating with guests, however, to make sure that there is something on the table besides mashed potatoes. In general, people like to have guidelines, so don't be afraid to make requests.

Good weather? Shared picnics in the park are also a great Easter dinner idea-- where peeking in other people's baskets is part of the fun. For an even more personal touch have your guests bring two or three copies of their family recipe to share.

No matter what you choose to make or how you choose to decorate, Easter dinner ideas like these ones are a great way to relieve the monotony of the everyday and make your Easter celebration something that is truly special.

You'll find more great Easter dinner ideas at Easter Dinner Planning Central!

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