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Easter Egg Dye Recipe

With this simple Easter egg dye recipe, making colored Easter eggs is easy, safe, cheap, and fun. Hide 'em for an Easter egg hunt, put them in your kids' Easter baskets... and when you're done have all the deviled eggs you can eat. And do it all without ever having to buy those silly tablets in cardboard packets.

Why go and spend money on those silly egg dye kits... after all, does anybody actually use those little cardboard rabbit faces that come in the kit? Just buy a few stickers, some glitter, and craft glue. Then follow this simple recipe (it comes with several variations). You'll end up with some designer (but totally edible) Easter eggs perfect for decorating, celebrating, and setting up an Easter egg hunt.

Recipe for Coloring Easter Eggs with Your Kids

Simple Easter Egg Dye Recipe

Easter eggs made using this Easter egg dye recipe come out brighter and more vivid than the ones dyed with the tablets-- and they're just as easy to make. The ingredients below are for one egg bath (that is, one color). Of course you'll want to do several. Also, be sure to use glass or metal containers to make this Easter egg dye recipe-- the color may stain china or plastic dishes.

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10 drops of food coloring
1 tsp. white vinegar
1/2 C. boiling water
1 tbsp. oil (optional-- for tie-dyed eggs)

Optional Decorations: glitter
white craft glue
other decorations

Instructions: For each separate color, combine the boiling water, vinegar, and food coloring in a bowl.

Dip hard-boiled eggs in the color of your choice for 3 to 5 minutes. The longer left in the dye, the brighter the egg will be.

Remove from dye, blot excess dye with a paper towel, and set on plastic or parchment paper to dry.

Wanna Save Time?

The most ecological and economic thing is to use the recipes on this page, of course. But can also opt for a color-dye set (I love the one pictured because it's so, so easy) or plastic eggs filled with candy for a basket or an Easter egg hunt. There's not shame in buying it!

Decorating Easter Eggs and Tie Dyed Eggs

Easter Egg Dye Recipe Variations:

-Using tongs, try dipping only half an egg into the dye bath, then dipping the other half in another color.

-For a "tie dyed" Easter egg dye recipe, mix one tablespoon of oil in with the color of your choice. Dip egg in that dye, then blot off excess and set out to dry. Once dry, dip it in another color (if you're not already happy with it as it) to get a cool two-color tie dyed effect.

-Try tape or stickers to section off parts of the egg. This will keep the entire egg from being colored, and lets you get creative combining shapes and colors.

-Use stickers to decorate eggs. Even something as simple as small dot stickers (like the kind used for office tasks) can make fun polka dotted Easter eggs.

-Use glitter and craft glue (or even ribbons, lace, or other decorations) to make designer Easter eggs. Simply apply a thin layer of white glue to a dry, dyed egg and scoop glitter over. Use tape or stickers to section off "glitterless" sections on each egg, or put glitter on only half. Masking tape makes for a nice, clean line between glittered and unglittered halves of an egg.

-To make this Easter egg dye recipe all your own, use a white crayon to draw pictures or write words on eggs before dyeing. The dye shouldn't permeate the crayoned portions.

Color Combinations for Your Easter Egg Dye Recipe

Want to make a rainbow of colors? Follow the guide below to make any color under of rainbow for this Easter egg dye recipe. Amounts of color are measured in drops of food coloring.

Color Desired
Color 1
Color 2
Color 3
Red 10 Drops Red none none
Yellow 10 Drops Yellow none none
Blue 10 Drops Blue none none
Green 10 Drops Green none none
Orange 7-8 Drops Yellow 2-3 Drops Red none
Turquoise 8 Drops Blue 2 Drops Green none
Lime Green 7-8 Drops Yellow 2-3 Drops Green none
Purple 5 Drops Blue 5 Drops Red none
Blue-Violet 7-8 Drops Blue 2-3 Drops Red none
Pink 8 Drops Red 2 Drops Blue none
Brown 7 Drops Red 4 Drops Yellow 2 Drops Green

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