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10 Easter Egg Games:
Fun Egg Hunt Games and More!

Easter brings family and friends together... and it's way more fun if there are a few Easter egg games for everyone to play! Some of the games listed below assume that you have already prepared hard boiled and dyed Easter eggs. Other games ask you to use the small plastic eggs you can purchase. Besides that... they couldn't be simpler!
Spoon race Easter egg hunt game ideaThese 10 Easter egg games are a ton of fun, but I've got more Easter games and activities for kids on other pages. Take a peek at:

My Top 10 Easter Egg Games

1. Egg Hunt Easter Game

The hunt is created when one person hides Easter eggs and a group of kids searches for them. If you're using real eggs, keep count of how many you hide so that afterward you'll know if all of the eggs were found.

Check here to learn about dyeing Easter eggs, and here for some ideas for Easter Egg hunts!

2. Easter Egg "Piñatas" Game

Fill several small plastic eggs with jelly beans, nuts, or small candies and hang them just above the heads of the kids. A ribbon placed in the egg as it is closed works well. Place a sheet below the eggs to catch the loot. Blindfold kids one at a time and give them a short stick to swing at the collection of eggs. Each child keeps candy that falls on their swing.

Like the idea of a traditional Easter piñata game? You can also build a papier-maché egg and fill it with candy for a homemade Easter piñata. Have fun with it!

3. Egg & Spoon Easter Race

This is one of those Easter egg games that will --thankfully-- use up a lot of the energy the kids will take in with all that sugar! In this Easter game, racers rush from a start line to a finish line carrying eggs in a large soup spoon (see the photo above!).

Make it Harder: To make this race harder you can use raw eggs, develop an obstacle course around chairs or over playground equipment or have contestants hold the spoon in their mouth. Kids win by finishing first with the egg still on the spoon. Dropping your egg means returning to the start line.

4. Egg Bowling

Kids bowl plastic eggs down alleys marked by sidewalk chalk. The target is a stuffed bunny or an Easter basket lying on its side. Make it a contest where the child who gets the most eggs in wins a prize.

5. Easter Egg Curling

When coming up with Easter egg games, you'll often see games that play off of an egg's rolling ability... like this one! The object of this game is to get as close to the egg at the center of a circle without touching it. Draw concentric circles in chalk around an egg and have kids roll eggs from the largest outside circle. You are out of the game if you touch the center egg or break your own egg.

6. Blown Egg Race

This race uses eggs with their insides blown out! Place these lightweight eggs on a flat surface like a table or plywood. Give each contestant a straw. Contestants must race their egg to a finish line at the other end of the table using nothing but air through the straw. More difficult than it sounds!

7. Choose Your Own Egg Races

Many variations exist on egg races... so get creative and have fun with it! Some fun options include using just your nose to roll the egg, holding it between your knees (use a plastic egg), or passing an egg from player to player with your chin in order to reach the finish.

8. Swinging Easter Basket

The basket and the egg come together in this Easter egg game. Tie a rope to the handle of a basket and hang the basket from a low tree limb. Fill plastic eggs with bird seed or sand and tape them closed. Party guests can toss the weighted eggs into the basket. For more challenge try letting the basket swing, or assigning somebody to move the basket up and down. This Easter party game is fun because it can be adapted for young kids and adults alike.

9. Humpty's Easter Challenge

Humpty's Easter Challenge is a game that works well for younger kids who are learning their colors. Separate the halves of a dozen plastic eggs of different colors and place these in a bowl. Place an empty egg carton nearby for completed eggs. Give each child a chance to race against the clock and put the eggs back together again. For extra challenge, place the egg carton a short distance away and have kids deliver each egg as it is completed and then run back to work on the next broken egg.

10. Flying Eggs

Often called the egg toss, this Easter egg game gets harder as it goes along. Kids stand arms length apart in pairs. This works best if all the pairs are in a row. Contestants toss a dyed or raw egg to their partner. With a completed toss each person takes a step away from their partner to increase the distance. The toss is repeated. Dropping your egg or breaking it will disqualify the pair.

Write down a list of Easter egg games before you head to Easter day activities and you'll be prepared to have fun!

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