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Easy Halloween Recipes: Great Halloween Party Recipes in No Time Flat

Psst! Wanna hear a secret? These easy Halloween recipes are so easy that many of them aren't even recipes at all. Many are just cute little tricks for putting together and labeling your food and drinks to make them creepy, funny, or gross additions to your Halloween party menu.

Looking for a few recipes that are a little more involved? We have tons more! Just head over to my Halloween Party Recipes Directory from some gross, scary, or just cute recipes that will make one heck of an impression.

Or share your own demented Halloween ideas and recipes here. And get ideas from other visitors' evil imaginations!

Screamin' Cheese Man

Screaming Cheese Man Halloween RecipeThis Halloween party recipe is just too funny for words-- and with a minimal amount of work. You can put him together out of whatever ingredients you like. Soft goat cheese, plain cream cheese, or our famous Three Cheese Cheeseball recipe. With this silly Halloween recipe, it's all about presentation. Just place this poor cheese guy on a festive Halloween tray and watch your guests crack up. And feel guilty for digging in.

This is one of the most easily adjustable easy Halloween recipes you can make. Want to make a smaller Screamin' Man for a small dinner party? Use less cheese. Want a larger one? Simply buy more cheese. Since the rest is just decorating, it's easy to adjust your ingredients. This recipe makes a medium-sized Screamin' Cheese Man, enough to feed about 15 people.

3 (8 oz.) packages soft goat cheese or cream cheese; or
1 recipe Three Cheese Cheeseball; plus
1/3 C. chopped parsley or chives
1/3 C. finely chopped nuts
2 tbsp. poppy seeds (optional) 2 small button mushrooms
3-4 broccoli florets
1 slice from a narrow red bell pepper

Instructions: 1. On your serving platter, form your cheese into a man shape, like that pictured. If the legs and arms are at odd angles, it's gives the impression that he's writhing in pain.

2. Gently press chopped parsley or chives into cheese from the "waist" down to make pants. Make poppy seed "shoes" if desired.

3. Press the finely chopped nuts from the waist to neckline, to make a nut shirt. Leave "hands" bare.

4. Chill until firm, 2-3 hours at least.

5. Decorate the head with button mushrooms for eyes, broccoli hair, and a screaming red pepper mouth.

6. Allow to soften slightly before serving. Surround with your preferred combination of cheese, meats, veggies, and crackers.

Cream Cheese Draculas

Cream Cheese Draculas Halloween party recipesThis is one of those easy Halloween recipes that looks totally cute on your Halloween dinner table. You can make these to decorate a cheese tray or a bowl of chips, or to set out on their own for your Halloween party guests to snack on.

You can also make these fun, easy Halloween snacks with soft goat cheese or any herbed or flavored cheese of your choice. The cheese simply needs to be soft enough to mold, but firm enough to hold its shape. Makes about 15-25 little draculas-- the exact number will depend on how big you make them.

1 (8 oz) pkg. cream cheese, chilled
10 (or more) pitted black olives
1 jar pimentos or roasted red peppers

Instructions: 1. Trim pieces of pimento or roasted red pepper into tiny bloody fangs (as pictured).

2. Cut each black olive in half lenghtwise. Chop another 2-3 black olives into small pieces for use as eyes (green olives also work well for the eyes).

3. Roll a small amount of cream cheese between your palms to make a small oblong ball.

4. Decorate each cheese ball with black olive hair-- the placement of the olive should create a deep widow's peak hairline.

5. Add two small pieces of black olives for eyes. Add your pimento "fangs."

Note: If your cheese is very firm, you may have to let it soften a bit before olives and pimentos will stick.

Maggot Stew Halloween Recipe

It's funny how something as simple --and as good-- as rice or orzo pasta can become disgusting when you call it something else. Like, well... maggots.

This gross Halloween dinner recipe is all about presentation. Stick with plain maggots if you want. Add dollops of green or yellow-colored sour cream. Stick in some creepy severed fingers,, mozzarella eyeballs, or a few plastic flies. Either way... it's gross as could be!

Maggot Stew Halloween Party Recipes

What's fun about the Halloween dinner recipe is that you can make anything into a maggot stew. In this case, we use the black bean soup recipe from our "Part-from-the-Morgue Soup" recipe. You can use your favorite stew or soup, like chili, beef stew, or anything else. This is one of those easy Halloween recipes that's just a simple idea-- you do with it what you want.

1 1/2 C. cooked long-grain white rice, or
1 1/2 C. cooked orzo pasta
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 batch soup or stew of your choice, prepared

Instructions: 1. Cook rice according to package directions. Well-separated grains make the most "maggoty" rice.

2. While rice is still hot and fluffy, toss cooked, salted rice with olive oil. This keeps the grains seperate and makes them glisten.

3. Before serving, spoon rice on top of prepared stew of your choice. Leave on top and do not stir.

4. Watch your guests get really grossed out by this particular addition to your Halloween party menu-- that is, before they chow down.

Other Easy Halloween Recipes and Ideas

For the rest of these easy Halloween recipes, you don't even need a recipe. These are simply fun serving suggestions for everyday foods you can simply buy at the store or make yourself. It's funny how one or two small changes can turn a recipe from an ordinary dish to the perfect easy recipe for Halloween.

Just pop these simple gross Halloween foods into a plain bowl or on a creepy Halloween tray, and you're ready to go. And to gross out.

Dried Scabs

Halloween Dried Scabs Craberries Halloween party

How to Make Them: Purchase dried cranberries or cherries, place them in a bowl, and label accordingly. Voilà! You've got gross Halloween food.

Ready-to-Pop Pimples

Pomegranate Pimples Halloween party Menu

How to Make Them: Disgusting, right? These are just pomegranate kernels-- a healthy treat that, with a gross name, might get the kids eating something other than cake and candy.

Booger Dip

Booger Dip Halloween party recipes

How to Make It: Cheese dip (like Cheese Whiz or any packaged cheese dip-- whatever you like) with green food coloring = booger dip. Gross, kid friend, and oh-so-easy.

The Man-Eating Dip Demon

Dip Creature Easy Halloween Appetizer Fun

How to Make It: When serving a dip, like the spinach dip pictured here, serve it in an oblong loaf of bread cut lenghtwise for a gaping monster mouth. Add pimento-stuffed green olives for eyes. Tell kids to watch their fingers when they go to dip, or they might just be bitten off!

Cute Cheese o' Lantern

Jack o Lantern Cheeseball Easy Halloween Appetizer

How to Make It: Take your favorite cheeseball recipe and add green pepper pieces to create a jack o' lantern face. Use the pepper stem for a pumpkin stem. One of the cutest easy Halloween recipes there is!

Alien Avocado

Alien Avocado Halloween party recipes

How to Make It: Great as a Halloween food table decoration or as a dish of its own. Sprinkle a pitted avocado half with lemon to keep it from browning. Carve out tiny mouth and nose openings, then carve a shallow hollow for each eye. Add two big shiny black olive eyes. Pictured, our Avocado Alien is wearing a cheese sliver headdress-- this is optional.

Pukin' Punkin

Puking Pumpking Halloween Dinner Party Food

How to Make It: How can something as good as guacamole be so gross? To make this grossest of Halloween party recipes, carve a small pumpkin as if he were puking. Serve your favorite guacamole recipe as the puddle of puke in front of him. Place the whole thing on a festive Halloween tray. Laugh at the expressions of disgust on your guests' faces. if they're grossed out enough, you get to eat it all yourself!

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