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Six Oh-so-Delish Edible Centerpieces
for your Party or Wedding

No matter what kind of event you have planned, there's something so fun and irreverent about using edible centerpieces for your table decorations! From pretty fruit trays to candy displays, centerpieces you can eat are a great way to make your guests go ooh and aah over your decorations... that is, if they're the type of guests who tend to talk with their mouths full!

There are lots of different edible centerpiece ideas you can use for your wedding or dinner party. While most are based on brightly-colored fruits and vegetables, you can also make edible party decorations out of:

  • Cookies
  • Candy
  • Chocolates or Truffles
  • Shaped Bread
  • Cakes, cupcakes, and muffins
  • Nuts and seeds
And probably a whole host of other things. After all, something that makes food truly delectable is how it looks... a lot of what we eat is just as gorgeous to look at as it is to eat!

Six Delish Centerpieces You Can Eat

You'll find a lot of fun ideas for edible fruit centerpieces and more below... but there are lots of ways to adapt and play with these ideas to get something fun and unique. All you have to do is take a stroll around your local market and see what looks bright, beautiful, and tasty.

Whether you're looking for centerpieces that are edible or just ones that are pretty and inexpensive, you'll find a ton more centerpiece ideas right here at centerpiece central!

1. Unique "Vegetables Don't Grow on Trees!" Centerpiece

This is one of my favorite ideas for edible centerpieces, because it's not just pretty and vaguely edible... it's actually a snacktastic first course! Whether planning a wedding where guests will have to wait awhile for their meal, or looking for a cool display for your Thanksgiving buffet table, your guests will love this cool, creative, and delicious dip and vegetable centerpiece idea.
Veggie Dip Centerpiece, Edible and Pretty Centerpiece IDea
Putting Together this Centerpiece: This centerpiece starts with a pumpkin, some toothpicks, skewers, and a ton of various sliced vegetables. The veggies are carved or sliced into pretty and interesting shapes (notice the flowers made from sliced bell peppers and black olives!) with snowpeas as leaves for veggie flowers, pretty carved radishes, and long celery sticks (or try green onions!) speared on skewers for stems. Mushrooms, broccoli, peppers, radishes, carrots, tomatoes... it doesn't matter what kind of veggies you use as long as they're bright, fresh, and beautiful.

Making this Tasty Centerpiece Your Own: There are so many things you could do with this edible centerpiece to make it truly your own... just get creative and have fun with it! Some great ideas might be:

  • Swap the pumpkin out for a round, crusty loaf of bread or a melon
  • Make several different kinds of dip, place them in hollowed-out bell peppers, and surround your veggie tree with your dip options
  • Use cookie cutters to cut vegetables into heart shapes (for a wedding), Christmas shapes, etc.
  • For Thanksgiving, cut all your vegetables to look like feathers, and make a turkey
  • Swap out your veggies for fruit and do a sweet fruit dip

And don't forget to take a look here for a great dip recipe!

2. Fancy Cookie Jar Centerpiece

Edible Centerpiece made with pretty pink wedding cookiesI love the look of this edible centerpiece for a wedding or other formal event: it's so pretty and whimsical! But it's also something you could adapt to a lot of different themes and tones... all you've got to do is make a change to your cookies!

Putting Together this Centerpiece: At first glance, this one is easy: this simple table centerpiece has only two elements... the jars, and the cookies. This means you can do just about anything you want. First, you'll need three tall glass containers to hold your cookies. They can be all the same style, as pictured here, or all different. Scour your local flea markets and thrift shops for good ones. Then get going with your cookies!

The cookies for your edible cookie centerpieces can be rustic and homemade (one jar of chocolate chip, one of oatmeal raisin, one of peanut butter, for example) or ordered from a bakery. From pretty, bright colors to simple homemade cookies, they'll be a hit.

Variations on this Cookie Centerpiece: You can play around with this edible centerpiece idea and do a lot with it! It's easily adaptable to just about any event or holiday. Here are some fun ideas to make it your own:

  • Wedding: Sugar cookies in the wedding colors with the bride and grooms names and the wedding date piped/painted on
  • Christmas: Christmas cookies, of course! Or mix them in with candy canes and other Christmas treats
  • New Years: Do star shapes, and decorate your cookies with silver edible glitter
  • Thanksgiving: Make harvest cookies with oatmeal, nuts, and tons of dried fruit
  • Baby Shower: Pink, blue, and yellow sugar cookies in baby shapes
  • Birthday or Casual Event: Brightly colored (those almost neon ones, maybe?) macaroons in three different shades, one per jar... pretty and really fun.

3. Edible Fruit Bouquet Centerpiece

Edible fruit bouquet centerpiece with marshmallowsThis one is a classic in edible centerpieces, so of course we couldn't leave it off this list! Fruit is just about the easiest thing out there to carve into flower shapes: it's brightly colored, a lot of it can be cut with cookie cutters, and everybody loves it. Served with or without a classic fruit dip, a fruit edible centerpiece is always a hit.

How to Make this Centerpiece: Fruit bouquets and centerpieces have become something of a market all their own, and there are lots of different places where you can order them. But... given that the ingredients are generally simple and easy to find, there's no reason to pay a huge mark-up when you can make a do it yourself edible fruit centerpiece.

The centerpiece pictured here is made from pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe, carved into wedges and star-like shapes by hand, along with some chocolate-dipped marshmallows. Simply stick your fruit pieces and marshmallows onto long wooden skewers, and arrange in a receptacle: a vase, as pictured here, or stuck into a pineapple or watermelon half, a halved cabbage, a loaf of bread, or a container filled with small candies, rice, stones, etc. Then... admire and devour your totally gorgeous and edible centerpiece!

4. Cupcake and Candy Centerpiece

DIY Edible centerpiece with cupcakes and candiesThis is one of my favorite ideas for edible centerpieces for an event like a bridal shower or a baby shower-- it's just the type of thing women tend to go nuts over. Cute and creative, this is a great way to decorate your table with your dessert-- two birds, one stone.

How to Make this Centerpiece: The process for putting together this one is probably pretty obvious: all you need is some candy, some cupcakes, and a cool container. The candy and cupcake centerpiece pictured here uses an oversized clear martini glass, which would be a super cute idea for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. But you could also opt for a shallow, clear-glass bowl, several taller glass containers (fill each one with candy an top with a cupcake), a cube-shaped vase, or whatever else you find that is different and fun.

Making this Tasty Centerpiece Your Own: This is one to play with and adjust for your event: switch up the cupcake colors and decorations for different holidays, or play with the candy type or colors used, such as:

  • Blue or Pink cupcakes and candy for a baby shower centerpiece
  • Red and green M&M's and fun Christmas cupcakes for a Christmas centerpiece
  • School colors and grad cap cupcakes for a graduation centerpiece (find more graduation centerpieces right here)
  • Brightly colored Skittles and white or multicolored cupcakes for a birthday party centerpiece

You get the picture... just play around with candies, cupcakes, and color combinations for something totally tasty and a lot of fun.

5. Sweet Strawberry and Candied Fruit Centerpiece

Edible Strawberry Centerpiece IdeaI bet you take one look at the photo for this centerpiece, and think it's one of those edible centerpieces that would be too difficult to make at home, right? Well, you're wrong! This centerpiece is delicious and delightfully pretty... but it's also a lot simpler to make than it looks.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This easy and elegant edible centerpiece starts off with nothing fancier than a cone-shaped piece of stryofoam (or dry florists foam)-- which you can find at just about any craft store. Starting at the top, cleaned whole strawberries are attached to the cone with toothpicks in a spiral pattern. Pretty, simple, and done in about 30 minutes. Place on a tray or pedestal lined with a lettuce leaf, as pictured, or use grape leaves or other decorative foliage.

The version pictured here has chocolate-covered orange segments (you can buy these or make 'em-- I'd probably buy them) inserted as well, but you can change them out for more strawberries, for a few chocolate-covered strawberries (find a recipe here!), or make the whole centerpiece into a chocolate covered strawberry extravaganza-- whatever you feel like doing!

6. Awesomely Edible Italian Centerpiece

Appetizer centerpiece made with mozzarellaNow, for taste alone, this edible centerpiece is by far my fave. Why? Because I have always been a sucker for cheese! But not only is this one, based on a classic ensalata caprese, totally tasty, it's also surprisingly pretty, with pieces of basil looking like leaves, and cherry tomatoes like the tops of little flowers.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This one is another simple and easy centerpiece to make at home. All you need is:

  • Wooden Skewers
  • Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Cherry Pear Tomatoes
  • Basil Leaves

Assemble onto your skewer as pictured here, place in a vase or other container of your choice, and serve as part of a buffet table or as your table centerpiece-- you can even do a huge one if you want to decorate a larger table! Easy and delicious.

Want to amp it up a little? Used carved tomato flowers instead of the cherry tomatoes, or amp up the flavor by marinating your caprese skewers like in this recipe here.

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