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Gorgeos Fall Wedding Centerpieces:
Awesome Autumn Table Decorations

Planning for an autumn wedding? Well, you're one smart wedding planner! Why? Because fall wedding centerpieces and table decorations are among the easiest to put together on any budget. This time of year, your backyards and local markets are just full of beautiful and inexpensive things to use in your wedding decorations.

The ideas for autumn centerpieces you'll find below are perfect for an elegant wedding on a budget, or for any other falltime occasion, like a special Thanksgiving dinner. They look great, most of them are pretty easy to put together, and many of them don't require you to buy flowers at all (or only minimal flowers), which means saving you a load of dough. A bonus? It also means you can do most of the work assembling your homemade centerpieces ahead of time.

So read on for some great ideas for floral and non-floral centerpieces for fall weddings. Most of these are ideas that can be changed around and adapted to what you like, and what you have available cheaply in your area.

Still on the hunt for great ideas? You'll find more ideas for fall wedding centerpieces at Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas Central, including a whole page on fall pumpkin centerpieces and fall themed centerpieces for the Thanksgiving table.

1. Romantic Roses and Fall Foliage Centerpiece

Fall Wedding centerpiece with romantic pink rosesA lot of the fall wedding centerpieces you'll come across --including most of the ones on this page-- will steer more towards warm autumn colors and a pared-down festive elegance. They look pretty and are easy to put together, but they might not be as romantic as traditional wedding centerpieces often are. This centerpiece idea, however, just screams romance!

How to Make this Centerpiece: This centerpiece idea looks really pretty and sweet (and expensive!) for an autumn wedding, but it's actually very simple to put together. All you need to assemble each of these homemade centerpieces is:

  • A dozen long-stemmed dusty pink roses
  • A very simple clear glass vase
  • A round raffia (or other natural-colored) place mat
  • Pinecones and assorted bits of fall foliage
  • Warm, autumn-toned votive candles in glass holders
Arrange these elements prettily on your tables, and you have something very special, warm-looking, casual, and romantic for your fall wedding table decorations. And when you order your flowers at a discount (there are LOTS of places to buy simple flowers like these online), you get a huge price cut compared to what you'd pay a florist. Especially since you'll only need to buy one kind, and in bulk.

2. A Whimsical Wheat Centerpiece for a Wedding

CEnterpiece for an autumn wedding made from wheat and mason jars
Now, of all the fall wedding centerpieces and table decorations on this page, this one right here is going to be my #1 vote for brides and grooms who want to do something special and pretty, but have a very small budget with which to do it. And while it's hard to go cheaper than this centerpiece, it's still pretty, fun, whimsical, and really relaxed-- the perfect thing for a casual, country-themed wedding.

How to Make this Centerpiece: All you have to do is take a look that the photo of this centerpiece to see how simple it is to put together. All you need to make this one is some candles, a large mason jar, some ribbon, a length of burlap, and a sheaf of dried wheat.

In the centerpiece pictured here, a large mason jar is filled with a dark decorative ribbon (this is totally optional-- you could also leave the wheat stalks exposed), then filled with a sheaf of dried wheat and decorated with a bow and placed on a burlap table runner with some candles on either side. The result? Something breezy, casual, autumn-y, pretty... and cheap!

Making this Centerpiece Your Own: Of course, this centerpiece is just about as simple as you can get. But there are ways to dress it up or change it up to match the tone or theme of your wedding (or whatever event you're planning-- this is a great idea for a cheap Thanksgiving table centerpiece, too!). Some fun ideas might be:

  • Swap out the wheat for stalks of dried lavender
  • Change the burlap sacking for gingham for a real country feel
  • Spray paint your mason jar, or stencil a pattern onto it
  • Decorate the table with fall leaves, acorns, mum daisies, etc.
  • Use battery-operated twinkle lights instead of the burlap for a pretty glow

3. A Nutty Natural Wedding Centerpiece

This is one of those fall wedding centerpieces that is a perfect example of using everyday items to elevate your decorations. When it comes to wedding centerpieces, large white pillar candles are as simple as you can get (you can also find some more wedding candle centerpieces ideas here). But add in some inexpensive in-shell hazelnuts, and you've got something really fun and different

Fall wedding centerpiece with nuts, pine, and candles.
How to Make this Centerpiece: This autumn themed centerpiece is just how it looks: you want to start off with chunky white pillar candles of various sizes, different sized-and-shaped clear glass candle holders, and a big bag of hazelnuts in the shell. Place your candles in the holder, add your nuts, and you're done. What could be easier? This is definitely my favorite no-fuss option for assembling make ahead centerpieces for a wedding.

Making this Centerpiece Your Own: Of course, there are lots of different things you could do to adapt this fall wedding centerpiece idea to what you've got handy. You could switch out the hazelnuts for a mix of different in-shell nuts. Or, instead of the pine boughs surrounding the centerpiece, as pictured, use:

  • Fall leaves
  • Small branches
  • Yellow daisies
  • Loose cranberries
  • Kumquats and citrus leaves
  • More nuts (with nutcrackers for eating)
This is one that lets you do a lot of planning, so play around with different elements until you've come up with a centerpiece for your autumn wedding that's 100% your own.

4. Simple Candle and Mason Jar Centerpiece

Wedding centerpiece with fall leaves and candlesThis is another great centerpiece idea for a fall wedding being planned on a small budget. It's made up of all 100% things you already have, can collect for free from your backyard, or can buy very cheaply.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This centerpiece starts with nothing more complicated than clear mason jars of varying sizes. It's hard to see perfectly in the photo here, but in this centerpiece, there is a ton of candlelight-- mason jar candles are placed all the way down the table. This makes it one of those fall wedding centerpieces that looks relaxed and autumn-y... but also sort of extravagant and romantic.

Surround with various bit of fall foliage (in the centerpiece pictured, the central mason jar candles are set up on flat rocks, like a bit of flagstone), such as pine cones, citrus fruits, nuts, autumn leaves (look online to learn how to wax leaves for a centerpiece), and pine boughs. Add a ton of white candles, and you've got something really special to light up your special day.

Just a note: in the centerpiece pictured here, the candles used are tea lights. While I love the three small tea lights in a huge mason jar, these candles might not last long enough to light up your entire reception. You might want to opt for votive candles so they'll last all night.

5. Fall Candle Selection Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece using artisan candles, fall leaves, etc., cheap centerpieceThis is another of those simple fall wedding centerpieces that looks really understated and casual. And it should... because you can't get much simpler than this! And for an evening wedding (especially outdoors) the soft candlelight will give everything a wonderful romantic glow.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This centerpiece consists of nothing more complicated than some autumn leaves, a silver tray, and candles and candlesticks of various sizes in warm fall colors. Opt for deep reds, oranges, warm yellows, and browns. Texture works nicely here, too, so artisan candles are your best bet. Start shopping around in the months before your wedding: you can find unusual candles like this cheaply at stores like TJ Maxx (or TK Maxx in the UK), Ross, Pier 1, or even online-- definitely take a look at eBay.

6. Nuts, Fruits, and Berries Centerpiece

This is one of those that could work for both winter and fall wedding centerpieces-- a lot of the elements work well for both. It's definitely more casual and relaxed in tone, and a bit less romantic-- good for a low-key afternoon wedding or a small family affair. I also love it for a Thanksgiving centerpiece or a Christmas centerpiece!

Fall table centerpiece for a wedding with candles and fruit and nuts
How to Make this Centerpiece: This is one of those centerpieces you can really put together out of whatever you have at home. This one uses a high-sided wooden tray, a large pillar candle, a wreath of dried berries, some nuts, some oranges and tangerines, and some gold-painted leaves. The result is a mostly-edible centerpiece that comes together in no time. You can even spray-paint your own leaves, if you like, for a more homemade feel.

Like the idea of a centerpiece full of things your guests can snack on if they get peckish? Check out this page full of edible centerpiece ideas.

7. Sweet Sunflower and Pumpkin Centerpiece

Of all the fall wedding centerpieces highlighted on this page, I've gotta admit... this one is probably my favorite. If you're planning a wedding with a casual tone but you also want to do something charmingly elegant and expensive-looking, this has got to be the option for you. It's got that perfect combination of casual, young sweetness... but it's also sophisticated.

How to Make this Centerpiece: This one starts off, of course, with a small bundle of sunflowers. In this case, five medium sunflowers are used, with well-trimmed stems (you don't want them too tall). Place in a decorative vase or jug (I love the idea of the traditional blue-painted jug used here... so whimsical!) and surround with various candlesticks (notice the candle in matching blue), pumpkins, and votive candles. So pretty, so simple!

Centerpiece for a wedding with pretty sunflowers and pumpkins
Making this Centerpiece Your Own: Another thing that makes this one of my favorite fall wedding centerpieces is how adaptable it is to different tastes and themes. There are lots of ways to make it a little sweeter, or a lot more sophisticated. Whatever you're into! Some great ideas might be:
  • Swap the jug for a small silver bucket (or a paint can) and use a gingham table runner for a country feel
  • Find a large vintage tin can (like a tomato or pea can) on eBay for your flower container
  • On a colored tablecloth, use a milk-white jug, white candles and candle-holders, and white pumpkins
  • Buy decorative jugs of all shapes, patters, and colors, and do something different on each table
  • Hollow out a pumpkin or gourd and use it as a vase for your sunflowers

No matter what kind of theme or tone you want for your wedding, let yourself be inspired by what's around you! The best wedding reception centerpieces come from what YOU love. Shop thrift stores or eBay for things that catch your eye... and then design your centerpieces around them. Most of all, start early enough that you don't have to stress... you want this process to be FUN!

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