Fourth of July Centerpieces and Table Decoration Ideas

Looking for some ideas for Fourth of July centerpieces that will strike just the right note at your 4th of July party?

The ideas here for patriotic centerpieces and table decorations for the 4th of July are festive, fun, all-American, and really easy to put together. Whether used to decorate the bbq buffet table or as a centerpiece for a more formal 4th of July celebration, these fun centerpieces will be a great decorative focus!

9 Ideas for Fourth of July Centerpieces

You’ll love these ideas for July 4th centerpieces and table decorations. But if you’re looking to decorate for a party, you’ll also find some great decoration ideas and resources for a July 4th celebration right here at Divine Dinner Party. So when you’re done here, take a look at:

1. Patriotic Baubles Centerpiece

Fourth of July Simple Easy Homemade Centerpiece IdeaThink those shiny, delicate glass baubles are only for Christmas? Think again! I love this idea for a festive Fourth of July centerpiece, or just as a decorative patriotic accent anywhere in your home.

Chances are, if you raid you Christmas decorations box, you’ll find enough simple Christmas tree ornaments in shades of red, silver, and blue to decorate with. Fill a bowl with them, or a large, clear glass vase. Or use double sided tape to make an American flag out of baubles in the middle of a large table… or hang them on the wall to make a wall decoration!

2. Stars, Stripes, and Sweets Centerpiece

Red White and Blue Candy Centerpiece July 4This idea is such a cute and simple centerpiece idea for the 4th of July. And rather than being something you have to store all year or throw away when you’re done, this table decoration for the 4th is edible!

To do something similar, simply set up a tray of patriotic 4th of July cookies or cupcakes in the middle of your table. Leave room for patriotic candies (like the red licorice whips pictured here) and little American flags.

You’ll find similar ideas for homemade centerpieces and table decorations for the 4th of July right here!

3. Festive Flags n’ Flowers Centerpiece

Flower and American Flag Centerpiece for a July 4th Dinner Party

Flowers are, of course, always a traditional centerpiece on any table. But you can always have fun with them and dress them up for the 4th with a few simple American flags.

To do something similar to the arrangement pictured here, simply buy some small American flags, add them to your flower arrangement (looks great with red, white, and blue flowers, but it’s not a necessity!), and… you’ve got a ready-made Fourth of July centerpiece done in no time.

4. Message in a Bottle Pennant Centerpiece

This is such cute idea for a table decoration for the 4th of July. Take any old bottle you have lying around the house or can pick up at the thrift store. Then, using cardboard and fabric, or poster board, create 4th of July pennants for your bottles.Bottle Pennant Centerpiece Idea Homemade 4th of July Decoration

If you’re going to be decorating various tables with this 4th of July centerpiece, make each pennant a little different. Add glitter, ribbon, and other embellishments, and give each pennant a different message, like:

  • “4th of July”
  • “USA”
  • “Happy Birthday America!”
  • “God Bless the USA”
  • “Home of the Brave”
  • “Land of the Free”
  • “America the Beautiful”

You get the idea. Let the kids help, and have fun with it!

5. Red, White, and Blue Buckets of Flowers

Simple Red White and Blue Floral July Fourth CenterpiecesThis is one of my favorite elegant and simple Fourth of July centerpieces. It looks especially good if you’ve got several tables to decorate, and can alternate colors from table to table.

To do this, get bouquets of red flowers (carnations work well) bouquets of blue, and bouquets of white flowers. On one table, place a red and white bucket with blue flowers. On another, a blue and white bucket with red flowers. And on another, a red and blue bucket with white flowers. Each centerpiece will fit your patriotic theme, but each one will be a little bit different! A surprisingly simple but pretty centerpiece idea.

Can’t find patriotic flower buckets to use? But little metal buckets or even terra cotta plant pots, and paint them yourself! It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s unique, and (like most homemade 4th of July decorations) you can use them again next year.

6. Patriot’s Pinwheels Simple Centerpiece

Pretty Pinwheels Centerpiece or Decoration for a Fourth of July PartyWhether you make your 4th of July pinwheels at home or buy them online, they can make really great Fourth of July centerpieces and decorations. Like little spinning fireworks!

To make these centerpieces, instead of flowers, fill a vase with festive patriotic pinwheels. Or, as pictured, place your pinwheels in a bucket or plant pot (a red, white and blue-painted one would look great) simply filled with sand. Or add pinwheels to your existing centerpiece for a fun and patriotic touch.

I love that this effect is casual, fun, and inexpensive… but looks really creative and cute.

7. Fruit Bowl Edible July 4th Centerpiece

Festive Fruit Edible Patriotic 4th of July Table Centerpiece Idea, Easy!This is another edible Fourth of July centerpiece that your guests will ooh and aah over! All you need to create this is a large watermelon, and a little skill with a knife to cut out the stars. Cutting this patriotic watermelon fruit bowl is really just like carving a pumpkin… just plan ahead, draw your pattern, and carve with care. Then hollow out the watermelon and use the fruit in a salad or in a patriotic drink!

You can fill this bowl with red, white and blue fruits (like strawberries, blueberries, and banana, apple, or star fruit) or with your favorite fruit salad recipe. Decorate the edge with a few little American flag toothpicks,and you’ve got a perfect table decoration/dessert.

8. Simple and Easy Mason Jar Centerpiece

Marble Mason Jar Centerpiece with American Flags for the Fourth of JulyI’m not sure what it is about this simple concept for a table decoration for the 4th of July that I love. I guess something about the simple mason jar and the old-fashioned marbles seems very American. It’s like a little bit of Americana in a jar!

To do this, simply pick up some vintage marbles in patriotic colors (thrift stores are good places to look) and some small American flags. Fill up a mason jar, and you’re ready to go.

I also imagine this would be a cute –and still very American– Fourth of July centerpiece if you used red, white, and blue gumballs in place of the marbles.

9. Patriotic Cupcake Centerpiece

Cupcakes as a Centerpiece for a Fourth of July Dinner TableIf you spent a lot of time and effort putting together some really cute 4th of July cupcakes, why not put them on display? Cupcakes and other desserts make great centerpieces when used correctly.

To make your cupcake centerpiece for the 4th of July, simply arrange your festive cupcakes on a cupcake tree or any other kind of tiered tray. But warn your guests not to eat the decorations until it’s time for dessert!

Also a good idea if you plan to make an American flag cake! They’re so festive and pretty, why not use them as decorations, too?