Fourth of July Yard Decorations: Fun Ideas for Outdoor July 4th Decorating

Fun, festive, and patriotic Fourth of July yard decorations are a great way to show your Independence Day spirit!

If you’re planning a 4th of July party, your outdoor 4th of July decorations are also a great way to set to set the stage for your event! The more festive your decorations, the more festive your atmosphere will be… and that’s what you’re looking for, right?

While your outdoor decorations can have a lot of oomph, you’ll want to think about indoor and table decorations, too! So when you’re done on this page, wander by 4th of July Party Ideas and Planning Central, where you’ll find pages about:

Traditional Outdoor 4th of July Decoration Ideas

While there are lots of ways to get creative with your Fourth of July yard decorations (and I’ll talk a lot more about those sorts of ideas below!), there are lots of standard outdoor decorations for the 4th of July that you’ll see people use every year. Some of those are:

  • Traditional 4th of July Bunting: Bunting in cloth or plastic in red white and blue.
  • Balloons: Red, white, and blue balloons should be an indispensable part of your decorations!
  • Door Covers: An American flag door cover is a quick way to “Americanize” your home.
  • Flags: Flags, flags everywhere. It’s what the holiday is about, after all, right?
  • Banners: Whether plain (but giant!) American flags or festive Independence Day messages, these always pack a big visual punch.

5 Creative Ideas for Fourth of July Yard Decorations

There are always some traditional store-bought or homemade decorations you’ll want to use as part of your Fourth of July yard decorations every year. But there are also lots of great ways to get creative with your decorating… and have that patriotic house that cars will slow down to look at when they pass by. And that people will love to come to for a 4th of July party!

1. Flag and Star Hangings… Everywhere!

Stars Stripes and Red White Blue Everywhere Decorations for the Fourth of JulyNow, this house looks unbelievably patriotic… there’s red, white, and blue everywhere! But even Fourth of July yard decorations this extravagant can be surprisingly easy to pull off.

How to Do it: Want to get a similar look for your own home? A lot of this is accomplished with either homemade or store-bought patriotic cut outs for the windows. They’re fun and easy to put up, they look great, and on this house they’re everywhere!

Adding bunting and American flags to strategic places on the front of your home can also be a great way to draw the eye to your patriotic decorations with bold splashes of color. And don’t forget things like red, white, and blue wind spinners, banners, and ribbons.

For some holidays, there’s no such thing as too much!

2. Red, White, and Blue Garden

Garden for the 4th of July Outdoor Decoration in Red White and BlueI love the way this yard actually is the Fourth of July yard decoration here! It’s totally transformed.

How to Do it: To do similar decorations at home, simply plant or buy red white and blue flowers and put them in your flower beds before the holiday… as a bonus, you can leave them in and they’ll keep looking great well into the summer. Add some red, white, and blue garden accessories and a flag, and you have a festive and patriotic garden paradise that will really draw the eye!

3. Wooden Stars and Bunting

Festive Bunting and Stars Decorations Outdoors for the 4th of JulyThis is a great way to do your backyard or outdoor 4th of July decorations. It’s festive, it’s classic, and it’s easy to put together. This look simply combines classic 4th of July bunting (you can make your own or buy it!) with homemade hanging wooden stars in red, white, and blue.

How to Do it: To make the stars, you’ll need a jigsaw or a dremel and some relatively thin pieces of wood. Mark your stars on the wood in pencil (a stencil really helps), cut out with care, drill a small hole for hanging, sand all the edges, and paint in red, white, and blue. Hang all over your porch or the front of your house.

As a bonus, you can use these stars year after year, and even bring them out to decorate for other holidays, like Christmas.

Also, be sure to check my page on homemade 4th of July decorations for more ideas like this one! 

4. Shabby Chic Wooden Wall Flag

Patriotic Hanging Flag Yard Decoration for the 4th of JulyThis is such a neat idea for a Fourth of July yard decoration that looks a lot more complicated than it actually is!

How to Do it: To do this, all you need is some paint in red, white, and blue, a star-shaped sponge, and a small length of wooden garden fencing (you can use old fencing for a shabby-chic look like the one here, or buy new fencing).

Cut your piece of fencing to the desired length to make a large flag-shaped rectangle. Paint a portion of the upper left corner of the rectangle blue. Paint alternating slats of your fencing red and white. When the blue has dried, dab on white paint with star shaped paint sponge. Dry and hang– it becomes a really festive and patriotic Fourth of July yard decoration that you’ll be able to use year after year.

5. USA Patriotic Chinese Lantern Display

Festive Red White and Blue Patriotic Lanterns Yard Outdoor DInner Table Decoration July 4I love the way Chinese lanterns can be used indoors or outdoors as 4th of July decorations! They’re inexpensive, they’re festive, they’re easy to hang, and they take up little storage space, making them easy to store year after year.

How to Do it: To use lanterns like these as Fourth of July yard decorations, you can either buy white Chinese lanterns and paint them in patriotic colors and patters, or you can buy pre-made patriotic lanterns and use those.

To copy the look here, hang a large group of lanterns over your party area, combining different sizes, patterns, and colors for a festive patriotic look. Have fun with it, and don’t worry about doing too much… on the 4th of July, there’s no such thing as “too much!”