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Free Christmas Cookie Recipe
Ideas that Kids Will Love

This free Christmas cookie recipe page is full of super silly kid cookie recipes that your children will love to make (and eat)! And, as a bonus, they're all no-bake, so you don't have to worry about burnt fingers or taking up space in the oven-- you can make these together while dinner is cooking, even.

It'll be hard to get to kids to stop eating the Christmas cookie decorations!

Making cookies is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays with your kids. And while your adult taste-buds might crave a simple, not-too-sweet shortbread, sometimes you have to give in to the kid in you! Make one batch of these super cute kid-friendly Christmas cookies with (or for) your children, and you may forget you're an adult. At least, until it's time to clean up the mess.

Find more kid-friendly free Christmas cookie recipe ideas here. (Oven reqired!)

Seriously Fun (and Totally Easy)
Kid Cookie Recipe Ideas

Christmas is the Cookie Holiday!
Kid Recipe: Design Your Own Santa

Don't make these easy children Christmas cookies for Santa! He might be a little offended. The best part of this free Christmas cookie recipe? How great it tastes-- using white chocolate to decorate is much tastier than a sugary frosting. The second best? How great they look, and how much fun kids have making (and eating!) them.

Tasty No-Bake Santa Cookies

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2 (6 oz. each) pkgs. white chocolate baking squares, chopped
1 (16 oz.) pkg. Nutter Butter cookies
red decorative sugar crystals
32 vanilla or white chocolate chips
64 mini chocolate chips
32 small red-hot candies

Instructions: 1. In microwave over low heat, melt white chocolate, stirring occasionally, til just melted

2. Dip one end of each Nutter Butter cookie into the melted white chocolate for the top part of Santa's head. Place cookie on a wire rack.

3. While chocolate is still warm, sprinkle red sugar on top part of chocolate to make Santa's red hat. Quickly press one white chocolate or vanilla chip for ball on Santa's hat (place it off to one side). (You can also use half of a mini-marshmallow for a fluffy ball.)

4. Let stand on wire rack til set.

5. When set, dip "bald" end of each cookie into the white chocolate (rewarm in microwave if necessary) for Santa's beard. Don't cover center of cookie-- gotta leave room for Santa's face! Place again on wire rack.

6. Using a small amount of melted white chocolate as glue, attach chocolate chips for Santa's eyes and a red-hot candy for his nose.

7. Place cookies on waxed paper until set.

8. Makes 32 cookies.

Tip: To make this free Christmas cookie recipe even more fun, use different types of candy for Santa's face. Mini M&Ms of all colors work great for eyes (check out the photo), nose, whatever. Take a look at the candy aisle for small candies of the right size-- let the kids get creative!

Nutter Butter Santa Cookies, No-Bake
See both the mini M&M's and mini chocolate chips for eyes?

Medium-Rare, Please!
One of the Weirdest Kid Cookie Recipes

This free Christmas cookie recipe (or anytime recipe!) is just too much fun. The best thing to do is make up all the bits and pieces ahead of time, and let the kids help assemble. Sometimes it's hard to get the burger to look just right, so if you wanta perfect presentation you might want to make these up and let the children do what they do best: eat them! Either way, they're cute and tons of fun.

Cute little Nilla Wafer Cheeseburger Christmas Cookies (No-Bake)

Looking for a decorative "cookie" recipe for making Christmas ornaments? Try our Cinnamon Dough Ornaments recipe. You can't eat 'em, but they smell great!

One Sweet Cheeseburger No-Bake Cookies

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1 (12 oz) box vanilla wafer cookies (Nilla wafers)
1 egg white, lightly beaten
2 Tbsp. sesame seeds
1 C. sweetened shredded coconut
1 (10 oz) box Grasshopper (chocolate-covered peppermint) cookies

1/2 C. butter, softened
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. almond extract
2 1/2 C. powdered sugar
pinch salt
2-3 tbsp milk
food coloring (green, red, yellow)

1/2 C. toasted slivered almonds (optional)

Instructions: 1. Place vanilla wafers (don't use any cracked or chipped cookies) on two trays. Make one tray of 35-40 wafers flat-side up, and one tray of 35-40 wafers flat-side down.

2. Brush tops of round-side up wafers with egg white, then sprinkle with sesame seeds and set aside.

3. Prepare green coconut "lettuce." Place coconut a small, sealable container. Add several drops of food coloring (green). Shake well. Check for saturation of color, add more food coloring if necessary. (The greener the lettuce, the better the finished cookie will look!) Let sit.

4. Prepare frosting. Combine all frosting ingredients (except food coloring) in a medium mixing bowl, and mix with an electric mixer til smooth. The final frosting should be fairly thin, but not watery. Add milk to thin if necessary.

Decorating Cheeseburger Christmas Cookies with Frosting Ketchup and Mustard5. Divide prepared frosting into three parts. One bowl should contain half the frosting recipe, and the other two should contain approx. one-quarter of the recipe each.

6. Color the larger bowl of frosting to make "cheese" frosting, using red and yellow food coloring to get an orange tint to your liking.

7. Color one of the smaller bowls of frosting yellow, to make mustard. Color the other red, to make ketchup. (Bright red can be difficult to make-- try "Super Red" gel food coloring, or simply buy red pre-mixed frosting in a tube, if desired.)

8. Spoon each batch of frosting into a separate sealable plastic bag. Cut off the corner with scissors-- this will distribute frosting evenly.

9. Assemble cheeseburger cookies. Alternate three-four dabs each of ketchup and mustard on edge of flat-side of Nilla wafers (see above photo). Sprinkle with coconut lettuce. Top with burger cookie (Grasshopper or thin mint). Press gently.

10. Squeeze a nice amount of orange cheese frosting (see photo at bottom) on top of burger. Top with sesame-sprinkled wafer. Press gently.

11. Repeat for all cookies.

12. Serve with slivered toasted almond "French fries," if desired. SO cute!

13. Makes 35-40 cookies.

Tip: To make assembling this kid cookie recipe a bit easier (both for the kids and for you!), try shaving the rounded part of the bottom Nilla wafer "bun" with a butter knife before setting it on the tray. This will give you a more stable surface for assembling your burger.

Adding Cheese Frosting decoration to Christmas cookie burger
Generous dollop of "cheese" frosting.

The Holly-Jolliest Free Christmas Cookie Recipe

This kid-friendly free Christmas cookie recipe tastes just like Rice Krispy treats (but made with cornflakes), and looks perfect for the holidays. Another thing that makes this a great free Christmas cookie recipe for the kids-- eat enough, and they turn your tongue green!

Super Jolly Holly Cookies (No-Bake)

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Marshmallow Cornflake Holly Shaped No-Bake Christmas Cookies

5 tbsp butter
20 lg. marshmallows
2 C. corn flakes
1/2 tsp. green food coloring
red-hot candies
waxed paper

Instructions: 1. Using a double boiler, melt butter. Add a few marshmallows at a time, and stir until they are completely melted before adding more.

2. Remove from heat. Stir in green food coloring until evenly distributed. The marshmallow mixture should be a very bright green.

3. Gently stir cornflakes into marshmallow mixture.

4. Drop spoonfuls of cornflake mixture onto waxed paper to make holly bunches.

5. While still warm, place three red-hot candies on each cookie to make holly berries. If you like, you can substitute red mini M&Ms.

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