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The Best Free Drinking Games Online

Surfing the net for some free drinking games online to play at your next party? You're in the right place. Here you'll find some of the best free beer drinking games. With minimal supplies --besides a nice load of booze-- these fun drinking card games will definitely spice up (or beer up!) your next dinner party or boring Friday night.

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Free Drinking Games Online: Jet

Bottles of 
Alochol for Online Drinking GamesSummary and Supplies: Jet is a simple number game that goes around in a circle. The more you drink the harder it gets, so watch out! No supplies needed (except lots of booze!).

The Game:

  • For the sake of this example, we'll pretend there are ten people in this group. Begin by saying any number from one to nine. If there were eight people, you would choose a number between one and seven, etc. The max number should be one number less than the number of guests, or else it will simply come back to you.
  • Okay... let's say you choose three. The third person to your right (clockwise) has to say a number. So she says four. The fourth person to her right says a number. Simple, right?
  • It gets harder. Players can also use negative numbers. So if you say seven and the seventh person to your right says -7, it goes right back to you.
  • When somebody messes up (by speaking out of turn or not realizing it's their number), they take a drink.

Free Drinking Games Online: Thumbmaster

Summary and Supplies: This is one of the simplest free beer drinking games you can play. All you need is some friends, booze, and a thumb, and you can play this all through your dinner party.

Take a look at the video below to see how Thumbmaster is played.

The Game:

  • All you need to do to get this fun drinking game started is quickly explain the simple rules. You'll start off as Thumbmaster, and a new Thumbmaster will be assigned as the night goes on.
  • At some point, you will place your thumb on the table. Be discreet about it, or the point will be lost. As people notice your thumb on the table, they must place theirs on the table, too.
  • The last person to place their thumb on the table must drink (this is a slow game so you can assign a number of drinks if you wish), and is the new Thumbmaster for the next round.
Note: This is one of those free beer drinking games that can be ruined if you overdo it, so it's best to wait a few minutes between rounds. This is a good game to play while playing something else, such as Jet (above).

Free Drinking Games Online Video:
Playing a Game of Thumbmaster

There's lots of laughing, drinking, and some cursing in this video (as well as some confusion about who, exactly is Thumbmaster) so watch with discretion.

Free Drinking Games Online: Word Builder

Summary and Supplies: This drinking game doesn't require any supplies at all, and though it sounds simple, it's actually pretty hard.

The Game

  • Begin the game by saying a letter. In this example, we'll have you think of R.
  • The next player thinks of a word that begins with R (but does not say it aloud) and says the second letter in that word. R, then E (thinking of "Retail").
  • The next player thinks of a word that begins with RE, and says the third letter. R, E, then L (thinking of "Relax").
  • Continue this way.
  • The person who finishes a word must take a drink.
  • It's easy to cheat (giving letters with no real word in mind), so any player may challenge another player's letter at any time. If the player challenged did not have an appropriate word in mind, they must take a drink. If they did, the incorrect challenger must. Then a new round begins.

"R" (BR for "breakfast")
"A" (BRA for "branch")
"W" (BRAW for "brawl")
??? "I don't know!" Player must drink

Free Drinking Games Online: "The Rules"

Hanging a Rules Drinking Game PosterSummary and Supplies: This is one of those free beer drinking games that you can play during a whole evening. All you need is plenty of booze, and a white board or poster board on which to display the rules.

The Game:

  • Come up with 5-6 drinking game rules that your party guests must follow during the entire evening. Anybody who breaks a rule has to drink-- it's that simple.
  • You can come up with any rules you like, but some popular ones are:
  • -No gesturing with your hands
  • -No saying names
  • -No laughing at your own jokes
  • -No saying a particular word (such as "is")
  • -"Little Green Man" (Each player must pretend a little green man sits on top of his or her drinking glass, and must politely remove him when drinking and replace him when finished.)

Free Drinking Games Online: The Peg Game

Summary and Supplies: All you need to play this fun drinking game is a light plastic clothes pin. This can be played throughout the evening as part of another game.

The Game:

  • Give the plastic clothes pin or peg to the first pegger. Their job is to secretly attach the clothes pin to another player without their notice.
  • The pegger then steps away from the pegged, and begins to count to 10 out loud. All players will search for the peg on their hair and clothes.
  • If they find the peg before the 10 seconds are up, nobody drinks (you can also choose to punish ineffective pegging by making the pegger drink).
  • If the peg is not found before that time is up, the pegged must take a shot or finish the rest of his or her drink. They are now the new pegger.
  • This works best if players wait plenty of time between peggings. It's also fun as the group gets more tipsy-- it gets easy to forget who has the peg!

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