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Great Free Printable Party Games:
Time to Get the Party Started

Just open and print the free printable party games you'll find below (all in PDF), and your dinner party (or whatever party) will practically run itself. Playing these fun printable games couldn't be any easier-- all the work is done for you. Here, you'll find rule & supply lists, printable drawing and question sheets, and perfectly clear and easy to follow instructions. The games are simply categorized by type, and each of these free printable party games will print out on its own sheet-- organized, easy-to-use, and (of course) lots of fun.
Here you'll find fun printable games to play at the table during a dinner party, entertaining icebreakers to play with a group of new friends, and great drinking games (bring a bottle!) to bring the night to a satisfyingly rowdy end.

To use these free printable party games, simply open them up in Adobe Acrobat Reader (almost everybody had this program-- if you don't, click here to download it for free) and print them out on your printer at home. Only interested in playing one or two games? Simply choose which pages you want to print. That easy.

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Free Printable Party Games:
Party Icebreakers

Download Printable Icebreaker Games Here Here you'll find lots of great icebreaker party games to play at your dinner party or gathering. These are the perfect games for groups of strangers or distant acquaintances.

Some of these dinner party icebreakers great for playing around the dinner table. Others are best during cocktails or appetizers. All of them will get your dinner party guests talking and getting to know each other like old friends.

Simply click the thumbnail to open the pdf in your browser. It'll open in a new window (or tab).

Don't want a PDF? Go to our Icebreaker Party Games Page to view these games on our site.

Free Printable Party Games:
After Dinner Games

Download After Dinner Games PDF These games are the perfect way to end a dinner party. When everybody is full and lazy and happy, what's better than getting them to run around trying to pick up cereal boxes with their teeth?

You can also see our After Dinner Party Games on their own page. Just click here. But the printable drawing and question sheet for Evil Pictionary are only available on the PDF. Sorry.

Or... go to our main party game page for more fun party game ideas.

Free Printable Party Games:
Dinner Table Games

Downloadable Dinner Table Games These great dinner table games are an easy (and really fun) way to liven things up at the dinner table. After all, there's nothing more awkward than total silence at a dinner party. With these free printable party games, you'll have no problem keeping conversation flowing. In fact, you may be hard-pressed to get your guests to eat.

If you prefer to check out these Dinner Table Games on their own page, click here.

Click thumbnail to open PDF (opens in a new window).

Free Printable Party Games:
Drinking Games

Download our Great Drinking Party Games These printable drinking games are a fun (if somewhat messy) way to end a party or dinner party. Your guests will remember it as the most fun they've had in a long time... that is, if they remember the night at all.

These drinking games are easy to play and require almost no supplies... just make sure to have your guests bring some booze along, or they may just drink you out of house and home.

See these drinking games on their own page. Or check out the ultimate drinking game, Kings Cup, below.

Free Printable Party Games:
Kings Cup Drinking Game

Kings Cup Drinking Card Game PDFKings Cup really deserves a page to itself. This is the ultimate drinking card game. Our Kings Cup Printable PDF comes complete with instructions and a full rule listing for each card. Easy to play... and with this game, everybody wins (or loses-- depends on how you look at it).

Click here to see this game online, and to check out the video with instructions for setting up Kings Cup.


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