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Fun Easter Activities:
Easter Games to Play, Easter Crafts, and More

Between the food and the family, Easter would not be complete without some fun Easter activities to do with the kids!

While the possibilities are endless, on this page you'll find some great ideas for Easter games to play with the kids, Easter crafts to put together, some egg-themed silliness, and family time ideas to get you started.

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Simple Easter Crafts Ideas for Kids

Warm spring air encourages the most in our creative nature... and crafts can be one of the most fun Eater activities to do with your kids. Even if --like me-- you happen not to be blessed with artistic talent, your family can make simple crafts to celebrate the Easter season. It's all about having fun together, after all!

1. Flying Easter Doves Craft Project

These lightweight decorations are made from eggs that have their insides blown out. The smaller end of the egg is decorated with two small black eyes and an orange beak of felt or paper. White feathers are glued on to make wings and a tail. Because the blown-out egg is so light, your dove really flies if you tuck fishing line in at tail and use the beak as a hanger.

2. Tissue Paper Egg

Use up any brightly colored tissue paper you have lying around by having kids and adults decorate egg shapes. Torn pieces of tissue paper are glued in patterns to "dye" the egg. If you like, you can also use small bits of felt or fabric for contrast when the egg is hung in the light.

3. Handprint Paper Lilies

This is such a simple and fun Easter activity! The lily, a traditional symbol of Easter, is made by tracing a child's hand and using that as the petals of the flower. The hand is curled around the palm and stapled to a craft stick or straw. The fingers are gently curled away from the center to make a lily shape.

4. Planting Spring

I love this simple Easter craft. Painted flowerpots are very simple to make, last forever, and encourage everyone young and old to play with color. As a bonus, small terra cotta pots are inexpensive and quick to paint at a family gathering or before an egg hunt.

Give everybody a pot to paint, some paints and brushes, and a lot of newspaper to do it on. Let your painted Easter pots dry while eating Easter dinner or playing Easter games. Then send one home with each kid, along with a pack of seeds to plant in them!

5. Naturally Dyed Eggs

Children love to experiment! So while traditional egg dye recipes are fine, naturally dyed eggs can be a lot more fun! Plus, using natural dyes to color eggs is a perfect opportunity to sneak in some education. Let children pick materials to make dyes and... see what happens!

Check here to learn how to color Easter eggs naturally.

Fun Family Activities and Game for Easter

Holiday gatherings can seem a little long if you don't have some fun Easter activities that will keep the whole family involved and engaged. Keeping the focus on family and fun creates treasured memories for the future-- and that's what the holidays are all about! Here are some ideas that can keep everyone playing together in creative ways that don't involve a lot of money or preparation.

1. Easter Riddles

Kids' riddles are often silly but very memorable. Take turns sharing riddles like the classic one that asks "How do you kill a unique rabbit? You ‘neak up on it!" Print up a sheet of Easter riddles and make solving them together a family activity!

2. Share Easter Stories

When coming up with fun Easter activities for your kids, take advantage of the resources around you! During the holiday, your community library will likely have afternoon story time with a focus on Easter stories. These events are frequently free and your family can meet other families in your area who celebrate Easter.

Want to keep it more personal? Remember that fun Easter activities can be inspired by the past-- and can be a good way to create new traditions. Read the story of Peter Rabbit together, or choose a member of the family to read one page each. Another idea is to have the kids act out the story as it is read aloud! This is the sort of Easter idea that will create traditions for years to come. And that your kids may decide to do with their kids some day!

3. Jelly Bean Guessing Game

This fun Easter activity is ultra easy, silly, and will give the kids something to think about all day long. Fill a clear jar with carefully counted jelly beans or candy eggs. Have your family guess how many jelly beans are in the jar and arrange a prize for the person closest to the correct number. Leave the beans out all day, during Easter dinner and any other activities, and ask for a count at the end of the afternoon.

4. Easter Fashion Show

Easter is a time for new clothes to celebrate the spring (I should know, since I begged my mother for a new --expensive!-- Easter dress every year!). so why not put on a fashion show? Celebrate your new (or old) outfits with a parade of costumes. Children can have fun dressing up the adults and even being an announcer describing the look.

Egg Themed Easter Games and Activities

Around the world, eggs are the absolute favorite focus for all kinds of fun Easter activities. There are hundreds of playful games, dyes, patterns, and crafts that involve eggs. Some activities require a lot of supplies while others are simpler. Here are just a few Easter games to play with eggs:

1. Big Egg

Make large egg-shapes out of poster board and let the kids go nuts! Provide paints, tissue paper, glitter, glue-ons, etc., and see what happens. Or provide a theme, and have the kids work within the same idea. For older kids (who are probably not inspired by bunnies!) have them paint their eggs in modern colors, tattoo designs or with rub-on images. Sports fans can create eggs for their favorite teams. Get creative! Award prizes for the best egg within each age group or theme.

2. Egg-y Hunt and Quiz

Do a traditional Easter egg hunt with a twist. After the hunt is over, participants play a quiz game on Easter facts. Kids and adults can hand in their eggs (empty is okay) in order to answer questions and win a bigger prize.

The whole point of Easter games to play is to have fun! Fortunately, the only real key to setting up fun Easter activities for the family is having a clear sense of celebration... and doing just a little bit of planning.

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