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Fun Easter Ideas:
Games, Easter Baskets, Fun Food, and More

Baskets and egg hunts aren't the only fun Easter ideas for your family. Fun is easy to find this time of year-- both for kids and for adults. This is a good time to "think outside the basket." Create some fun adventures for your kids. Bring Easter baskets into the 21st century. And have some fun and play with your food.
Every part of your holiday can be touched with laughter and fun if you remember to plan a little ahead of time and always keep in mind the things that are most important to you. All you need is a little imagination and a few easy to get supplies.

Playing Easter Games with the Kids

Playing games is a really fun Easter idea... and a fantastic part of any Easter celebration with your kids. Take a few minutes to grab the supplies for a few simple games and put them in a bag to take with you on Easter, or to use at home. A few ideas for Easter fun games are:

  • Set up spoon and egg races with plastic eggs and a little bit of driveway or grass.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to create bunny trails and spring flowers as big as the kids.
  • Play Easter hopscotch by using plastic eggs instead of rocks.
  • Check here for more fun Easter activities and ideas!
Fun Ideas for Easter
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Encourage everyone to play so that kids and grown-ups laugh together. Give candy and fun prizes to the winners... and to the kids who don't win, too.

Have Fun with Easter Baskets

Both big kids and little ones enjoy Easter baskets hidden by that ever-elusive Easter Bunny. This year, rather than leaving the baskets on the dining room table, here are some fun Easter ideas for Easter baskets.

Hunting for Baskets. The wild hunt for Easter baskets is more than half the fun. You can get kids searching for their private basket with a trail of paper carrots or paper rabbit tracks, evenly spaced jelly beans, or a wild weave of yarn that takes them indoors and out.

Dress Up Your Treats. Need another use for those jelly beans? How about sweetly edible carrots? Make plastic cones using scrapbook vellum (or inexpensive pastry decorating bags) and fill the cones most of the way with orange jelly beans. Add a few green jelly beans for the carrot's top. Tuck green tissue paper in the open top of the cone and secure using a wire tie. You can even snug these into your not yet ready garden or flower beds as the first signs of spring.

Homemade Treats for Fun Easter Baskets
Go Homemade. Pre-packaged Easter candy is always an easier option, of course. But homemade candy is healthier, tastier, and a bit more special. As a bonus, since it doesn't keep as long, you don't need to give your child as much of it-- making it a fun Easter idea that's probably better for them, too. You can find some recipes for Easter treats and candy at:

Think Outside the Candy. Not all of the fun Easter ideas for kids' baskets revolve around candy. A healthier (and probably more fun) version of a traditional Easter basket is a personalized Easter gift basket. Fill a basket with your kids' favorite fun items, from bubbles to sidewalk chalk to nail polish.

I've got a ton of ideas for kids' Easter basket items here at Divine Dinner Party. Take a look at:

Easter Baskets for Teens and adults

Easter Basket fun ideas for older kidsEaster baskets aren't always for kids and you may need to think outside the basket for fun fillers for older recipients-- like teenage kids or adult family members.

Think beyond packaged candy to the possibility of fresh fruit, a few pieces of organic candy, travel accessories, gourmet coffee, loose teas or reusable shopping bags in spring colors.

Easter Basket Picnic. This is such a fun Easter idea! Even if your family has given up the baskets from the bunny, pack one of your favorite colorful baskets with a picnic lunch and visit other animals at the Zoo or a nearby park. You can even grab your camera and take some very nice portraits using natural light and the spring colors as backdrop. Have both adults and kids pretend they are models in a photo shoot (or photographers) for the "best Easter ever" magazine article.

There are a ton of fun Easter ideas you can do that don't involve traditional Easter baskets at all.

Teaching Kids about Giving

Not all fun Easter ideas have to focus on what your kids receive... they can also be about giving! You can have fun with healthy snacks and giving if you know where to look.

Treats for the Bunny. At Christmastime, Santa often gets a tasty cookie treat and sometimes even the reindeer get hay. Do the same for Easter! The Easter bunny could use some strength for carrying all those baskets around, so help your children bake a sweet and healthy treat for the bunny. Oatmeal raisin cookies or your favorite trail mix will certainly inspire.

Choose Gifts for Others. Easter is also a good time to teach about giving. Let your child pick a toy for someone else and set it out for the Easter bunny to "deliver" in another basket as he makes his hopping rounds. Or go together to drop it off somewhere to be given to less fortunate kids.

Fun with Easter Food

Easter Basket Cupcakes Fun IDeasAfter all the fun of the day, don't forget to play with your food, too! No special tools are required to shape sugar cookies as eggs, baskets or bunnies. If you happen to have cookie cutters in Easter shapes, try using them to stamp bread before toasting or to cut perfect kid-shaped sandwiches. Check out Easter Dinner and Party Recipes for recipes and ideas for fun Easter food!

Easter Cupcakes and Cakes. Cupcakes seem to just shout fun, especially when decorated with a sprinkle of shaved coconut and candy pieces to make bunnies, cupcake Easter baskets, and more. Have enough space for more than just a cupcake? Make a couple of these fun Easter Bunny cakes! They're ultra-adorable, and a lot easier than they look.

With so many options and fun Easter ideas out there, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Begin planning with your family's needs in mind and then pick just one or two fun Easter ideas to enjoy this year.

You'll find lots more fun Easter ideas at Easter Planning Central!

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