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Fun Icebreakers:
6 Ideas for Party Icebreaker Games

Fun icebreakers can make the difference between a ringing silence at a party, and a room ringing with laughter. But when you're putting together a party, particularly when the people attending don't know each other very well, thinking up some icebreaker game ideas can seem a bit daunting. What is the key to really good group icebreakers?

Playing an Icebreaker Party Game in a GroupStep one is simply to know the people who will be attending. They may not know each other, but you need to have a few clues on which to build your activities. Initial activities should refrain from anything too physical and have relatively simple rules (if it takes longer to explain the activity than to DO it, something is very wrong).

The fun icebreakers on this page are a great place to start! You'll also find five more icebreaker game ideas on this page, too!

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Getting Things Started

The best way to generate enthusiasm for icebreaker games and activities is to be a part of them yourself! If you can get other members of your household to pinch hit, the more the merrier. Because you (and they) will be familiar with the games and activities, you can help guide and direct when people get mixed up or forget the process.

Another thing that generates zeal for your fun icebreakers are props. Look for things that are safe for the people present but also humorous. Rubber chickens are still funny! That kind of prop could become a talking stick for memory games, for example.

Remember that no matter what fun icebreakers you end up choosing, you may have to alter your ideas a bit mid-stream. If you notice the overall feel of the party is different than you anticipated or the activity seems "off" for the ages present, be ready to think on your feet and get creative!

Here are a few fun icebreakers you can consider:

1. The Name Memory Icebreaker Game

Are all of the people at your party or event more or less strangers? One excellent icebreaker game for a group of strangers is the name memory game.

How to Play: Everyone stands in a circle and you start things off by saying your own name (full name is more fun). The person to the right of you repeats your name, then says his or her own full name. Person three starts with your name, person two's name, and their own name. This continues until someone goofs up (who is now "out").

2. Have you Done THIS?

Chatting in a group during a fun party icebreaker gameHow to Play: Everyone writes down a wild or interesting thing they've done in their life and puts it into a hat. Various people in turn, pick out one and read it. Individuals who have done something similar, share their twist on that activity/sport/etc.

Changing it Up: An alternative to this activity would be "have you ever MET"… (a mime, a circus performer, a movie star). If anyone has, they relate the story. This is a fun way to get to know a little bit about people's interests and experiences. People love to talk about themselves, and sharing experiences will give your guests fuel for conversation all night long.

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3. Line 'Em Up Icebreaker Game

How to Play: This is a good way to get people to team together-- and already create little bonds. Break your party up into groups of at least 4. Then, at the sound of a whistle (or just yell "go!"), tell the groups to line up from right to left in a particular order, according to the categories you name. Some good ideas are:

  • Alphabetically by last night
  • By hair length
  • By number of children
  • By month of birth
  • By number of clothing items worn
  • By shoe size

4. Belly Balloon Break Icebreaker Game

How to Play: The goal of this is to team up with a partner (preferably one you know a little bit) and try to break a balloon between your two bellies. The pair to burst the most balloons wins. By the way you can change this up a bit by making lines where you change partners each successful attempt. You cannot change to a new person until the balloon pops.

5. What's my Line?

How to Play: For this fun icebreaker, the participants try to describe tools they use, locations where they use them, and other details of their job without saying anything that reveals the occupation directly.

For example a Doctor could not say they "heal" people but could say they use tests, bandages, etc. If a person gives away their occupation they're out of the game. The person to guess the most occupational fields correctly wins.

6. Match them Up!

How to Play: This is a really simple and fun icebreaker that takes no planning on your part. When all of your guests have arrived, have each one remove one shoe and place it in a pile. Then, all of your guests should choose one shoe --not their own-- of course, and walk around to find the owner. Not a complicated game, but a good way to get people talking!

Coming up with Icebreaker Game Ideas

With a little forethought and research you'll find some fun icebreakers that will make any party you throw more comfortable for your guests, and by so doing the overall occasion will be more successful. Remember to remain sensitive to people with challenges in your planning (being partially deaf, wheelchair bound, bad knees etc.) so individuals don't feel awkward or singled out. Other than that – just be yourself and have fun!

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