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Fun Things to do at a Dinner Party:
Games and Entertainment Ideas

Coming up with fun things to do at a dinner party isn’t always as easy s it sounds. Sure, sitting around and eating is always fun... but sometimes you want to do something a little more special!

A good dinner party should be enjoyed by everyone. After all, it’s a party! There should be very little pressure on any one to truly entertain, and the star of the evening should be the company that you keep. Giving your guests plenty to do to keep them entertained makes the most of your time and effort, allowing you to be yourself with your guests, It also allows you to relax and have fun with them, too. The whole night need not be spent slaving away in the kitchen!

This page is full of some really fun things to do at a dinner party. But when you're done here, check out some of the fun resources for planning a really fun and special dinner party, including:

Fun things to do at a dinner party

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Make Dinner and a Movie a Tradition

A great way to entertain your guests when hosting a dinner party is by choosing a movie theme. Classics are always a fantastic choice. Whether it’s Bogey and Bacall in Key Largo or Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant in The Philadelphia Story, a classic movie is a fabulous way to spend an evening. To make it a whole dinner party theme, dinner menu can reflect the era or something actually featured in the movie.

You can also turn this into an activity before the party. You can take turns a few days before your party, picking a movie out of a hat, or voting on the type of movie you want to see. Make it a tradition among your group of friends! Taking turns with who is picking out the movie and who is bringing it makes for a well rounded party where people share tasks. Kick off your shoes, and pass the popcorn.

Party Games for Dinner Parties

Of course, many of the fun things to do at a dinner party that you'll read about revolve around specific games. Choosing a game to play at a dinner party can give the guests something to focus on while you get cooking. It can also lend a theme to your party to make it feel really special-- base your whole menu around your game of choice!

Read on for some ideas, or check out these dinner party games for even more.

Traditional Board Games

Whether you become a wealthy tycoon in Monopoly or rule the world in Risk, playing silly games after dinner is an age old pastime-- and a really fun thing to do at a dinner party. Think this is passé and old fashioned? It's not! I have friends whose monthly board game nights are anticipated with real relish. Whether its charades or board games you can all have a great time. Every game is different and engaging in its own way.

Silly Kiddie Games

Playing a kids game for an adult partyOr how about reverting back to your childhood and play Chutes and Ladders or Candy Land? While it may sound silly, sometimes even the oldest of games are great fun when you are all grown up. They take the tension off of being a grown up and remind you of those days what was important was having fun. Plus, the utter silly simpleness of these games will make the whole thing a bit more casual-- and keep conversation flowing while everyone plays.

Another fun thing to do at a dinner party along these same lines is to make the whole thing a theme. Along with playing kiddie board games, have everybody choose a dish from their childhood that they love. Or make gourmet version of classic kid favorites. A whole night of celebrating childhoods past will make for a very special memory for your guests.

Card Games

When it comes to thinking up fun things to do at a dinner party, playing card games is a classic and obvious choice. So why not have a poker night? It doesn't have to be complicated. Want to have a poker game and don't have any poker chips? Use wrapped hard candies instead; red cinnamon, butterscotch and blue peppermint candies work great for poker chips. Can't play poker to save your life? Why not play Go Fish or Crazy Eights?

And no matter what games you play, remember to have finger foods on hand for your dinner party game nights.

Wine Pairings & Samplings

If you and your friends are dyed in the wool, hard-core foodies, then maybe creating a wine tasting menu will make for a really sophisticated --and fun-- thing to do at a dinner party.

To do this, you can simply plan your menu around the wines that you have selected and plan on at least one bottle of wine per every two people. You don’t want to be afraid of using the wines that you have selected in your cooking either. The flavor of the wine will only enhance what you serve and in turn your food will enhance the wines that you have selected.

Thinking outside the wine bottle. You can do the same with teas, beers and other beverages. Wines get all the credit, but so much can be said for the great variety of beer and tea that is out there. Remember to get have enough sample glasses for all your guests.

Click here for some in-depth ideas on planning a wine tasting party. You can even make it a competition by putting together a blind tasting! This is one of the must fun things to do at a dinner party-- always a hit!

Potluck Dinner Party Activity

Pot Luck Dinner party Game idea
Having something new and different on the table and sharing recipes is a time honored tradition-- and the potluck is where it all happens. Why not just take all the stress off yourself and have a great time as just the host and let everyone else do the cooking and throw a potluck dinner?

To do this, simply have everyone bring a dish to pass around, while you simply provide the main dish. Easy, right?

Dinners like this were invented to give you a break and to induce people to get together for no other reason than to just... spend time with each other. Not to mention, a potluck can be thrown together on short notice and everyone appreciates the invitation.

Food and Cooking Games

Another fun thing to do at a dinner party --though a little more work-intensive for both you and your guests-- is to create a cooking competition. There are lots of different food and cooking games you can play at a dinner party. You'll read about one of my favorites below. Or to find a few more fun cooking games to play at a dinner party, click here.

Potluck Competition Game

Plain potlucks like the one described above can be a lot of fun. But you can also make it a little more complicated --and more fun-- by turning the whole thing into a competition.

There are a few different ways to do this. One would be to have everybody bring their most-loved dish, and have the rest of the guests do a silent vote on their favorite. Or you can award prizes for "most unique" or "most surprising."

Another way to make this a fun thing to do at your dinner party is to pick a theme or an ingredient, and have everybody make and bring along a dish. Diners then vote on their favorite. Whether it's "design a recipe that looks like something other than it is" or "use asparagus in a creative way" or "deconstruct a classic 1950's dish," the results are bound to be a lot of fun-- great to eat, great to entertain, and great to talk about. And that's what finding fun things to do at a dinner party is all about, right?

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