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Graduation Party Games:
Games to Play at a Graduation Party

Graduation party games can bring out childhood joy in graduates and guests, and are a super fun way to celebrate a milestone achievement. A fun (and hilariously childish) way to bring your graduate's school years to a close!

Sound like sort of a lot of pressure to get things right? Don't sweat it. The truth is, just a few well chosen games can get everyone laughing, chatting, and involved. Not to mention entertained! It is hard to have a bad time when you're watching your guests and grads rush against the clock, take silly photos, or burst out in song.

The graduation party games here will get everyone up and moving at your graduation party! But if you're looking for more unique graduation party ideas and ideas for games to play at a graduation party, I've got lots more party games here at Divine Dinner Party. Check out:

Graduation Twister Party Game

This is one of those graduation party games that's really reminiscent of the college and high school experience... where students twist and turn to get everything done at once.

Set-Up and Game Play: Using sidewalk chalk or an old sheet, place colored dots in your school colors or with symbols for various classes like Science, History or English. You can do any combination you like! One leg in "Biology" and one in "Football Practice" while twisting around to have an elbow on "Internship" will probably seem pretty familiar to your grad!

You can play this fun graduation game by the traditional Twister rules, or challenge players by adding trivia questions for each move. This is an easy game to play for a graduation party, and it's easy to put together at home. So have fun with it!

Graduation Gift Mystery Game

For this one, crime shows and murder mysteries inspire a game where guests must solve the mystery in order to find their graduation present (or maybe a fancy graduation cake!). You can buy a murder mystery party game to play, or set up one of your own. A student desk makes a great crime scene with clues left in a Chemistry book or on the bulletin board above.

Graduate Pictionary Party Game

Playing a Pictionary Graduation Party Game
This is one of the easiest games to play at a graduation party. And one of the most fun! It's played just like regular pictionary, but with education and graduation themed topics.

Set-Up and Game Play: Make a list of 40 words or ideas related to school and graduation-- don't make them too complex, but don't make 'em too easy, either! Divide guests into two teams and have them draw the ideas for their teammates to guess. Each correct guess earns a point; the most points wins a prize.

This is the most fun if you have a large pad of paper to work from so everybody can watch... and laugh at the amateur artwork.

Photo by: Anna M.

Grad Photo Timeline Game

This is one of the best graduation party games to play with a group that includes fewer grads, and more family members-- like a grad's family party. Because with this game, everybody gets to participate!

Set-Up and Game Play: Select photos from every year of the graduate's life and copy them onto card stock paper. Have guests (or teams) race against the clock to place the photos in their proper order. The guest or team with the lowest time wins at the end of the party. So have a prize ready.

Who am I?: The Graduation Version

This game to play at a graduation party works really well if most of your guests are also graduates, or are involved in the school in some way. Or you can limit game play to only students and teachers so everybody knows what they're doing!

Set-Up and Game Play: Select names from the graduate's class or, even more fun, from the school staff. Write each name on a sticker. As guests arrive, place these name stickers on their backs. Guests and graduates can only ask 'yes' or 'no' questions to discover their school identity. A fun icebreaker party game for a graduation party, too!

Catwalk for Graduation-- a Grad Fashion Contest

Graduation Fashion Fun Party Activity IdeaThis is a silly graduation party contest that is a lot of fun for new graduates.

Set-Up and Game Play: Ask graduates to wear their commencement robes in their own style with accessories, hats and flair. Set up a catwalk where they can show off how they would have done graduation robes if they'd been allowed to style them as they wanted... and give prizes in categories like Most Fashionable and Most Daring.

A fun variation on this game to play for a graduation party is to use toilet paper, crepe paper, and other unusual materials to have grads create their own robes. Then they do a catwalk and vote on whose is best!

Photo by: Arfried

Other Fun Activity Ideas for a Graduation Party

Not all graduation party games need to center on the school or the formality of graduation. The party is a celebration of the person as well as this special time in their life! Here are some games that celebrate the graduate and encourage building life long memories of a truly spectacular graduation party.

Karaoke for a Graduation Party

Hey, there's nothing more fun than celebrating your accomplishment --graduation!-- though song. Or watching people make idiots of themselves while they do just that.

Set-Up and Game Play: Rent a Karaoke machine or use one of those video games that works like a karaoke machine, and set up an area where guests can sing. Prizes are awarded for best graduation themed song, best female / male vocals, best love song, best song about friendship, etc.

Name That Tune!

Party Game Play for GraduationThis is one of those graduation party games that will also make a fun surprise for your graduate.

Set-Up and Game Play: Select songs from your grad's music collection and play just a few notes for teams to identify. This game needs a little preparation time prior to the party. To make the game even harder, shorten the time that you play the song.

Photo by: Jared Klett

Another way to do this is to make the game progressively harder as teams get closer to competing for the title. It's also fun if you pick music from a lot of different decades, or music released only in the four (or however many) years your graduate has been in school.

Message in a Bottle Graduation Game

This is more of a gift or a special gesture, really, than a graduation party game. But it's a wonderful activity for all your guests, where plastic water bottles become personal messages for your graduate's life ahead.

Set-Up and Game Play: Ask each guest to write a message to the new grad and place it in a water bottle. You can either make just one bottle for everybody to place a message in for the graduate to read later, or you can turn it into a contest by giving each guest his or her own bottle. In this version, each bottle is decorated by the guest using markers, foam pieces, glitter or other craft supplies. Put these bottles on display and let your guests vote to select a winner.

Treasure Hunt Graduation Party Game

This is one of those classic graduation party games that is flexible for any kind of party-- after all, anybody can do a scavenger hunt!

Set-Up and Game Play: Use information about your graduate or their school to build a list of clues and, ultimately, a treasure map. Your search can be within a home or cover an entire county if you wish. Teams of guests and graduates work together to find the treasure and those who complete the challenge get a special reward.

A Photo Booth Graduation Party Activity

This one is pretty simple! It's a great way to make memories for the graduate, as well as for all of your guests.

Set-Up and Game Play: Set up a well lit area for digital photographs, and place a photo printer nearby so they can be quickly printed. Guests add subtitles to photos with stickers and then vote on their favorites in categories you pick ahead of time.

Just like any party, one of the goals of a graduation party is to get everybody talking and laughing and having a good time. Graduation party games are a great way for everyone to interact easily and comfortably.... all without the need for small talk or awkward silences.

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