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Costumes, candy, wonderful Halloween food... and FEAR! *Insert evil cackle here.* No wonder we love Halloween so much. What other time of year can you eat gooey Jello eyeballs with gusto and not be called a freak? Or dress up at the sexy witch you truly are?

Halloween Dinner Table Decorations

If you're hosting a spooky Halloween party or a festive Halloween dinner party, you want anything but boring Halloween food. Right? Well, you've come to the right place. Our Halloween recipes and party tips page is covered in more than digital blood... it's also covered in recipes for great Halloween dishes.

Scared that we're going to ramble on forever before getting to business? Fear not. Below, you'll find everything you're looking for to plan a Halloween dinner party, with plenty of great spooky dinner party ideas... and each recipe comes with some great Halloween food photos!

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Halloween Party Planning

Adult Halloween Party IDeasAdult Halloween Party Ideas

Planning a spooky Halloween party for friends and family... adults only? Here you'll find everything you need to plan, from party games to Halloween themes and more.

Halloween Party IDeas for TeenagersHalloween Party Ideas for Teenagers

Helping your teenager plan a Halloween party, or planning a teen party for yourself? Here you'll find food ideas, tips, themes, and more!

Make or Buy Halloween Party Body PartsBody Parts for a Halloween Party

If you really want to make a creepy impression at a Halloween party, use body parts! Here you'll learn how to make and get tips on buying them.

Halloween Food and Party Recipes

My huuuuge listing of 65 Halloween snacks, desserts, appetizers, and other dishes! Find everything from really gross Halloween party snacks to elegant dinner party recipes. All the recipes found on the pages below, right here in one place.

Seven Layer Dip Halloween Food AppetizerHalloween Party Appetizers

From the elegant and delicious Spiced Fondue in a Roasted Pumpkin to the Eerie Alien Larvae Empanadas, these Halloween appetizers are a ton of fun!

Disgusting Halloween FoodDisgusting Halloween Food

These truly disgusting looking Halloween foods are easy to make, taste great, and will gross out even the bravest of your guests. If you can get anyone to try them!

Halloween Finger FoodsHalloween Finger Foods

These fun Halloween finger foods are simple to make, and simple for your guests to eat. They may also gross them out a bit. You'll love the mozzarella eyeballs!

Gross Recipes for HalloweenGross Recipes for Halloween

This is some gross Halloween food! If you really want to make your Halloween party guests squeal, one of these nasty --but tasty-- recipes is bound to do it. Watch out... "Truck Stop Toilet" is particularly disgusting!

Gross Halloween FoodsGross Halloween Cannibal Dinner

Hosting a creepy Halloween party and looking for a cannibal themed Halloween buffet? THis gross shrimp brain and cannibal platter have just the right gross-out factor.

Halloween Party FoodMore Gross Halloween Party Food

You can never have too much nasty-looking (but great tasting) food at your Halloween party, like slimy Jello worms and slick black bat wings. This page is full of fun, gross recipes for Halloween.

Halloween Recipe IdeasSpooky Halloween Recipe Ideas

Mummies, slithering (pizza) snakes, and spooky eyes are the highlights of this fun Halloween recipe page. Enter at your own risk!

Halloween recipes funFun Halloween Recipes

With Mummy Dogs and Mummy Pizzas, Morgue Stew, and Frankenstein's Finger Dip, these are totally kid friendly and fun to make with your children... and all of them taste wonderful

Easy Halloween recipesEasy Halloween Recipes

From packaged booger dip to our cute Screamin' Cheese Man, to disgusting Maggot Stew, these easy Halloween recipes are cute, scary, and oh-so gross looking. Fun!

Traditional Halloween RecipesTraditional Halloween Recipes for All Hallow's Eve

Today's incarnation of Halloween looks very little like that of yesteryear. Want to host a traditional Celtic Halloween dinner party? We've got a great Halloween menu with full of timeless Halloween dishes.

Halloween Snacks and Treats

I'm not the only one on this site with a taste for demented Halloween recipes! Here, you can submit your own crazed and creepy Halloween foods, or read about the great --and totally creeptastic-- Halloween ideas that others have used and loved.

Caramel Apple RecipeHalloween Caramel Apple Recipe and Decorating Tips

You can't find a many Halloween snacks more traditional than caramel apples! Our page takes you through everything you need to know to make perfect caramel apples, both with homemade caramel and with packaged caramel candies. Plus plenty of decorating ideas and tips for your caramel apples!

Popcorn Ball RecipeHalloween Popcorn Ball Recipes

Nothing says Halloween quite like a crisp and chewy popcorn ball! Whether handing them out to trick or treaters or saving them for a Halloween party, we've got some great popcorn ball recipes that are always a hit.

Halloween cookie recipeHalloween Cookie Recipe Ideas

There's no Halloween treat quite like a cookie! On this page, you'll find four great recipes for Halloween cookies (including two kinds of eyeballs!), plus a tons of great Halloween cookie decorating ideas with photos.

Halloween Party SnacksHalloween Cakes and Desserts

When it comes to decorating food for Halloween, it's with cakes and cupcakes that you can really go wild! From our raspberry-lemon zombie cupcakes to our traditional graveyard cake, these recipes are made to impress. Oh, and frighten.

Halloween Drinks and Cocktails

This is one big, long list of Halloween drinks. From fun virgin Halloween punch recipes for the kids to creepy alcoholic adult cocktails, to tips on decorating a Halloween cocktail, you'll find it here.

Halloween Party PunchHalloween Party Punch Recipes

These recipes for Halloween party punch taste great and look ultra festive (or ultra gross!). Most come with options for both alcoholic for the adults, and virgin for the kiddos.

Halloween Cocktail RecipesHalloween Cocktail Recipes

Want to learn how to make spooky or gory Halloween cocktails? This page will show you how-- and give you some great recipes while you're at it!

Halloween drinksHalloween Drinks and Recipes

Halloween isn't just fun for kids... adults love it, too. Especially with these great adults-only Halloween cocktail recipes, like the Vampire Kiss Martini and Blood Orange Mimosa.

Halloween Punch RecipesHalloween Punch Recipes

Here you'll find some great recipes for Halloween punches-- both alocholic and non-alocholic. Plus, some great ideas and photos for turing ANY punch recipe into a Halloween treat.

Halloween Decorating

Halloween Yard DecoratingHalloween Yard Decorating

Want to really show off for a Halloween party? The Halloween yard decorating ideas here will help you do it. You can even make your own Halloween graveyard!

Outdoor Halloween DecorOutdoor Halloween Decor

These ten tips will help you plan and set up Halloweend decorations in your yard that will keep people staring at --and a bit scared of-- your yard.

Halloween Door DecorationsHalloween Door Decorations

Your front door is the first thing that will tell your guests what your party is about. So decorate it to the nines! Here I'll help you choose themes and come up with creative and effective decorating ideas.

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