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Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers
Teen Halloween Themes, Games, Food, and More

While teens are easier to plan for than children, a few great Halloween party ideas for teenagers like the ones here can make the difference between a lame party and a great one.

Fortunately, it doesn't take much. For the most part, teens like to be left to themselves at a Halloween party (or any party) with minimal participation from adults. All you have to do is provide some great Halloween food, some fun decorations, and maybe a few activities for them to do if they get bored.

Teen Halloween Party Food Ideas

This page is all focused on ideas for teen parties, including some fun Halloween themes, practical planning tips,and decorating ideas. But I've also got ideas for fun food and drink elsewhere on the site! The food and recipe pages below give some great food ideas for a fun teen Halloween party. These are recipes that will be a huge hit at any party... and many will elicit shrieks of delighted disgust.

Used Tampons Halloween Party Food
"Used Tampon"

Diaper Dip Halloween Party Food
Diaper Dip

Marinated Eyeballs Halloween Food

Tasty Turds snacks for a Halloween Party
Tasty Turd

Panna Cotta Brain Halloween Recipe Idea
Panna Cotta

Easy Halloween Recipe Meathead

Puking Pumpkin Appetizer for Halloween Parties

Creepy Vampire Cupcake for a Teenage Halloween Party

Severed FInger Halloween Cookie Recipe
Severed Finger

Teen Halloween Drink Ideas

Witches Brew Punch recipe
Brew Punch

Halloween Party Punch Bathwater Punch Recipe
Halloween Punch

Rotting Swamp Halloween Punch Recipe
Rotting Swamp

Black Punch Recipe for a Teen halloween Party
Eerie Black

Teen Halloween Party Themes

Any Halloween party --no matter what age you are-- is going to be more fun if you choose a theme. Some of my favorite Halloween party ideas for teenagers include fun themes like the ones here. But unlike for kids, teen parties can use just about any theme. Whether you're a teenager planning your own party or a parent helping out, some of the themes here may give you an idea. But have fun with it, and make any theme your own.

Check this page for a ton more Halloween party themes for teens and adults. Sure, they're on the adult party page, but these themes also make great Halloween party ideas for teenagers.

Vampire Nightclub Halloween Party Theme.

This is such a fun Halloween party idea for teenagers! It encourages dancing, it's sort of sexy, and it provides lots of ambiance. Fill the room with smoke from a fog machine Keep the lighting very low. Drape everything in black cloth or plastic. Cover the room in spider webs (especially glow-in-the-dark ones if you can find them). If you use blacklights, paint cloth- or plastic-covered surfaces with designs in different shades of glow in the dark paint.

Below you'll find some of my favorite items for this adult or teen Halloween party theme. They'll add tons of ambiance!

Crime Scene Halloween Party Theme.

This theme is one of my favorite Halloween party ideas for teenagers because it provides lots of fun with decorating. And if you want to play a game during your party, like a murder mystery game, this theme is also perfect for that. Put up a graveyard in the front or back yard, make a few tape or chalk body-traces in and near the house, and surround everything in caution tape. For a fun activity during the party, make each guest take a "mug shot" when they arrive.

Heaven and Hell Halloween Party Theme.

This fun theme will bring out the good and the bad in everyone... whcih makes it a fun Halloween party idea for teenagers! Decorate different parts of your home as either "hellish" or "heavenly." Then have your guests choose costumes that are either good or evil.

Fear Factor Halloween Party Theme.

For this kind of party, you need to come up with fun dares and the like, and best of all... a lot of really gross looking Halloween food. You can make this party about games and competition, if you want, or you can just have lots of gross Halloween food and let the party take care of itself.

Top 10 Tips for a
Teenage Halloween Party

Whether you're a parent who's helping out with the planning or a teen doing it all on your own, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind when planning teen parties. Just like with adult parties, most teens don't need much intervention or direction to have fun (unlike kids, who you generally have to keep occupied 24-7). Just follow some of the tips here, and the party will take off on its own!

1. For adults, don't be too involved.

What do most teenagers want to do at a party? They want to chat, dance, check each other out, and just generally hang out. That doesn't really require a parent's presence or a lot of planning. Overly organized parties can be a bit too much for most teens. So one of the best Halloween party ideas for teenagers is to, as a parent, back off and just let them have a good time.

2. Open it up to dancing.

One of most important parts of any teen party is dancing. If possible, set aside a large, open area of your home for dancing. Provide low lighting, a great sound system, and ambiance. If you can get something like a fog machine or strobe lights, even better! The rest will happen on its own. Check out some of these items for a teen dance party for ideas.

3. Pick awesome music.

If you're an adult planning a teenage Halloween party, this should not be your arena. It should be your teen's! In the weeks before the party, have your teen put together a great Halloween party music playlist ahead of time. Don't limit it to spooky music-- that gets old. Instead, pick music that everybody will love. Teens, you may want to survey your friends in the weeks before the party to get a list of the songs everybody is going to want to hear.

Also, remember to set a limit for how loud the volume can go to avoid complaints!

4. Limit the guest list.

We all know that teenage parties have a tendency to get a little out of control-- especially if there are only a couple adults in the house. Limit the guest list to about 15-30 to keep things from getting out of hand. It's also a good idea to be strict about not allowing uninvited guests. And if you want to avoid alcohol or drugs at your party, don't allow people to come back after leaving the party except under very special circumstances.

5. Plan an icebreaker.

When you're looking for Halloween party ideas for teenagers, it can be tempting to plan an icebreaker game. But things like "pin a monster name on your back and try to guess who you are" can be kind of... silly. Especially for teens. Instead, provide some focal point --I like to use gross food like some of the ideas above-- to break the ice.

Here's a fun icebreaker for a teen party! Make something really gross-looking, then put up a sign saying the first person to eat three wins a prize or something. When kids are daring each other to eat those ultra-realistic looking poop cookies, they're not standing around awkwardly waiting for something to happen.

6. Provide lots of locations.

Don't limit the party to one room in your house. Provide separate areas for food, dancing, games, different activities, etc. Make sure the kids know they're welcome to wander through the house so they don't stand awkwardly in one place, wondering what to do next.

7. Set an end time.

If you use some of the Halloween party ideas for teenagers here and, as a result, the party is awesome, people will want to stay all night. If you post an end time on the invitation, you'll know when you're allowed to start telling people to go home.

8. Remember safety and security.

People don't want to have to worry about their bags and valuables at a party. Set aside a closet or room for the guests to place their coats and things, and have an adult keep an eye on that room. You may also want to lock any bedrooms or areas that aren't being used for the party, unless you want to give the kids a lot of, um, privacy.

9. Bribe them to dress up.

The best Halloween party ideas for teenagers and adults, too, are costume parties. But some people are shy to dress up. You don't necessarily have to say "costume necessary" on the invitation (your call!) but providing a prize or incentive for dressing up or being the best dressed will ensure more costumed guests.

10. Pick a great Halloween party theme!

Check out above or find some great Halloween them ideas here!

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