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Halloween Party Recipes - 65 Fun and Creepy Halloween Recipes

If you look around Divine Dinner Party, you'll find tons of Halloween party recipes all over the site. These are some really fun recipes that range from absolutely disgusting to fun and kid-friendly to elegantly creepy.

But this is the first time I've put all of my favorite Halloween party recipes in just one place... all 65 of them!

The collection below is sort of a table of contents of all of the Halloween food you'll find here on the site, separated by type and easy to sort through. There is hours worth of great stuff here!

But there are other great Halloween ideas and resources on my main Halloween page, including pages and pages of Halloween Drinks and Punches, help planning an adult or teen Halloween party, Halloween decoration ideas, and more.

Or check out this whole page dedicated to the gross and creepy Halloween foods my visitors have come up with... and lots of photos!

Gross Recipes for
Halloween Parties

Disgusting Halloween Dips

Disgusting Halloween Roach Puree Party RecipeCockroach Puree: Tasty, crunchy cockroaches in a puree-- creamy with a bit of cockroach shell crunch. Guests will love this delicious walnut dip if they have the guts to try it.

Thick Gross Cannibal Blood Dip Creepy Halloween FoodCoagulated Blood Dip: Made from beets and spices, this Halloween party recipe looks like you scooped it right out of a victims veins and let it congeal in the bowl. But it tastes great!

REALLY Gross Diaper Dip Recipe for HalloweenDisgusting Diaper Dip: Who knew black beans could make food look so gross? Served with a plastic doll for effect, this black bean hummus is so gross looking, it'll be hard to get guests to try it! (that's a good thing, by the way!)

Funny Puking Pumpkin Halloween Food Decoration IdeaPuking Pumpkin: This is one of those Halloween party recipes that's all about presentation! Here, I've used my favorite guacamole recipe, but you can use any kind of dip, or even chili. SO gross! So simple.

Freaky Finger Foods and Snacks

Stuffed Roaches RecipeTasty Stuffed Roaches How can something so gross be so good! Dates are stuffed with walnuts and cream cheese for a creamy, sweet roach crunch. Mmm.

Tasty Turds Halloween RecipeTasty Turds Rice Krispie treats coated with chocolate and dotted with candy corn, these little turds look ultra realistic. One of the most gross Halloween party recipes I make. But they're delicious!

Jello Earthworms gross Halloween party recipeGross Slimy Worms Halloween Recipe These worms, made with two colors of Jello and simple drinking straws, are so gross and realistic looking! A great Halloween party recipe for kids.

Worm Sandwiches for a Halloween PartySlimy Tapeworm Sandwiches This is one of my favorite Halloween party recipes to make for kids (though great for adults, too!). These are just regular everyday hotdogs sliced specially before cooking.

Maggot Stew Creepy Halloween RecipeMaggot Stew Funny how adding just one creepy ingredient --long grain rice "maggots"-- to your favorite stew can tranform it into an oh-so gross Halloween party recipe. Be sure to label it for maximum gross effect.

Cranberry Scabs Gross Creepy FoodFruity Dried Scabs This is simple Halloween party food at its best. Dried cherries or cranberries = yummy. But when you label them "dried scabs" they inspire a completely different reaction.

Pomegranate Pimple Halloween Party RecipeReady to Pop Pimples Another one of those simple Halloween party recipes that you can place anywhere on your Halloween buffet table. Simple pomegranate seeds become very gross Halloween snacks!

Booger Dip Recipe Gross Halloween FoodGross Halloween Booger Dip Your favorite cheese (or any light-colored) dip plus a little green food coloring? A truly easy but gross Halloween recipe. Serve with pretzels, bread sticks, or whatever.

Gross Halloween Sweets

Used Tampons Gross Halloween FoodUsed Tampons The name says it all! This one of the most gross Halloween party recipes you'll have on the table! Even better? You only need two ingredients.

Kitty Litter Cake Gross Halloween CakeKitty Litter Cake Recipe The kitty litter cake has become a Halloween classic! All you need is some prepared cake, some melted Tootsie Rolls and a brand new litter box.

Disgusting Halloween Party Recipe Truck Stop ToiletTruck Stop Toilet Halloween Recipe Want to make your guests lose their lunches? All you need is a batch of brownies, an unused training toilet, and this recipe. Guaranteed gross out-- as nasty as it get!

Edible Ashtray Gross Halloween Party RecipeEdible Ashtray Recipe
Oreo crumbs, powdered sugar, and candy cigarettes make a very realistic looking ashtray! Serve in a never-used ashtray for best effect. Makes a yummy dip for apple slices or other fruit.

Gross Halloween Food Body Parts

Creepy Halloween Recipe for Severed FingersSevered Fingers in Blood With carved-in knuckles, these cocktail sausage severed fingers look so gross! Simple, tasty, and effective. One of my favorite creepy Halloween recipes!

Funny Mozzarella Eyeballs Halloween Finger FoodMarinated Mozzarella Eyeballs Bite-sized and delicious, this is one of those creepy Halloween recipes your guests won't be able to stay away from. Realistic and easy to make!

Shrimp in a Brain Mold Halloween RecipeCannibal Cajun Brain Recipe
The tasty shrimps in this disgusting looking Halloween brain recipe are SO tasty! But made in a Jello brain mold and coated in cajun-spiced Jello slime, this is creepy Halloween food at its best.

Cannibal Ears Halloween Food IdeaTrophies of War Cannibal Platter This is one of those ultra simple creepy Halloween recipes that you'll want to make every year. The cannibal platter is made up of cooked-straight shrimp "fingers", curled shrimp ears, and glossy scallop testicles.

Gory Jello Mold Brain Recipe with SauceGory Panna Cotta Brain This is the best use I've ever made of my Jello brain mold! Tasty panna cotta covered in a thick cranberry jelly makes for an ultra realistic, ultra gory Halloween brain recipe.

Meathead Easy Appetizer Recipe for HalloweenHalloween Meathead Recipe With a plastic skull from your local craft store, some cream cheese, and a couple pounds of lunchmeat, you can put together this ultra creepy meaty Halloween head in no time.

Creepy Halloween Recipe Gross Flayed FaceFlayed Face Halloween Recipe This one is similar to the meathead, but is filled with a wonderful cheese mixture instead of a plastic skull. A little more work intensive, but this creepy recipe is so much fun!

Fun Halloween Idea Cannibal Morgue StewParts from the Morgue Soup How can something as simple as this (wonderful) black bean soup turn into such a creepy Halloween party recipe? Simply add novelty body parts, and serve in bowls as a meal or little cups as an appetizer.

Some of the other Halloween desserts you'll find below are pretty gross-looking, too, like the donut eyeballs or severed fingers!

Eerie Halloween
Appetizers and Dishes

Halloween Finger Food and Snacks

Gross Green Alien Larve Halloween Party AppetizersAlien Larvae with Blood Dip These tasty and unusual cumin sweet potato empanadas are tinged green to give them an "alien larvae" look. Bite size, autumn-y, and delicious.

Slices of Flesh Cannibal Halloween Party RecipeBaked Flesh Rolls Appetizer Call these flesh rolls, sliced baby's leg, or whatever... these little pizza-flavored puff pastry rolls are delicious for a Halloween party.

Alien Fingers Asparagus Recipe for HalloweenRoasted Alien Fingers Who would think that asparagus and prosciutto would make such a great creepy Halloween party recipe? Delicious, simple, and way gross (especially if you choose to call then Alien Dog Penises-- ick!)

Bat Wings Halloween Party FoodSticky Black Bat Wings Chicken wings and a sticky-tasty soy-sauce based sauce with black food coloring give these gross-looking Halloween bat wings a very special look.

Funny Cream Cheese Draculas Halloween SnackCute Cream Cheese Draculas
Add these simple little Draculas to a cheese or olive platter, or serve them with chips. Simple, sort of elegant, and pretty funny.

Deviled Eyeballs Eggs Creepy Halloween RecipeDeviled Eyeballs Halloween Recipe It's amazing what a black olive, a bit of red pimiento, and some food coloring will do to transform boring ol' deviled eggs into a creepy Halloween recipe.

Cheese Cream Cheese Mummy with Bandages Halloween AppetizerCute Cream Cheese Mummy This little mummy is made with a delicious cheeseball mixture and then decorated with cream cheese "bandages." A cute and creepy Halloween party recipe that always gets raves.

Creepy Halloween Dips

Creepy Halloween Recipe 7 Layer Dip Spider WebSpider Web 7-Layer Dip
This spooky looking dip will fly off the table! It's green, it's gooey, it's spidery... and it's SO good. Use your own recipe for 7-layer dip or use mine.

Creamy Pumpkin Fondue Halloween Party AppetizerFondue in a Roasted Pumpkin While more of the recipes here are for creepy food, this is anything but! Elegant, delicious, and pretty, this is perfect for a Halloween dinner party... or any nice autumn dinner.

Creepy Recipe Halloween Carrot Fingers DipFrankenstein Finger Dip This is one of those flexible Halloween party recipes where you can use whatever you want. The recipe here is for a wonderful BLT dip, but use your favorite... and then add in the creepy carrot fingers.

Screaming Cheese Man Halloween Appetizer- Spooky!Screamin' Cheese Man Made of simple goat cheese or cream cheese, I have trouble deciding whether this poor tortured cheese guy is cute and funny, or cruel and creepy. But tasty? Definitely.

Easy Halloween Recipe Dip Demon Bread BowlThe Dip Demon
A simple loaf of bread sliced open the right way and decorated with olive eyes transforms any plain 'ol dip into a creepy Halloween food creation.

Cute and Funny Cheeseball Jack o Lantern Halloween RecipeCheese O' Lantern With your favorite cheeseball recipe, making this fun Halloween party recipe is easy. All you need is the flesh and stem from a green pepper, and you're good to go. Very cute!

Spooky Halloween Dishes

Halloween Pizza Snake Party RecipeSlithering Snake Pizza This Halloween party recipe is super versatile, super cute, and a lot of fun to make. Fill it with your favorite sandwich or pizza fillings, color the "skin" and you're good to go!

Mummy Dogs Halloween Snack Recipe for a PartyMummy Dogs for Halloween This recipe makes cute, creepy, tasty little mummy hotdogs that your guests --especially at a kids' Halloween party-- will go nuts over. Simple but so fun to eat!

Fun Mummy Pizzas Halloween FInger Food RecipeHalloween Mummy Pizzas Using halved English muffins or cut-out rounds of prepared pizza dough, this creepy Halloween recipe is so much fun. Make tiny ones for Halloween appetizers or bigger ones for a meal.

Alien Avocado Simple Halloween Party Recipe IdeaAlien

This creepy food makes a fun decoration on a plate of cheese or veggies. But he also tastes good on his own. Simple but really neat looking!

Colconnon Classic Halloween Dinner RecipeClassic Colcannon If you're looking for Halloween party recipes for a traditional Halloween dinner party, this buttery mashed potato recipe is one that you must make. Delicious, Irish, and very traditional.

Boxy Pancakes Traditional Halloween Dinner Party RecipeBoxty Pancakes
If you like the idea of celebrating Samhain, you've got to make these wonderful savory potato pancakes. They've been made for this time of year for centuries.

Creepy Halloween
Dessert Recipes

Creepy Cakes & Cupcakes

Creepy Halloween Recipe Graveyard CakeHalloween Graveyard Cake Recipe This recipe is so fun to put together, and comes out a little different every time. Have fun decorating it with the kids, or have a "best Halloween cake decorating" contest!

Fun Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Cake for Halloween PartiesHalloween Pumpkin Cake Recipe
This cute pumpkin cake looks like you spent hours on it... but it's actually really simple. Comes with a cake recipe but you can use any recipe you like.

Scary Lemon Zombie Cupcakes Creepy Halloween DessertGory Zombie Cupcakes
The raspberry jam filling in these light, delicious cupcakes give these zombies a very gory "just fed" look. Really simple to do but really effective!

Spooky and Gross Halloween Severed Head CheesecakeBleeding Severed Cheesecake Head This is one of those Halloween party recipes that will always get a reaction! But it's ultra easy. Just use the inside of a mask and your favorite no-bake cheesecake recipe.

Creepy Skull Cupcakes Halloween Party RecipeCreepy Skull Cupcakes
You can use any of your favorite cupcake recipes and white frostings to make these creepy Halloween cupcakes. The "teeth" are slivered almonds.

Creepy Graves Cupcakes with Cookie GravestonesGravestone Halloween Cupcakes
Your favorite chocolate cupcake and frosting recipe, some powdered Butterfinger cookies, and a Milano cookie make for very convincing --and delicious-- graves.

Gross Brain Halloween Cupcake Recipe IdeaBrain Halloween Cupcakes Red Velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting get a little food coloring and a special application to look like brains. Really simple but effective.

Delicious Halloween Barmbrack RecipeBarmbrack Halloween Cakes This centuries-old traditional Halloween cake recipe is both a tasty dessert and a game. Bake objects in the cake for a prize!

Halloween Caramel Apples & Popcorn Balls

Halloween Caramel Apples Recipe with Homemade CaramelHomemade Caramel Apples This recipe for Halloween caramel apples uses homemade caramel. The result is rich, wonderful, and not as teeth-crackingly sticky as store-bought caramel.

Caramel Apples for a Halloween PartyCarmel Apples with Purchased Caramel Making caramel apples at home with the caramels from the store couldn't be easier. You can buy loads of caramels here, and you're ready to go.

Fun Ghost Caramel Apple Recipe with White ChocolateDecorated Caramel Apples While plain caramel apples are --of course!-- absolute heaven, decorating them using some of the tips you'll find here not only makes them prettier... it makes them taste even better!

Halloween Popcorn Balls Recipe Made with Caramel SauceCaramel Popcorn Balls Popcorn balls are one of those Halloween party recipes you've got to have on your menu. These ones are simple, delicious, and creamy-caramely. The homemade caramel coating is so easy to make!

Halloween Popcorn Ball Recipe Made with Marshmallows- easy!Marshmallow Popcorn Ball Recipe
This sticky-wonderful recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and sticky marshmallow and crispy popcorn.

Crispy Classic Halloween Popcorn Ball Recipe with MolassesClassic Molasses Popcorn Balls If the popcorn balls you crave for Halloween are the kind your grandmother used to make, this recipe is probably the one you're looking for. A total classic!

Creeptacular Cookies and More

Easy Eyeball Donuts Halloween Party RecipeEyeball Donuts A little bit of melted white chocolate and some food coloring turn boring ol' donut holes into these wonderful creepy eyeballs. Creepy Halloween party food at its best. And SO yummy!

Witches Finger Severed Finger Halloween Cookies RecipeSevered Finger Halloween Cookies These shortbread finger cookies are a classic Halloween party recipe. With almond nails and red frosting for a little extra gore, they're really fun... and really creepy.

Cute Halloween Ghost Cookies Made with Nutter Butter CookiesNutter Butter Ghost Cookies These cute little cookies are so simple and fun! A great Halloween recipe to let the kids help out with. But they're very rich, so watch how many you eat!

Tasty Little Halloween Eyeball Buckeye Balls Recipe with Peanut ButterPeanut Butter Eyeballs With their rich peanut butter and white chocolate flavor, these Halloween eyeball buckeye balls are SO delicious! They're also creepy-looking and easy to put together.

Zombie Cookies Creepy Halloween Recipe IdeaZombie Halloween Cookies Traditional "Christmas" gingerbread men with a little bit of green frosting and some red frosting wounds make some of the cutest, most fun Halloween cookies.

Bloody Cookies recipe for a Halloween PartySimple Bloody Halloween Cookies With a little melted white chocolate mixed with red food coloring, you can make any of your favorite cookie recipes into a creepy food for Halloween. Here's how.

Cute Peanut Butter Pumpkins Halloween Party RecipePeanut Butter Pumpkins These little pumpkins are so cute, but so simple! Eat them on their own or use them to decorate Halloween cakes and cupcakes.

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