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Homemade Christmas Present Ideas:
Great Hand-Made Gifts for Xmas

If the budget is tight this year, you might be looking for homemade Christmas present ideas-- the best way to save cash and still want make thoughtful gifts!
There's something special about getting something made by hand in a time when everything seems to come off an assembly line. It truly shows thought and the desire to take out the time... something which is also a precious commodity these days.

Homemade Xmas gifts need not be fancy to be truly wonderful. Let's take a look at some ideas for hand-made gifts to get you started. Or visit Christmas Gift Central for more great homemade Christmas present ideas.

Homemade Aromatic Christmas Gifts

Sachet Christmas Gift Idea Hand Made
Simple Sachets: One of the easiest things to make at home begins with a square of cloth and some holiday potpourri. To turn this into a serviceable sachet, just use some gift ribbon or yarn and bundle it up! Give several to people so they can be placed around the house to keep it smelling like Christmas for weeks to come.

Who's it for? This is one of the best homemade Christmas present ideas for a large group of people. Have a bunch of co-workers or neighbors you want to give a simple gift to? This one is easy, cheap, and always appreciated.

Orange CLove Pomador Christmas Present Idea Homemade
A Fragrant Orange Pomander: A second, slightly more complex aromatic is an orange pomander-- it makes a wonderful Christmas household scent!

To do this, begin with an orange and a bunch of whole cloves (about 1/8 cup). Use a toothpick to create a pattern in the orange into which you'll insert the cloves. Next, take a tsp. each of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger and orris root powder and dust the entire orange. Put the orange in a cool, dry spot until it's completely dried out. Add a ribbon for hanging. In this form it becomes a serviceable ornament or air freshener.

Homemade Gift Basket Attack!

A Homemade Christmas Gift Basket- Great Present Idea!Theme Christmas gift baskets are a great homemade Christmas present idea. Why? Because they offer you so much flexibility: your baskets will be based on what you have available, your budget, and the person for whom you're making the bundle. And remember... not everything in your basket has to be made by hand, just tidily assembled.

Here are some ideas for basket themes:

Movie Lover's Gift Basket: microwave popcorn, bottle of soda pop, gourmet popcorn flavoring, glazed nuts (homemade), and a gift certificate for a movie rental

Cat Fancier: Catmint or Catnip (if you grow and dry it yourself that's fantastic), a catnip mouse, wet food, and kitty treats. (Note there are recipes online for making pet treats.)

Teacher Treats: It's often hard to think of clever things for teachers. Fill this with bookmarks, pencils, pens, erasers, apple tea, etc.

Can it! Those of you who can and preserve have the option of collecting your favorite recipes into baskets for friends.

Bread-Makers Basket: Know somebody who's got a bread-maker and loves to use it? Fill a basket with fancy flours, a couple of recipes, and tasty bread add-ins. Along with some good olive oil for dipping!

Gardener's Delight: a pair of gardening gloves, seeds, a scrap book of articles with gardening tips, etc.

Postage-Frugal Homemade Gifts

Christmas Baking Mix Wonderful Homemade Gift idea for XmasIf you're mailing gifts to family and friends then your homemade Christmas present ideas need to be mindful of weight. To resolve this problem, consider doing dried, powdered, and dehydrated goods packaged in plastic food storage bags. These types of bags come in several size that are good for lots of items including:

  • Cookie kits
  • Spice blends (classic Italian, Cajun, or perhaps something more exotic like Herbes de Provence)
  • Dipping blends (cucumber ranch, vegetable, Zaatar blend, etc.)
  • Barbecue rubs (as hot or sweet as you like!)
  • Salad toppers or flavored croutons
  • Flavored cocoa or tea
  • Honey mustard mix
  • Granola or trail mix

All of these homemade Christmas present ideas can be prepared easily in the comfort of your kitchen. Use mailing labels with colored ink to "dress" them up a bit. Don't forget to include a sheet of instructions for proportions on things like the mustard and cookie kit.

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