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Hot Bra Party Game for Girls

by Anon.

No this isn't a strip game. Hot Bra is kind of like Hot Potato only a little sexier. It's great for a "girls night in" or an all girl slumber party (sorry guys)!

To begin with, everyone has to be wearing their bras (yes, you can wear your shirt if you're modest). Then get an extra bra from someone to use as the "Hot Bra". Preferably, this should be a wild, crazy one that no one in their right mind would normally wear. It adds to the fun!

Everyone sits on the floor in the circle and one person holds the "Hot Bra". You can use either a kitchen timer or designate someone to start and stop some music (a la musical chairs). Start the timer or music, and start passing the Hot Bra around the circle. When the timer goes off or the music stops, the person holding the "Hot Bra" has to go off to the bathroom, take their bra off and put on the "Hot Bra", then come back and take their place in the circle. Their bra now becomes the new Hot Bra!

It's that simple! It's a scream when you have a bunch of girls that are different sizes, trying to make their "new" bras fit under their shirts! We usually keep going until everyone has had at least a few bra changes.

Oh, and pass carefully - if you drop it, YOU get the Hot Bra! Have Fun Ladies!

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May 01, 2010
Giving it a go
by: Jem

This sounds great..simple and funny. Am going to try it out tonight with a bunch of girlies at an Ann Summers party, thanku. x

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