Divine Dinner Party

Hunt and Peck Amateur Piano Concert

by Rachel Myers
(Ovid NY)

Names of well known songs are written on cards and put in a bag. Generally Christmas Carols, public domain, and nursery rhymes. REALLY really well known songs, in other words. If the whole crowd are experts in 80s music, then by all means, make that the theme, but usually it's safest to go with the above-mentioned favorites.

Player draws a card and then using only one finger, has to play the song for the audience to guess. No re-do's, you only get one shot! Songs can be played on anything from a full size piano or a Casio keyboard. The only rules are that you can only use one finger and you only get one try.

The game works best, and is really funny, if players *do not* know how to play the piano. At all.

Can also be played in teams if score is to be kept- each team rotates a member to do the playing and the rest of the team do the guessing. Can go any number of predetermined rounds, with maybe a silly prize at the end.

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